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Shannon Lee Husband – Anthony Ian Keasler Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Net Worth)

Lan Keasler is an American art designer who is renowned for being the husband of the famous actress Shannon Lee; the only daughter of Bruce Lee, the late martial artist. 

The Early life of Lan Keasler

Lan was born in the year 1962, which makes him a 58-year-old man presently. He was born in the United States, but very little is known publicly about his parents, early childhood, siblings and other family members. 

The names of the primary schools Lan attended are also unknown to the public, but they must have been reputable schools because he turned out to be an attorney by profession.

Lan Keasler received his law degree from the Pepperdine University School of Law after attending the Tulane University, in Orleans, Louisiana where he first met and fell in love with Shannon.

Lan Keasler’s Career

Lan is a professional art designer, and a Lawyer, other than these more details of his career are kept from the public. However, it is noteworthy that Lan came into stardom only after he married Shannon, Bruce’s daughter.

No recognition or awards have been officially given to Lan for his fantastic art pieces, but he has been able to earn a modest sum by which he may be termed a decent man over the years.

Land Keasler’s Networth and Physique

Lan is worth over 400 thousand USD, which he earned mainly from his art designs. This sum is cumulative of his assets, liquid cash and properties.

Lan is a handsome man with dark hair, a mancho body frame and alluringly brown eyes. He is 5 feet and 8 inches tall and weighs about 72 kilograms.

Who is Lan married to?

Lan is the proud husband of Shannon Lee, the movie star. They have been married for twenty-six years now after they courted for six years. They tied the knot on August 22nd 1994 to be precise. 

Before they married the duo had been in a love relationship since their college years, it was reported that they first met each other in 1988 specifically. 

And eventually, after they wedded, they welcomed the arrival of a bouncing baby girl; Wren Lee Keasler. This happened in 2003, and since then, they have not had another kid.

Lan loves his wife very much and attesting to this is the fact that he has not had an affair with another woman since he married his wife. Also, there are in rumours of divorce or any such problems between the couple.

Shannon and her lovely family of three currently reside at a Californian town named  Santa Monica. Lan is in good health and works hand in hand with his wife to build a better family.

Shannon Lee’s Early life

Shannon was born on April 19th 1969 to the late Bruce Lee’s and his wife, Linda Lee Cadwell. Shannon was the only daughter of the union, but she also had an elder brother named Brandon Lee.

Shannon’s dad was a very famous martial artist while her mother was a school teacher and a martial artist. So, it was inevitable that Shannon would turn out to be a martial art lover herself. 

Shannon lost her dad when she turned four, and after that, her brother passed away in North Carolina when he turned twenty-eight. Her mom practically brought up Shannon, and the two have a very close relationship.

Shannon Lee’s Career

Shannon is several things depending on how you know her. She is an entrepreneur, an actress, a singer, a philanthropist, a producer, a martial artist e.t.c

As an actress after she made her debut in the movie titled, ‘Dragon’. Shannon has acted in movies like,’ Martial Law, I Am Bruce Lee, Epoch e.t.c

As a producer, she has released some creative movies like, ‘ The Bruce Lee Story’ in 1993, ‘Enter the Eagle’, ‘Warrior’ in 2019, ‘High Voltage’, ‘Blade’ e.t.c

Shannon is also the CEO of Bruce Lee Enterprises, a licensing company and besides all these Shannon sings in pop groups, and host shows that centre on martial arts. This could probably be due to the love she has for her father.

The Bruce Lee Action Museum, located in Seattle, is also another enterprise managed by Shannon.

Shannon and her husband Lan Kaesler also took a lesson in Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.

Shannon Lee’s Net Worth

Like her late father before her Shannon has a net worth that amounts to a whopping sum of 10 million USD. This sum is a summation of all her assets, properties, business, investments e.t.c

Shannon Lee’s philanthropy

Together with her husband, Shannon administers the ‘Bruce Lee Foundation’ a public charity organization created in 2002 to help children. Shannon is the president of the organization, an office once held by her mother, Linda Lee.

The foundation regularly organizes programmes to help children build confidence, increase their mental awareness, improve their physical stimulation.

Shannon in Social Media Space

Unlike her husband, who is entirely inactive on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other social media, Shannon is an active Instagram user and she ‘commands’ over seventy thousand followers. She also has an active Facebook account.

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