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Justin Bieber Biography: Net Worth, Songs, Age, Height & More

The Beib, a.k.a. Justin Drew Bieber, is one of he most popular pop stars of all time.  In fact, unless you have lived in a cave for the past 8 years, there is a good chance that you have heard of Justin Bieber.  Born on March 1, 1994, Justin Bieber has become one of the most popular singer and songwriters of all time.

First being discovered on YouTube, Scooter Braun, a talent manager, was able to discover Justin through the videos that he had posted on YouTube, which would eventually get him signed to the label RBMG in the year 2008.  Soon after, he would go on to release his debut album, titled ‘My World’, in the later months of 2009. His album would soon go to platinum status in the United States; being the very first artist to every have a total of 7 different songs hit the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Justin would then go on to release his very first studio album, titled ‘My World 2.0’, the next year in 2010.  This album would follow suit and debut at the number one spot in several different countries, as well as go on to become triple platinum within the United States.  This is the same album that would host one of Justin’s best songs of his career, ‘Baby’, which would debut at the number five spot on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as go on to sell over 12 million units.

Following the success of his first album, as well as all of the other promotional tours, Justin would go on to release a movie, ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’.  On top of this, he would go on to release his second studio album as well, which was titled, ‘Under the Mistletoe’, in 2011. His new album would go on to debut as the number one album on the Billboard 200 list.  

Soon after, his third studio album, titled ‘Believe’, which was released in 2012, would host the smash hit single ‘Boyfriend’, which would achieve the number one ranking in Canada.  His next album, ‘Purpose’, would be released in 2015 and sport a whopping three number one top hits. Those hits being ‘Sorry’, ‘Love Yourself’, and ‘What Do You Mean?’.

As if that weren’t hard enough to follow up on, Bieber would then go on to do several collaborations that would include such hits as: “Let Me Love You’, ‘I’m the One’, ‘Cold Water’, and the ‘Despacito Remix’.  

If Justin Bieber does not yet impress you, then you should also know that he as sold over 44.7 million singles and albums in the United States alone.  As if that weren’t enough, his world wide sales are much more impressive at a whopping 150 million records to date, which makes him one of the top selling music artists in the entire world.  On top of that, he is also the second person on the planet that has reached over 100 million Twitter followers, which he achieved in August of 2017, only to be beat by mega-star Katy Perry.

Justin has also gone on to be nominated and win a plethora of awards during the span of his very successful career.  Some of which include the American Music Awards as the artist of the year for both 2010, as well as 2012, a best dance recoding song at the Grammy Awards for his hit song ‘Where Are U Now’, and even a Latin Grammy Award.  As if that weren’t enough, he has also been listed in Forbes magazines a total of three times for being one of the top ten top celebrities in the entire world. His Forbes magazine appearances would become in 2011, 2012, and then again in 2013.  Not being one to settle on his past successes, Bieber would go on to become the very first musician to top over 10 billion total views on Vevo, something that has never been done before, ever.

Justin Bieber, The Early Life

Justin Bieber was born in 1994, on March 1.  He was born in London, Ontario, which would eventually find him being raised in Stratford, Ontario.  His father, Jeremy Jack Bieber, and his mother, Patricia ‘Pattie’ Mallette, were never officially married, even though they had Justin as their only child.  Oddly enough, Justin’s mother, Patricia, was actually underage when she birthed Justin, and had help raising him from her mother Diane, as well as his stepfather, Bruce.  

Justin’s mother was of a French-Canadian background, while his paternal great grandfather was proven to be from a line of German ancestory.  The other roots that Justin lays claim to include Irish, as well as Scottish and English. On top of that, there are also claims that he is also related to those of Aboriginal Canadian ancestory.

While you may think that Justin was an only child that got showered with all of the love and affection that any only child could ever have, you would be mistaken.  In fact, Justin actually has three half-siblings that are younger than he is. All of these siblings are through his father, Jeremy, two of which are with his father and ex-girlfriend who is known as Erin Wagner.  They would go on to break up in 2014, but that was after seven years of being together, as well as Justin’s two step-siblings.

Moving forward, Justin’s father, Jeremy, would go on to marry his then-girlfriend, Chelsey, in the early months of 2018.  They would go on to give Justin another half-sibling in the form of their daughter, who was named Bay. As if three siblings weren’t enough, he also has a stepsister from his stepmother, whose name is Allie.  What makes Justin’s rise to superstardom even more interesting is the fact that his mother, Pattie, did several different jobs that were extremely low paying, in order to provide for Justin as a single mother.  Yes, Justin Bieber came from a low-income family that scraped by to make ends meet.

Attending one of the top French-language immersion schools in the area, Bieber was able to learn how to play the drums, trumpet, piano and even the guitar.  He would eventually go on to graduate from Stratford, Ontario high school, in 2012. While Justin has always been musically inclined, he actually was able to graduate from his high school with a GPA of 4.0.  

