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Scott Weiland’s Ex Wife – Jamie Wachtel Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Kids, Married, Net Worth)

Jamie Wachtel is a well-know master of professional portrait photography. Her fan base significantly increased upon marriage to the now-deceased Scott Weiland.

Early childhood life and education

Jamie Wachtel was born in Ohio, U.S.A. Jamie’s parents are James and Karel Wachtel. Jamie is also fondly referred to by her nickname, Jimmy. 

Her love and interest for photography started way back during her childhood days. Once her parents noticed her keen interest in the same, they gifted Jamie a camera. Jamie was just 12 years old at the time, but little did she know that her best interest and hobby would grow into a career.

Career life

Jamie Wachtel ventured into modeling before permanently pitching camp at photography as her career of choice. She landed her first modeling gig at just 16 years of age while in Los Angeles.

She broadened her prospects, and while still forging her path in photography she worked as a part-time model, studio manager, photo assistant, and producer. Jamie Wachtel is privileged to have worked in these fields alongside the big fish of the photography industry.

Aside from photography works, Jamie also does painting, which she also took on early interest in as a child. Her paintings come in different sizes and are available in a price range of 300 U.S dollars to 1200 U.S dollars. Jamie’s paintings are in purchase and shipping for sale.

Courtship period with Scott Weiland

Jamie Wachtel was more accustomed to leading a private and quiet life until she met Scott. Jamie’s relationship with Scott Weiland put her into the spotlight for public and media scrutiny. 

The two met in 2011 on the studio set while Weiland was shooting his music video for his album, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, meant to debut on Christmas. Wachtel was part of the team but in the photography department. She was taking pictures of the music video.

In one of his interviews, Scott Weiland narrated what his first experience meeting Jamie was like. He goes ahead to recount their brief interaction and few exchanges of words but what sticks is Scott’s emphasis on how magical the first laugh they shared was.

Scott and Jamie were head over heels for each other in a short while, and their chemistry was unmatched. The duo seemed to be such a happy bunch and was delighted in each other’s company when spotted in public chill outs or running their errands together.

Both Jamie and Scott had a previous relationship(s) that sired children. Scott Weiland would never miss a chance in an interview to mention how happy he was with Jamie and praise and mention her attributes.


Jamie and Scott eventually got married in 2013 in a beautifully intimate wedding ceremony attended by close family and friends. This was Jamie’s second marriage whereas it was Scott’s third marriage. 

The couple looked beautiful and elegant as per the pictures they put up on Instagram. They were dressed in various pieces by renowned designers. Jamie looked ravishing in a bridal dress from Paper Bag Princess situated in Beverly Hills, and Scott was in a John Varvatos suit.  

Later in an interview with People magazine, Jamie Wachtel shared how beautiful and emotional the day was for her. It trully was one of the happiest days of her life. Two years later, death met their marriage with a very tragic and sad end.

Jamie’s husband, Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland was widely known in the music industry as he had made his name over the years through his music. Scott was an American singer, songwriter, and musician. The former lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots was also a father with kids from his previous marriages. He had a net worth of 2 million U.S dollars.

Jamie Wachtel was Scott’s third wife, and they were unfortunate not to have time to grow their little family due to his untimely death. On 3rd December of 2015, Jamie received the most gruesome news of her husband’s sudden death.

Scott was found lifeless on his tour bus in Bloomington, Minnesota. On further investigation, sources revealed that his death was a result of a drug overdose. The full report in detail claimed an unintentional overdose of a deadly combination.

According to the toxicology report, sources state that this deadly combination includes alcohol, cocaine, and methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA), commonly known in street language as crystal meth. However, Jamie refused claims of her husband being a user and claimed not to know the same.

Life after bereavement

Learning how to live independently after being so used to a loved one’s company must have been hard. This came along with the constant daily reminder that her engagement ring was not fully paid for as Scott had made a prenuptial agreement before their wedding.

This was a particular arrangement he had made and committed himself to up until his untimely demise in which he had only made two deposits. Scott was to put 2000 U.S dollars each month into a separate account, provided that the amount would be raised by 7% annually.

Therefore, Jamie was not able to clear the remaining amount by herself to regain ownership of the engagement ring and had to part with it. After making peace with the fact, she put it up on eBay, where it got bided at 8000 U.S dollars. 

Jamie later acknowledged in an interview that letting go of the engagement ring was a good starting point to getting on with her life. She later continued saying that she would love to make another happy as it made her at one point in her life.

Jamie continues to pursue her artistic passions and works. She is also thankful that she had a career to begin with, as she is lucky not to have to start from scratch. In the same interview, Jamie admits to having shelved her job for a while as she was part of her late husband’s tours and businesses.

Final words

Jamie has had a fulfilling career so far and had an even more fulfilling marriage despite being short-lived. More than three years later, Jamie still posts pictures in commemoration of the wonderful times they spent together on her Instagram.

Scott Weiland’s death was undoubtedly a big blow to the music industry but an even more significant blow to his wife, Jamie. Wachtel eventually picked up the pieces and went on with her life and career.

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