Hopie Carlson

Hopie Carlson is a 21 years old American celebrity. She is the daughter of the famous Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews. Her father, Tucker Carlson, is a TV host who works for the Fox News Channel. He is also a political analyst, a journalist, and an author.

Tucker Carlson began working for Fox News in 2016 and currently hosts the ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ at the television station. He also co-hosted the ‘Crossfire’ TV show at CNN before he started working with Fox News. Later, Tucker Carlson started working at MSNBC and began to host the ‘Tucker’ show.

However, let’s consider the biography of Tucker Carlson’s daughter, Hopie Carlson.

Her Biography

Hopie Carlson is the third child of the Carlson family. However, her exact date of birth is unknown but her birth year is 1999. She is a native of America and had her preliminary education at Saint Patrick’s Episcopal Day School.

She also has a brother, Buckley Carlson, and two sisters, Lillie and Dorothy Carlson. Lillie Carlson, who is the first child, was born on the 22nd of November, 1994, and is currently in college. Dorothy Carlson, who is the last child, is currently in her 7th grade, studying at Saint George’s School.

Buckley Carlson, who is the second child and the only son of the family, was born in 1997, two years older than Hopie. He graduated from the University of Virginia.

Her Career

Hopie Carlson is gradually molding her career, even though there are no details about her being involved in any professional work. However, we hope that she treads the path of her father and takes on a career like her father.

Currently, she is focused on her education. Her father on the other hand, as mentioned earlier is a political news analyst and also a TV host for Fox News. He started his career by joining the publication staff of policy review.

He then advanced in his career to start reporting news every week. He has also worked as a writer and has composed news articles for various news agencies. They include The Daily Beast, Esquire, New York Times Magazine, and Reader’s Digest.

Hopie Carlson’s mother also, Susan Carlson, is an athlete. Susan had represented her country in Olympics ’92 and Olympics 2000. She also participated in 400 meters in Australia.

Her Personal Life

Not much information is revealed about this celebrity daughter. We don’t know if she is in a relationship or engaged. We can only say that she is not married yet. However, this doesn’t completely cancel out the fact that she may be in a relationship and may have kept it a secret.

Nevertheless, there is no information from a verified source about her personal life. Her father had made a statement in 2019 that he wouldn’t watch her daughter marry a feminist man. He said he wouldn’t allow them because he believes that they are ‘creep by nature’.

This statement led to an uproar as a lot of people castigated him for saying such. However, the TV star came out to defend himself by citing two men whom he thinks are feminists. They are Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

Her parents’ relationship is waxing stronger each day. They have been married since 1991, and they still bond well. The couple met during their high school days in their 10th grade. They both attended Saint George School.

They both got married at the age of 15. At that time, they were still students at Trinity College. But the couple has lived happily together, sharing four kids.

Her Physical Stats

Hopie Carlson is such a beautiful and attractive girl. No official details about her physical measurements are available, but from the pictures seen on the web, she is indeed a curvy woman. She has a nice and good body shape, brown eyes, and blonde hair.

Her Net Worth

As it was stated earlier, Hopie Carlson is currently not working yet. She is still studying and doesn’t have any source of income. She still depends largely on her parents for her wellbeing.

Tucker Carlson however earns about $6 million per annum and his net worth is estimated to be about $30 million. This is amassed from his career and the fact that he owns some landed properties.

Her Social Media

Currently, Hopie Carlson is not found on any social media pages. She may be focused on her studies as she is still in school. She may also be busy planning for her future. However, there are times she is featured on her parents’ social media pages.

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