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Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias Son – Frankie Iglesias Wiki (Bio, Age, Pictures)

Frankie Iglesias was brought into this world on December 8, 1997 in the United States of America. He is a celebrity and grabbed the spotlight as being the son (step) of iconic comedian and actor, Gabriel Iglesias. Not much information exists regarding the life of Frankie and his personal career. However, he currently is 23 years old. For now, Frankie Iglesias – Gabriel Iglesia’s Son is famous because of the popularity of his step-father. His father is one of the most iconic comedians of the Mexican descent.

Early Life, Family, and Education of Frankie

Frankie Iglesias’ mother is Claudia Valdez (not Gabriel Iglesias Wife) and real father is one of her ex-boyfriends. After Claudia came into relationship with Gabriel, the couple adopted Frankie as their son. He was really lucky to have been adopted by one of the most talented and well-known comedians in the US. His mother has dated Gabriel Iglesias since around 2005 and the couple live together for more than 12 years now. There is no official statement or proof of the two marrying each other, but even then, Gabriel did not hesitate to adopt Frankie. In 2015 his son completed high school and any more details regarding his education are not available.

Frankie Gabriel’s Career and Future

Any kind of details regarding the career and life of Frankie Iglesias is kept private to the audience. Frankie is considered to be single without any details regarding him maintaining any relationships with girls. So, fans can only wait and watch how this boy excels in his career.

Let’s take a look at the life and career of Gabriel Iglesias (his stepdad) in the next few segments that are down below.

Gabriel Iglesias Life and Career Over the Years

Gabriel Jesus Iglesias was born on July 15th, 1976, in the city of San Diego located in California. With a career spanning for more than 2 decades, he is a stand-up comic that has been nominated for numerous awards and also a writer and producer. Gabriel is best known for his work and comedy TV specials “Hot and Fluffy” from 2007, & “I’m Not Fat, I’m Fluffy” from 2009. Gabriel was the baby of the family of six children that was birthed by Esther Mendez, his mother & Jesus Iglesias, the father. He was brought up by his mother and the other siblings. The family used to move a lot during his childhood days. They moved to places like Santa Ana, Riverside, Corona, Compton & Baldwin Park. Finally, they settled in a Section 8 HUD housing complex of Long Beach Cali.

Gabriel struggled with the physical appearance of his since he was quite young. Currently he weighs more than 200 kg and that is why he has got his nickname, “Fluffy Guy”. His fans have always been an ardent supporter of his comedy and he believes that it’s what that makes him unique. He joined the industry during the late ’90s and before that, he used to work in a phone company. Gabriel realized that his true passion lies in doing stand up comedy and he must pursue his dreams.

Life was not always easy for Gabriel when he made the decision to take up comedy as his primary occupation in the United States. During the early 2000s, he was almost broke and had a huge rack of debt piling up. However, he got his major breakthrough around 2005 and ever since that time there has been no looking back. Gabriel turned out to be among the most famous and iconic stand-up comics coming from Mexico.

Apart from hosting his own shows, Gabriel got the opportunity to work for numerous films & television shows like the “Magic Mike” from 2012, and the second one “Magic Mike XXL” from 2015. Not only that, but Gabriel is also a very good voice actor. He delivered a wonderful voice over in the film called “Ferdinand” (2017) and Sprinkles. Such is his popularity that venues get sold out as soon as they see Gabriel performing there.

Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth

In spite of being down and demoralized many times during the initial years of his wonderful career, Gabriel Iglesias made sure he was going to try his best. That is why, today he is one of the most popular and legendary comedians in the US. He has a net worth of an estimated $35 million USD. Quite attractive, isn’t it? Well, it is proof how successful Gabriel is in the industry and he takes good care of his son also.

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