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Johnny Carson Ex Wife – Joanna Holland Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Children, Divorce)

Joanna Holland was born in the United States in the year 1940. She also goes by the name Johanna C. Ulrich. She is famous for being an ex-wife to Johnny Carson. 

Joanna’s mother’s name is Linda while her brother is named Peter, Johanna is currently 81 years of age. She has a child named Joe Holland from her marriage to Tim Holland. 

In her prime time, she was a philanthropist, a fashion icon, and a former supermodel. However, much of her popularity is attributed to her marriage to her ex-husband, Johnny Carson. The latter was a TV personality while he was alive and Joanna was his third wife. 

The couple was married from 1972 to 1985, (close to thirteen years). Their marriage did not produce any child although Carson had three sons from his previous marriage to Jody Wolcott Morrill. So, Joanna was a stepmother to the three sons. 

Joanna worked with some renowned fashion designers during her time as a model. At some point, she was the vice president of Michaele Vollbracht’s fashion line. 

Joanna was later linked to an NGO named SHARE (Share Happily and Reap Endlessly), where she served as the president. Joanna was first married to Tim Holland, a backgammon world-champion before she married Carson. 

Family and Early Life

Joanna was born in New York, United States to an Italian family in either 1940 or 1941. The initial name she was given at the point of birth was Johanna C. Ulrich. Joanna was very close to Linda her Peter (her mother and brother) which were her immediate family. 

Joanna’s First Marriage

She was first married to Tim Holland. Tim Holland is well known for his victories at the major backgammon tournaments where he has won more titles than anyone else in the history of the sport. 

Many students usually look for Tim Holland to coach them on the game and he always succeeded in doing so. Tim was also an accomplished gambler. 

Joanna and Tim were married from 1960 to 1966 (about six years). Joanna gave birth to Joe, their son on the 21st day of July 1961. Joe later rose to become a filmmaker and actor. Unfortunately, Joe died before his mum at the age of 32 in Los Angeles, California, precisely on the 4th day of May 1994. 

Joanna’s Second Marriage

Carson and Joanna first got acquainted at the New York ‘21’ Club through designer Molly Parnis in 1971. According to Molly, the duo got attracted to each other immediately after they met. 

The couple later went on to have a brief romance which was a bit secretive because even people that were close to them did not know about it. On the 30th of September 1972, at the tenth anniversary of his show titled Carson Tonight, Carson confessed that he and Joanna had got wedded in a private ceremony earlier in the day. 

It was surprising news to many people who were present at the event. People would later get to know that Joanna had a positive sway on the anchor of “The Carson Tonight Show’” which featured Johnny Carson himself. 

According to further information from friends of the couple, Joanna encouraged Johnny to embark on trips to Europe at different times. Johnny was pleased with this idea as the fans in Europe rarely troubled him. 

According to Molly Parnis, Joanna even brought a higher sophistication level to Carson’s life. 

While the couple was married, Carson’s lawyers stressed the need for the couple to sign a prenuptial agreement. However, Carson thought it was unnecessary (due to sentimental reasons), although Joanna was ready to sign the agreement. 

During their marriage which lasted for thirteen years, the couple had many issues, one of which was Carson’s cheating habit. One of the couple’s mutual friends said that she does not feel that there is another woman in Carson’s life although there are women, but there is a difference. She felt that men have a period in their lives when they have to show that they are still attractive. 

Asides from Carson’s infidelity, Carson also had a drinking problem. People close to him stated that although he could be charming, he was often cold and distant. All these and many other issues made the couple to commence their divorce processes on the 8th day of March 1983. 

It took two years before the divorce was completely finalized. The divorce process involved an 80-page divorce settlement which allowed Joanna to get $20 million cash and a portion of Johnny’s property. 

Johnny and Joanna’s marriage did not produce any children but Joanna was the stepmother to the three sons from Johnny’s first marriage. The children are Richard, Cory, and Christopher. 

Joanna Holland’s Career

Before she met and eventually married Tim Holland, Joanna was rarely known in the world of glamour. It was after her marriage to Tim that she began to gain popularity. 

After she divorced Tim, Joanna started her modeling career so that she could achieve her primary goal of taking care of her son, Joe as a single mother. Owning to her previous popularity, she quickly settled down well and got established in the fashion industry. 

She later worked with some top designers of that time such as Molly Parnis, Donald Brooks, and Geoffrey Beene. As she later married Johnny Carson who further supported her career. 

Joanna was able to support designer Michaele Vollbracht financially which enabled him to start his fashion line. She later became the vice president of the brand and started regular travels to New York for meetings about the brand’s expansions, designs, and fabrics. 

Joanna’s Other Relationships

During her modeling career, she had some relationships that were media worthy. After she divorced Tim, she dated the chairman of The Hertz Corporation at that time. 

Joanna had to seek legal counsel when her ex-lovers claimed that he paid for all the furniture in Joanna’s apartment. 

Joanna was also friends with Cristina DeLorean.

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