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Larry Bird’s Ex Wife – Janet Condra Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Kids, Net Worth)

You might probably know Larry Bird, the American basketball legend. Larry’s life has so many surprises. Starting from his controversial personal life to his remarkable career. Larry is always in the media for one reason or the other. 

Larry was the 3rd player that won 3 back to back MVPs. Larry played for only Boston Celtics throughout his career where he won 3 NBA titles. 

Regarding his personal life, Larry got married to Janet Cora, his first wife in 1975 but the marriage did not hold water. This article provides more information on the relationship and divorce between the pair. 

Find out more about Janet Condra, Larry Bird’s former wife as you read along to the end of this article. 

Larry and Janet’s Marriage Only Lasted for A Year

Like we stated earlier, Larry and Janet tied the knot in 1975. They met each other while they were both classmates at Spring Valley High school. The couple were school lovers, but unfortunately, Larry moved to Indiana State. 

Things took a different turn after Larry relocated as their relationship waned and they eventually got a divorce on the 31st of October 1976 after one year of marriage. 

The exact reason why the couple divorced is largely unknown, but speculations and rumors had it that the couple had many irreconcilable differences. 

Unlike some couples who remain friends after a divorce, Janet and Larry went separate ways and did not become friends after the divorce. This further proves that their differences must be big. 

Their one-year marriage produced an adorable daughter called Corrie Bird,  although she was born after the couple divorced. Another source claimed that Larry and Janet had to end their relationship because of Larry’s changing lifestyle. 

Janet Is A mother Of One

As we mentioned earlier, the couple has a kid named Corrie Bird, born in 1977, few months after the couple divorced. So Janet Condra must have been heavy before the couple divorced. 

Whatever reason that made Larry divorce his pregnant wife must be pretty serious. Especially as the kid is Larry’s only biological child. His other two kids with Dinah Mattingly, his second wife are adopted. 

So Corrie Bird had two siblings named Connor Bird and Mariah Bird, from Larry’s second marriage. Corrie Bird spent all her childhood with Janet Condra, her mother. 

Corrie did not have a father figure in her childhood days because her mother did not remarry after divorcing her father. Janet Condra tried her best in raising adorable Corrie alone. 

Janet is an exceptional mother to Corrie bird. Corrie was able to achieve so much because of her mother. Janet has amazing self-esteem and beliefs that made her an extraordinary and capable mother for Corrie. 

Today, Corrie is married and has her own family. She must have realized all her mother’s effort and sacrifices while raising her. 

Raising Corrie Bird Alone Was Not So Rosy for Janet Condra 

Right from childhood, Corrie bird had a goal of meeting her father properly at all costs. But the relationship between Janet and Larry was sour at that time such they could not stand each other. 

This made Larry to always ignore Corrie’s request to meet him, he doesn’t even reply to her. Janet and Larry could not also approach one another because of their deteriorated relationship. 

So Corrie’s wish did not come through all through her childhood. However, she did not stop trying to meet him despite being ignored several times.

Corrie and Larry’s relationship was different from the normal father-daughter relationship. While speaking in an interview, Janet stated that she made excuses as she could not protect Corrie from the hurt Larry caused her.

Corrie finally met her father when her step-mother invited her to a Pacers game. She and her dad shared a big hug.

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