Kacey Caviness Wiki (Bio, Age, Body, Boyfriend, Real Name, Emotes, Net Worth)

Kaceytron, a native of the United States, is popularly known for live streaming on her Twitch channel handle @kaceytron. She is known for streaming World of Warcraft and League of Legends and has gained about 555,000 followers on her Twitch channel. Kaceytron is one of those who passed through series of challenges before she could achieve her dreams.

She was born on the 19th of December, 1990 in Texas. She also grew up in Texas, United States. For the benefit of those that aren’t familiar with Kaceytron, we’ll tell more about Kaceytron, her family background, and other necessary details about her in this post.

Her Biography

Although Kaceytron had a rough background, she didn’t allow it to define her future. She grew up with her siblings, struggling in Texas. As stated earlier, she was born on the 19th of December, 1990.

Her parents are of American and French descendant. Her mother was addicted to drugs and her younger brother was diagnosed with Autism.  Her grandmother had to take the kids to live with her.

However, things weren’t easy for these kids. During this period, she has been involved in the fight to save women’s rights. She, being a girl, has received a lot of harassment growing up both on the internet and in person. 

Some time ago, she was harassed by a Twitter user that she should be abducted and sold away to Nigeria as a sex slave. She has also revealed that she receives a lot more harassment physically. However, she has stayed strong till date.

When she clocked 17, she left her grandmother’s house and started living on her own. She graduated from college and landed a job role as a teller in the US Bank. After then, she quit and got hired at Claire’s as a store manager.

She has also worked as a bagger at a grocery store and also as a server at Red Lobster. She believes in having several streams of income, that is why she had combined all these works with her streaming career. Apart from these, she also runs an affiliate with EdwinRacing to sell some gaming products using her channels to advertise these products.

Her Career

Kaceytron has chosen a streaming career to help educate women to kick against sexual abuse. However, Kaceytron doesn’t seem to worry about wearing and posting all sorts of content that reveal her body parts. She believes that it is only a working strategy to gain more followers.

She also encourages other women to wear revealing clothes in some of her videos. She called herself “a nasty slut” in one of her videos that was uploaded on the 19th of July, 2019. In the video, she was wearing a pair of jean short and a revealing top. 

She also went ahead on Twitter to post that she wasn’t apologetic for calling herself such a name. In her career, she has uploaded a total of about 500 videos for the viewing of about 555000 followers on her Twitch handle. She believes that posting content with exposed body parts will make her get the attention she needs to carry out her mission. 

Her mission is to fight for women’s rights and stand against sexual abuse. However, it sounds sarcastic for someone to raise a fight against sexual abuse and also calls herself “a nasty slut”. She has also through this means raise funds for sex trafficking victims around the world.

Nonetheless, she has about 555,000 fans on Twitch, and also about 65,000 fans on Twitter, and about 3,500 fans on Instagram. On YouTube, there are hundreds of people who subscribe to her channel to have their adverts displayed on her channel every month.

Her Relationship

Famous people are expected to either be in a relationship or be married o their partner. However, to the surprise of many, Kaceytron is not in any relationship. Being a feminist activist, and also from some of her posts, we can see that she doesn’t have any interest in any man yet.

However, she isn’t a lesbian neither, as she is not found to be in any relationship with any woman either.

Her Social Media

She runs both Twitch and YouTube channels where she streams and shares gaming videos for her followers and subscribers. Her username on these social media is @kaceytron. She also runs an Instagram account with the handle @kaceytronforever.

Her Net Worth

Online streaming may seem easy to do; however, it can be a difficult thing to monetize. Kaceytron has however made a fortune in her chosen career and is one of the top earners in the streaming business. The Gamer reports that Kaceytron is among the top 25 wealthiest streamers. This is due to her high numbers of followers and fans and also her aggressiveness and passion in streaming.

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