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Where is Jasmine Richardson Today? Family Murder Case

Only 12 years of age, Jasmine Richardson was at the time of the incident. Jeremy Steinke, her boyfriend, was of 23 years. On April 23, 2006, Jasmine’s parents, as well as her small age brother, got found dead in their house. The lovers stayed already on the run. However, they were smartly caught up by Canadian authorities. The girl’s parents were firmly against her relationship with Jeremy Steinke. They will both be sentenced for the triple murders of the family. Then Jasmine Richardson is regarded as the youngest teenage girl convicted of those murders in Canada. Now we will delve deeper into the matter and have a good view of the whole matter. Then it will be better to have a proper understanding of how it happened and what happens to Jasmine Richardson Now.

What Happened When They Both Met 

They were two young Canadians, Jasmine Richardson and Jeremy Steinke saw themselves not as humans but as vampires and werewolf. Their romantic relationship ended in a brutal triple murder, trial, and life sentence for one of the lovers. A shocking true story of how youthful fantasies and delusions lead to a horrific tragedy.

Jasmine and Jeremy met at a punk rock concert. Moreover, the girl at that time was only 11 years old, while the guy was 23 years old. Both were fond of mysticism. Jeremy looked like a real Goth. He told his friends that he was generally 300 years old and that he was a werewolf. And that he likes the taste of blood.

Jasmine’s parents did not like their little girl communicates with, in fact, already quite a grown man, so that the pair largely corresponded over the Internet through the popular service in Canada for youth Nexopia and website Vampire Freaks (“Freaks Vampire”).

Although it has already announced an imminent closure, the site, which is still up and running, is a community for those disenchanted with mainstream culture and addicted to darkness and gloom. Here Jasmine and Jeremy had an active romantic correspondence, both private and public.

Jasmine before meeting Jeremy

Like many teenagers in her years, Jasmine believed that her parents did not understand her at all, that they were cruel to her, and generally felt at home as if in a dungeon. She only felt genuinely free when she talked to her boyfriend. It seemed to both of them that together they would be happy.

The idea to kill the parents came to the girl’s mind. It was she who first wrote to Jeremy:

“I have a plan … It starts with the fact that I kill them and ends with the fact that I live with you.”

The lovers convinced themselves that no one and nothing could stop them. And on April 23, 2006, they did something terrible.

A few hours earlier, Steinke and his friends had watched the 1994 film Natural Born Killers, in which a young couple commits a series of brutal murders. Jeremy told friends that he and his girlfriend were going to do something similar. According to Jeremy, “Natural Born Killers” was the best love story of all time.

Jasmine Richardson Now

Richardson let Steinke into the house while her family was sleeping. Jeremy stabbed dozens of stab wounds to his girlfriend’s father and mother but did not kill her younger brother – Jasmine herself did it, also using a knife. The boy was only eight years old. Later, the girl recalled that her brother begged her to keep him alive: “I am very afraid. I do not want to die.” They cut his throat, and the boy died in his sister’s arms.

Even before dawn, the killers fled the scene of the crime. The bodies of their victims were found the next day. The police immediately identified the suspects, and after her correspondence with Steinke was found on Richardson’s computer, both were detained and charged with three murders. Immediately after the arrest, Jeremy offered Jasmine to marry him – she agreed.

The trial took place in 2007 – Jasmine was then only fourteen. She was sentenced to ten years in prison, the maximum sentence for juvenile offenders in Canada. The girl spent four years out of ten in a psychiatric hospital. According to Richardson, everything she did she did while under the influence of her boyfriend, Jeremy:

  • “I loved him so much. I thought it would bring us closer…”
  • Jasmine said when she talked about killing her parents, she was “joking” and didn’t think he would take her seriously.
  • But nothing was able to convince the jury, and after a one-month-long whole trial, she got found guilty of a triple homicide in the first degree.
  • She was then given the longest sentence for the minor, ten years between detention and probation. In the count, she received 18 months of pre-trial detention.
  • After a later, Steinke got also convicted of the triple first-degree murders. He got sentenced to life in prison, 25 years, with no possibility of appeal.
  • This spring, Jasmine finished serving her sentence. In May, she will make her last appearance before the court in person, and then she will be an almost free woman. If he doesn’t commit any more crimes in the next five years, the murders will be erased from his criminal record.
  • 2016, she was declared mentally sane and released from custody. Jasmine has changed her name and is trying to establish a calm life as far as it is known. As they say – start from scratch.

Steinke was much less fortunate. In 2008, he was found guilty of all those first-degree murder charges and sentenced to three life sentences at once. Jeremy – who changed his name to Jackson May – will not be able to apply for parole until 2033.

Kacy Lancaster

As an accessory to the murder charges against the couple’s friend, Kacy Lancaster was dropped. However, she pleaded guilty to the obstruction charges in the Medicine Hat provincial court. But she received one year of house arrest. That was a part of the plea bargain. That was ordered for refraining from the drugs and alcohol.

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