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How Did Fetty Wap Lose His Eye?

Fetty Wap is a popular figure in the music industry. He became well-known when he sang his ‘Trap Queen’ track. However, the popular musician only has one eye.

Fetty Wap experienced a terrible eye condition when he was young which made him lose his right eye. You need to read this post to the end to know what happened to Fetty Wap.

The Eye Incident

When asked in an interview on radio, Fetty Wap said that he was involved in an accident that later led to congenital glaucoma in his two eyes. However, the doctors were able to save one of the eyes amidst concerns that he may not be able to see again. Fetty Wap claimed that he was still blessed to have his vision at last.

Since then, he has always viewed his situation as a unique feature. He said in an interview that he thinks he is probably the first artist that will comfortably appear on scenes with an eye. Some people would criticize I know, he explained further. However, it depends on how you present yourself to these people, he concluded.

Glaucoma occurs in the eye as a result of particles that have been accumulated in the eye over time. Furthermore, glaucoma can damage the optic nerve which implies that it will be impossible for the eye to send information to the brain and the brain will in turn not be able to identify the images captured by the eyes. Glaucoma can be contracted through infection or trauma, and can also be genetic.

About Fetty Wap

Willie Maxwell, popularly known as Fetty Wap, was born and brought up in New Jersey, in 1991. Fetty Wap was brought up in a religious home, and his grandfather was a bishop. His father was an instrumentalist in the church while his mother is a chorister.

He also joined the instrumentalists and began playing the drums and he enjoyed going to church. As a kid, he wasn’t afforded many things that many of his peers enjoyed. He would watch other parents buy expensive gifts, including video games for their kids, but his parents couldn’t afford such at that time.

For his primary education, he enrolled at Paterson Public School, which was then a substandard school that no kid would want to attend. However, as he grew older, he began to develop an interest in music. Yet, his parents wouldn’t want him to go into music.

However, his type of being has always been to always do what he wants, not what people want him to do. He claimed that he would always the opposite of whatever they want him to do. In the end, when he became successful, he bought a house for his mother and keeps his family close to him.

His Music Career

Fetty Wap started building himself on both music and rap. He would attend talent shows to go perform. Over time, he began holding concerts and he earned the name ‘Fetty’ from his audiences. ‘Fetty’ is a slang used for money.

He also admires Gucci Mane, a rapper, who was also called GuWop, with ‘Wap’ sung as a verse to another rapper. He then released his hit track, ‘Trap Queen’ in 2014. The track didn’t just gain fame immediately; but with time, as fans began to listen to it on Soundcloud. Afterward, he signed for 300 Entertainment.

He also released a single in 2015 which was titled ‘679’. This track was ranked among the top ten on the Billboard chart. He then released ‘My Way’ after this, and also featured Drake on its remix. This track was also a hit and acquired some fame for Fetty Wap.

He then released his first Album in September 2015 which also ranked first on the album chart. Today, Fetty Wap is well established and has featured quite a lot of other famous artists which include French Montana, Fifth Harmony, among others. However, when speaking to Trevor Noah, he claimed that he is not moved by the fame and he is only focused on music.

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