Emilia Bechrakis- Ryan Serhant Wife

Emilia Bechrakis is a trained lawyer, mother, and wife to renowned real estate firm owner Ryan Serhant. She broke into the limelight in the mid-2010s when news of her relationship with Ryan hit the airwaves.

She has also featured in the television series Million Dollar Listings: New York alongside her husband. Hence I presume that it is safe to say that she is also a reality television actress.

Early childhood background

She was born on July 3rd, 1985. Despite being born in New York, America, Emilia has a rich Greek ethnic background that she fully loves and embraces. Both of her parents are Greek from a region in southern Greece known as Mani.

Mani is a breathtaking region with a fascinating history, just like most areas in Greece. Emilia’s husband once went ahead to share a little of this region’s history in one of the episodes on Million Dollar Listings. 

He lightheartedly shared how his wife’s Greece hometown is the only one that never yielded to conquest. Ryan went on to add how the inhabitants’ well-known temperamental nature may have been a contributing factor.

Emilia was brought up in New York and Greece equally. Her parents did so to expose her to the rich Greek culture and traditions to not lose touch with it and eventually pass it on to her children. 

Education and career background

Emilia’s alma mater is said to be in London, as per reliable sources. She partly studied in U.S.A and London for most parts. She studied law and later graduated with a degree in the same.

She indulged in legal practice and, while at it, worked for some firms. Emilia worked hard in her legal practice and eventually landed a job in Geneva. The Geneva job offer was her ideal job, as she had been eyeing it for a while. She, however, turned it down to work alongside the love of her life.

Emilia currently works in the real estate sector as her husband’s assistant. She does this while trying to maneuver her way into using her acquired legal knowledge and skills in this unfamiliar sector.

Courtship, family, and marriage 

Emilia and Ryan met at a party in New York, where they each resided at the time. It was a mutual attraction at first sight affair. What began as friendship dates turned into a solid friendship that in no time advanced from couple date nights to an unforgettable morning in Times Square.

The then-New York’s most eligible bachelor, Ryan Serhant, set the bar high with his Times Square proposal to Emilia. He paid handsomely to cease activity for an hour in one of the world’s busiest places.

Undoubtedly, the Times Square proposal left Emilia stunned and elated as she took to Instagram to express her joy and her new fiancé status. As expected, the iconic proposal got featured on Million Dollar Listings, New York edition.

They featured the proposal and followed with highlights of their wedding preparations and eventually the wedding, which took place three days after Emilia’s birth date in 2016. Theirs was a Greek-themed wedding infused with a modern touch. It took place in Greece.

Close family and friends graced their lavishly elegant wedding ceremony on July 7th, 2016. They exchanged their wedding vows in a superbly decorated Byzantine Church, which bears great significance in the Greek culture.

Three years later, Emilia and Ryan welcomed their little bundle of joy, Zena. She was born on February 26th, 2019. A little after their firstborn child’s birth, the couple went on to reveal their pregnancy struggles.

Emilia and Ryan separately addressed in each of their social media handle some of the challenges they underwent. For instance, how long it took and the alternatives they sought to help in getting pregnant.

Emilia and her husband love their new parental roles and they seem to enjoy every moment of it. They adore Zena as they frequently post her on their socials.

Emilia’s husband, Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant is a household name in the real estate sector as he worked his way up in this aggressive industry to build himself a name. He is the founder and owner of The Serhant Group, a well-distinguished real estate firm.

He has worked tirelessly to ensure his firm is consistently supplying quality service. This has contributed to building a strong client relationship, consequentially making The Serhant Group among the most preferred real estate service providers in the U.S.

His career started peaking in the early 2010s, and this opened up new opportunities for him, such as reality television acting on Million Dollar Listings: New York. Alongside being a television show personality, Ryan has also written about three books filled with real estate sales advice.

Emilia’s leisure activities

When she wants to take a breather from the exhausting pressures and challenges of everyday life, she takes to several activities. First on the list is traveling, which is an excellent way to refresh and relax your mind.

Emilia is well-traveled, and while on her tours, she enjoys sightseeing, especially in game parks and reserves in her family’s company. Recently, while on a holiday tour in South Africa, she and her husband agreed to cater to the expenses of the insertion of a rhino tracking device.

They facilitated this because rhinos are among the most endangered species of this century. As an animal enthusiast, Emilia strives to contribute to such noble courses to protect them from callous acts such as poaching.

Alongside being an animal enthusiast, Emilia is also a fitness enthusiast who enjoys fitness training. Despite their busy work schedules, Ryan still puts in the effort to make time whenever he can to have a fitness session with her.

She is also an avid social media user with a relatively huge following, particularly on Instagram. Emilia’s Instagram is aesthetically pleasing, with pictures of Zena, her husband, and herself sharing happy moments.

Final words

Bechrakis is a selfless lover and mother and is deservingly being loved right by her husband. She is indeed a happy wife and an even happier mother as she seems to be loving her journey into motherhood every step of the way.

Emilia is undoubtedly an accomplished career and family woman as she has been able to strike a perfect balance between the two. She impressively balances these two responsibilities without forgetting the most important one, which is self-care.

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