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Joe Manganiello Wiki (Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Height, Sofia Vergara)

Joe Manganiello was born in Pittsburgh. He is one of the most famous actors in America. Charles John and Susan are his parents and Charles is Italian and Susan is German. Joe Manganiello was raised in Mount Lebanon. There he attended high school. In his early childhood, Joe played various kinds of sports and he was also the captain of the football team. He has been making films since his school days. And this urged him to choose acting as his career. After he learned acting he moved into Los Angeles. His first movie was spider-man in the year 2002. He also played various other roles in his high school production.

Joe’s Sports Involvement

He got his bachelor of fine arts degree in Drama in the year 2000. He was also a great athlete. Apart from that, he used to play football games due to which he sustained a knee injury. Peaks Island in Maine was his favorite place where he had spent most of his summer. In the movie sublime, he played the role of a spiritual exorcist. Then, again for his role in spider-man 3 he had to chop off his long hair. One of the interesting facts is that he also used to get paid in Pittsburg bar for his dress up as Captain Morgan.

Interesting Facts About Joe

For the rock band Goldfinger, he had traveled through the world as a roadie. Also, he likes skydiving with the Golden Knights. Another revealing fact that you will know about Joe is that he used to shovel sand and also gravel off a truck and also used to do the demolition for several construction companies. He also sang back up vocals for the rock band. You can also search for more about it online. In the movie, ‘true blood’ he was given training for 5 months to get into the character of AlcideHerveaux.

Role Of Superman

And one of the toughest parts to get into this role was to maintain a southern accent in the right manner. His maternal granddad had Dalmatian ancestry, and his maternal grandmom had German ancestry. He also played a great role in Superman in the movie. ‘Man of Steel’ was released in the year 2013. But there was also a problem with his schedules for the movie, ‘True Blood’. Another fact that you will know about him is that he was also trained as a boxer. He was an ex sparring partner of an NHL player.

Extreme Training & Recognitions

For his movie Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia which was released in the year 2009, he was trained for several months. He did a lot of work to add authenticity to the production of the film. Apart from that, he was also recognized as the most beautiful person for the year 2011 in one of the paper magazines. He was also declared as the winner of Logo Channels in the year 2011. The Men’s Fitness Magazine has recognized him as one of the fittest guys for the year 2011. And he also has a good body for which he was given recognition.

Was Former Bodyguard

He won many other awards and recognition mostly in the year 2011. One of the facts that most people don’t know is that he was the former bodyguard of singer and actor Tyrese Gibson. Then, again in the year 2011, he was voted as the most liked pop-culture werewolf of all time. He was also engaged to Audra Marie, and his engagement lasted for a shorter period from 2010 to 2011. He also attended the drama school with his chums and he was a wonderful dramatist. In the year 2012, he was voted as the most popular shirtless celebrity.

Award Winner And Meeting Sofia

He is also a brother to nick. Joe is also an Emmy award winner. He had started his career with the film spider man in which he had played a cameo role. Later he got many adult roles and his fame also increased greatly. His body is perfectly chiseled which made him more appealing to the public. And along with fame, Joe also found his romance, in the year 2014 Joe met Sofia and they started dating. And later they married each other in Palm Beach which is in Florida. You can check out their pictures online.

Connection With Acting Career

And he had hired some special violinist to play an interpretation for nothing else matters as he walked with his bride Sofia. Apart from being an athlete, he was also extremely artistic. He was also known to be very sensitive and empathetic towards others. His hobbies included solving math problems, playing chess, and reading books. He always felt connected with his acting career and he is thankful to God that he never got discouraged and tired. He is also known as the most desirable man and people recognize him that way. But that doesn’t change anything in him and he continues to chisel his body in the gym.

Next Movie Plans

He has many big plans for his next movie, The Batman (2022). And their entire objective for this film is to make it legendary and unbelievable. Maybe the story will be something out of the box. So, he has assured the people that it will be the best films that you can ever watch. He had to do a lot of hard work in the gym for his film, ‘True Blood’. Plus, he was strictly on the protein diet and vegetable diet. And one of the most turning points in his life came when he had quit smoking and drinking permanently.


From his childhood, he was never a fit guy, but he chooses such paths that made him one of the fit guys in the industry. He also took time out for vacation and used to have lots of fun. Joe and his wife Sofia do not have any kids and they are at present enjoying their life and career. He has a net worth of a total of $20 million. At present, he is 44 years old. Joe still has an extremely good physique and looks very appealing. You can check out his pictures online.

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