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Matt Lauer’s Son – Jack Matthew Lauer Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Education)

It is quite normal for children of famous people to grow up with everyone’s attention on them. There are lots of children like this, and Jack Matthew Lauer is one of them. Jack might not have done much to be famous. However, as the child of Matthew ‘Matt’ Lauer, a former co-host of National Broadcasting Company’s (NBC) Today show and former news anchor on American television, Jack got famous without lifting a finger.

Matthew Lauer was in NBC for about two decades. Unfortunately, this many years of hard work, which made him famous, went down the drain after being accused by a female employee of harassing her sexually. After this accusation, his appointment was terminated, and he became infamous.

Since losing his job, not much has been heard of Matthew, and this has made lots of people curious. While you also might be curious, this article is not focused on Matthew Lauer but on Jack Matthew Lauer.

About Jack Matthew Lauer

Jack Matthew Lauer, also known as Jack Matt, was born in New York City, United States, on the 26th of June 2001. He is the oldest of three children. He was born to Matthew Lauer and Annette Roque. Jack has a younger brother and a younger sister that was born on the 28th of November, 2006, and the 2nd of October, 2003, respectively. His siblings are Thijs and Romy.

Just like her mother, Romy enjoys riding horses and has been involved in some horse-riding competitions. Most prominent among them is the Hampton Classic.

Jack is popular because of who his father is and is usually referred to as the son of Matthew Laure. However, apart from being Matthew Lauer’s son, Jack is working on becoming a professional guitarist. He plays the guitar in a special way and feels at his best when he plays the guitar.

Although there are no reports about what religion Jack practices, he grew up practicing Judaism as his grandfather was partly Jewish.

Jack is currently a student at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. Before becoming a student of this college, he attended Boise High School and was an intern at NASA Ames Research Center.

About Jack’s Parents

Jack’s father is a famous person. So, you already know some things about him. Regardless of that, we will give him a bit of attention.

Jack’s father, the famous Matthew Lauer, has had two weddings. His first wedding was with Nancy Alspaugh, a famous TV producer. However, their marriage did not last the test of time. It did not produce any children and lasted from 1982 to 1989. After the marriage between Jack’s father and Nancy Alspaugh crashed, he went on to get married to Annette Roque, Jack’s mother.

Jack’s parents met on a blind date in 1997. While what they felt for each other could not have been described as love at first sight, there was a connection. They built on this connection and began dating. After being in a relationship for five months, Jack’s father asked his mother to marry him, and she agreed to his proposal. This proposal was followed by their wedding, which took place on the 3rd of October 1998 in Water Mill, New York.

Jack’s Grandparents

Jack’s father has been in the limelight for a long time. So, it is not surprising that there are details about his grandparents. Jack’s grandparents from his father’s side are Marily Lauer and Jay Robert Lauer. His grandfather worked as a bicycle-company executive. His grandmother, on the other hand, owned a boutique.

Jack’s paternal grandfather has Romanian Jewish history. On the other hand, his maternal grandmother and father were Dutch and Indonesian, respectively.

How Does Jack Relate with his Dad?

Jack’s father, Matthew Lauer, might be a public figure. However, to Jack, he is simply his father, and they have a good relationship. Although he is not the only one close to his dad, of his siblings, he is the closest. Jack and his father spent time attending events together. This includes games and entertainment events.

They both are fans of the New York Knicks and have been caught enjoying one another’s company, laughing, and chatting.

Mathew Lauer knew his relationship with his wife and son could suffer after he lost his job at NBC. Nonetheless, what worried him the most was the damage this could have done to his relationship with his son. While he also worried about how it would affect his wife’s perception of him, he was more concerned about how his son would see him.

After the scandal, reports have it that Matthew drove to Jack’s school to have a word with him about the incident. Matthew did this because he felt thing would be better if he was able to tell his son about the incident before it got on the internet.

Net Worth

At the moment, it appears Jack is not so interested in making money. This is not out of place as he is still studying. His father, who has a net worth of $80 million, is currently responsible for funding his lifestyle. Jack’s father, Matthew Lauer, was able to get this net worth because of his many years as a broadcaster. He used to be the host of a morning talk-show. This talk show was called Today, and he hosted it between 1994 and 2017. In these years, his annual salary was $25 million.

Jack’s father is not the only one with a robust net worth. His mother has also done very well for herself and has a net worth of $60 million. This is possible because she is a top model in the Netherlands. Over the years, she has gained popularity for appearing in a costume of cosmetic advertisements. Additionally, she has modeled for Victoria’s Secret and J. Crew. These jobs have brought her fame. However, beyond the fame they have brought her, she has been able to amass a very attractive net worth.


Jack is currently not in a relationship with anyone. Nonetheless, his Instagram posts are filled with pictures of him and gorgeous ladies. Contrary to what lots of people think, these girls are just friends and not his lovers.

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