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Chuck Liddell’s Wife – Heidi Northcott Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Kids)

All of us know that Charles David “Chuck” has the credit to bring Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) into the mainstream of American entertainment & sports. It is good to have an extensive background in varied forms of Martial Arts such as Kenpo, kickboxing, college wrestling, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu & Karate. Liddell had an awesome career that lasted between 1998 and 2010. During this time, he achieved a black belt in Koei-kan karate, along with it a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and a Kajukenbo 8th Dance black belt.

He was a former UFC light heavyweight champion. Quite some time back, Lidell was included in the UFC Hall of Fame. This was supposedly on the 10th of July, 2009. Chuck has always been very quiet and calm before fights which had him earned the nickname, Iceman. It was his trainer, John Hackleman. Now, lets us tell you about Chuck Liddell’s wife, Heidi Northcott. Listed below are some important things which you might want to know about her.

Who Is Heidi Northcott?

Heidi Northcott is one of the best professional poker players. However, she is well known as the wife of Chuck Liddell. By looking at her records you will come to know that she was born on 15 January 1980 in the United States of America. She spent her childhood days in California it was here that she attended Marina High School and graduated in the year 1997.

After her graduation, Heidi went to pursue father’s education at the University of Southern California. It was here that she majored in Management Information Systems and Natural Science which had earned her degree in 2001. Heidi can speak many languages, she is fluent in several languages such as English, Vietnamese, French, and Spanish.

The Accomplishments of Her Poker Career

Heidi Northcott explored & discovered that she is talent in poker this was when she was in a dating relationship with José Canseco. She also used to play baseball and also became an experienced poker player. It is not a big mystery about how she learned poker. As she was dating Jose. He was an expert in this game and had taught Heidi, poker. She became so good that she started to play professional poker. She could reach the same level and be being compared with all the famous poker players around the world. She also has won up to $500 from these games and still loves to play poker. To add to it, she can be seen making appearances at poker events. In the year 2007, she was seen with Jose during the summer night poker tournament which was played at Boulevard 3 in Los Angeles. Later she could be seen at the red carpet of many pokers plays with her husband, Chuck Liddell.

Apart from poker games, Heidi loves to play any game which is played outdoors such as motorcycle riding, working out, cliff jumping, sky diving, hiking, traveling, and rock climbing. You can now understand that she loves to be surrounded by nature and never stops exploring new parts of the world. Yes, she is quite an adventurer.

What Else Is She Known For?

Heidi Northcott is also very active in the corporate world. She is presently at the position of Vice President at High Traffic Media which is a business development firm that is involved in online marketing, media planning & SEO.

She has never been bothered by the attention she gets Chuck Liddell’s wife, Heidi Northcott had however received a lot of attention as she had done a REEBOK shoe advertisement in the year 2010. She had become so famous because of the advertisement because she had completely gone nude along with her husband to promote REEBOK shoes. The duo shocked the world as the photo had shown them in a gym doing their work out, completely naked. They only had the Reebok boots on them during the workout. Despite the criticism they got, it had made the couple very popular.

Heidi Northcott’s Relationship and Her Married Life with Chuck Liddell

Heidi Northcott and Chuck Liddell were introduced by a mutual friend at a party where they were introduced to each other. This is when they had spoken to each other and started their relationship. Since a year from the party, the love started to bloom and Chuck had proposed her to marry.

After he proposed to her on the 4th of November, 2010, Heidi gave birth to their first child a daughter named Guinevere Liddell in the year, 2011. Another child, a son named Charles David Liddell Jr was born 2 years later.

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