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Guy Fieri’s Son – Hunter Fieri Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Birthday, Family)

If you have ever seen any cooking show ever, then there is a very good chance that you have heard of the celebrity chef and Food Network star, Guy Fieri. The person you may not have heard about however, would be Lori Fieri and Guy Fieri’s son, Hunter Fieri. Hunter is even actually the self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Flavortown’ and has been aspiring from a very young age to follow in the footsteps of his father and become one of the greatest chefs in the entire world.

During October of 2020, Hunter was actually all set up to drop in as a contestant on his dad’s new season of the television show ‘Guy’s Grocery Games’, which had originally been scheduled to shoot in Santa Rosa, California. Essentially, Hunter sees his dad as his idol and strives to be exactly like him every chance that he gets.

In an interview that Hunter did with the NY post, he would go on to say how his father and himself would always work side by side, following that up by saying that they are essentially best friends and do everything that they can together. What this means, is that you should get comfortable seeing the two together in the days to come.

Now that you know how Hunter Fieri and his father Guy are so close, here is everything else that you could ever want to know about Hunter Fieri.

Who is Hunter Fieri?

At just 24 years old, Hunter Fieri was born on August 13, 1996. Because his birthday is in the beginning part of August, it makes Hunter have the zodiac sign of Leo.

Born to his father (Guy Fieri) and his mother (Lori Fieri), Hunter is not an only child. In fact, Hunter actually has a younger brother who he is 9 years older than and goes by the name Ryder Fieri. While Ryder may be the younger of the two siblings, he has already had the opportunity to appear on his father’s shows ‘Guy’s Big Bite’ and ‘Guy’s Family Cruise’.

As far as Hunter and his father Guy are concerned, they are pretty much going to be cut from the very same cloth. Hunter actually confessed during an interview that he has always wanted to be on television with his dad since he was just a little boy. Growing up, Hunter would always want to tag along with his father for Guy America’s hole-in-the-wall joints.

While Hunter and his dad are now really close and Hunter strives to achieve all of the accomplishments his father has accomplished plus more, growing up he would actually have a much different passion than cooking. That’s right, while Hunter was growing up, he didn’t want to do anything with food. Rather, he wanted to be a Supercross racer instead. On top of that, whenever he had any free time, he wasn’t in the kitchen honing his culinary skills, but would spend all of his free time outside playing sports. The two that he excelled the most at would include soccer and basketball.

Fast forward several years and Hunter actually has a completely different outlook on his career choice, which is to be a chef like his father. In fact, Hunter has actually said that growing up he didn’t like to do anything except be outside. Now though, cooking is something that he absolutely loves to do and is excited for the opportunity to follow in his father Guy’s footsteps.

How Tall is Hunter Fieri?

Hunter Fieri comes in at roughly 5’11” tall and weighs just under 163 lbs. What makes this significant is that it means that he is actually taller than his dad, Guy is. Guy actually comes in at 5’10”, one inch shorter than his oldest son. While Hunter may be slightly taller than his father, the amount of respect that Hunter has for his father is simply unmatched. In fact, Hunter would even go as far as to get a tattoo in his father’s honor. What is the tattoo you ask? It’s ‘star’ that his father had received on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yes, Hunter would get his father’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star as a tattoo because he respects his father just that much.

Hunter Fieri’s Net Worth

While he is not quite as popular as his father, Guy, is, Hunter has been able to amass himself a nice little bit of wealth. In fact, it is estimated that Hunter has a net worth of roughly $400k as of this year. While this does not compare to his hero and father’s net worth which Guy has been able to grow to an astonishing $25 million, for Hunter, it is a pretty good start.

You may be wondering how Hunter has been able to amass such a large amount of net worth at such a young age? That is due to the fact that he is actively working as a cook and has had the opportunity to star on several different reality shows at the very same time (remember, his dad does have a few shows running on the Food Network at any given time). While it is true that Hunter would be able to get his start as a chef by working at his dad’s ‘Johnny Garlic’s’ and ‘Tex Wasabi’s’ restaurants, in all fairness, Guy was the one who had originally started those restaurants but has since decided to sell all of his shares in them.

Currently, Hunter has decided that it is in his best interest to partner with his father to help expand everything that the ‘Flavortown horizon’ encompasses, as well as to help him with his television shows as well. First appearing on his father’s show ‘Guys Big Bite’, Hunter has since been on a couple of other ones as well.

While Hunter has some big shoes to fill as far as his father and his career are concerned, he is definitely getting off on the right foot and with the guidance of his dad, he should have no problem accomplishing everything that he wants to.

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