While Justin excelled in school, he would also go on to excel in music as well.  At the age of just 12, Justin would go on to sing Ne-Yo’s song, ‘So Sick’ for a singing competition in his town.  He would go on to win a second place finish in that particular contest. Luckily for Justin, Mallette would then go on to post Justin’s performance on YouTube, initially for just the friends and family members to see.  She would then go on to continue posting all of Justin’s videos of music cover songs, which consisted of numerous R&B songs. The good thing about this is that the more videos that were posted, the more popularity Justin would receive.

Justin Beiber Music Style

While mainly known as a pop star, Justin Bieber also incorporates many different elements into his music, the main one being R&B.  In fact, back in 2010, Rolling Stone’s Jody Rosen even went out there and said that Justin’s music was, ‘offering a gentle introduction to the mysteries and heartaches of adolescence songs flushed with romance but notably free of sex itself.’

Moving forwards, in 2012, Bieber would go on to tell V magazine that he had no intentions of singing about anything that was related to drugs, swearing, or sex.  He would say that he was more into love at the time, and that he may get more interested in making songs about making love later in his career. His ultimate goal was to be a person that anybody and everybody would be able to look up to and respect.  

However, since Justin claimed that he wanted to be a role model, he would eventually go on to alter his music, releasing several hits that would make anybody cringe after listening to the sexual lyrics.  

Justin Bieber’s Main Influences

Whenever there is a superstar in the music industry, there is going to be some other musicians that they look up to.  In this case, with Justin Bieber, some of those people include Mariah Cary, Stevie Wonder, Usher, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Tupac and even The Beatles.  In fact, Bieber would go on to state that Justin Timberlake actually directly influenced his album, My Tour 2.0.

Justin’s Voice

Initially singing with one of the best boy soprano voices, his voice would eventually break, as he was performing the song ‘Pray’, at the American Music Awards in 2010.  A reporter by the name of Sean Michaels, would then go on to describe how puberty would be the biggest threat to Justin Bieber’s career. As if that weren’t enough, another reporter, Jody Rosen, would give a negative review stating that Justin’s debut album sounded ‘nasally’.  

Not one to be easily swayed, Bieber would then start receiving voice lessons from his coach, Jan Smith, which started in 2008.  While his adult voice is considered to be tenor, Justin has a vocal range that can go from bass, all the way to high tenor. In fact, in a more recent review of his Purpose album, Justin was even given a review that stated he had a ‘soft, supple and seductive singing voice.’  

Ventures and Endorsements

Signing a deal with Proactive back in 2010, Justin Bieber then went on to partner with the likes of Nicole by OPI, only to launch a line of nail polish, that would be known as ‘The One Less Lonely Girl Collection,’ and that would exclusively sold in Wal-Mart.  Within just a two month period, Justin’s nail polish line would go on to sell over one million bottles. Moving forwards, Justin would go on to promote several other big companies, some of which included Adidas, Venus Williams, and even Derrick Rose.

Moving forwards, Justin would soon become the face of Calvin Klein in 2015, which would soon lead him to teaming up with the likes of StarShop.  Unfortunately for Justin, he would eventually be criticized for supposedly taking some diet supplements in order to prepare for his Calvin Klein underwear shoot.  He would become the center of controversy, as there would be a huge debate about him online.

No matter what kind of controversy Justin may be facing, he has always been loyal to his supporters.  By this, that means always backing the endorsements that have backed him. Some of which include Best Buy, Elizabeth Arden, and even Beats By Dre.  

Besides a ton of great endorsements, Justin has also been able to break into the fragrance market, having four different fragrances that have taken over stores, and that was back in 2014.  Launching his first scent back in 2011, it became so popular that it grossed over three million dollars in sales, and that was just at Macy’s. The crazy thing about those numbers is that it only took three weeks to achieve.  

Riding the momentum of the success of his first fragrance, Justin would then follow up his initial success by launching his second scent that was called ‘Girlfriend,’ in June of 2012.  Again, not one to let a success slip by, Justin would launch his third scent in 2013, which would follow suite and become very popular. To date, there has been a fourth scent that was released in 2014, which was named the Justin Bieber Collector’s Edition.

While Justin Bieber is constantly a topic of controversy, he has been, and will always be one of the best pop stars of all time.  Between his top-selling albums, the highly ranked singles, his endorsements and fragrances, there is no telling how far Justin’s career is going to go.  All you can do is to sit back and watch as Justin Bieber continues to grow his empire, as well as build his dynasty.

Justin Bieber Net Worth

How much is Justin Bieber worth? He is estimated to be worth over $265 Million.  That is just incredible.

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