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Dabo Swinney’s Wife – Kathleen Basset Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Kids, Cancer, Net Worth)

Kathleen Basset, also known as Kathleen Swinney, carries many titles and has fought many battles.

She is the wife of America’s most decorated NCAA coach, Dabo Swinney. She is also a proud mother of three, a cancer survivor, a celebrated humanitarian, and a huge inspiration to the Clemson Tigers.

Basset is a role-model to many people worldwide, as she facilitates awareness programs and raises funds for cancer patients and other charitable causes.

Kathleen’s family is undoubtedly her strongest pillar and fountain of philanthropy. She joined efforts with her husband and formed the All-In Team Foundation, an organization dedicated to funding cancer-research programs.

The early life and schooling of Kathleen Basset

Kathleen was born in Bowling Green, Ohio, on 27th March 1971. Her parents are Jeffrey and Bette Basset, and she grew up alongside two sisters and a brother. Her sisters are Lisa Lamb and Ann Cicero, and her brother is Daniel Basset.

During her teenage life, Kathleen spent a lot of time in Alabama. Her first school was Valley Elementary School in Birmingham. She first met Dabo Swinney when she was in first grade and her husband in second grade. 

Dabo and Kathleen went on to attend Pelham High School, where they became closer than ever.

Kathleen was intelligent as she always ranked among the top students each year.

She joined the School Safety Patrol club during her fourth grade – Dabo played a significant role in her campaign and appointment.

She later joined the Student Council, where Dabo was serving as well.

Due to her brilliance and likable nature, Kathleen quickly rose to stardom. She was appointed as the cheerleader of her high school football team.

Kathleen joined the University of Alabama first as a trainee and later as a student. In the previous year, Dabo had joined the same university. It seems these two were not only inseparable but also the perfect match!

Kathleen graduated with a Degree in elementary studies. She landed a job as a teacher at a primary school in Alabama.

Besides elementary tutorship, Kathleen worked at Shelton Community College on night shifts.

However, she dropped both jobs to nurse her first pregnancy. Since then, she’s dedicated her life to the Clemson Tigers academy – she inspires them, teaches them life values and manages their overall mental health.

Kathleen’s philanthropic path & cancer battles

In 2002, Kathleen’s sister Lisa Lamb was diagnosed with breast cancer. She managed to beat the tumor the following year, but it later turned up in advanced stages in 2009.

Lisa Lamb succumbed to cancer in 2014, after battling with lung and brain tumors.

Kathleen is also no stranger to cancer. In 2005, she sought medical help to determine if she had cancerous growths.

The results turned out positive – the medical examiner indicated that her possibility of contracting both ovarian and breast cancer was quite high.

Ann Cicero also underwent tests – the results proved she could also likely get a cancer growth in her adult years. She currently continues with successful treatment.

The only way Kathleen could lead a cancer-free life was to undergo bilateral mastectomy and hysterectomy. These are both surgeries that involve removing all or part of the breast and uterine tissues.

After battling and surviving cancer, Kathleen, with the help of her husband, started the All In Foundation, an organization supported by the Clemson Sports community and whose objectives include:

  • Collecting and channeling resources for researching and treating breast cancer.
  • Creating awareness about cancer, its effects, and the importance of diagnosing infections at an early stage.

Besides awareness, Kathleen is a philanthropist who believes in charitable initiatives. Luckily, she has a supportive husband, who also believes in kindness and sharing values.

In 2019, Kathleen facilitated another charitable project: Habitat For Humanity. With an injection of more than $70,000 from the Swinneys, the Habitat For Humanity program realized the construction of a four-bedroom house for a needy family.

Marriage, coaching and family life

Kathleen and Dabo met when they were toddlers – they studied in the same elementary, middle, high schools and university.

Dabo reveals he had quite a distressing early life, but Kathleen was always there for support.

The two excelled in both curricular and co-curricular activities – they were in the Safety Patrol and Student Council together.

Outdoor activities, especially sports, brought them closer. Dabo played for the football team while Kathleen, as the team’s cheerleader, fired up the players to victory.

They both enrolled and graduated from the University of Alabama. Kathleen became a teacher, and Dabo started his coaching career as an Alabama Crimson Tides assistant coach. Dabo worked under Mike DuBose – together, they won an ACC championship in 1999.

When Mike left Alabama, Dabo was left jobless until 2003. Ladyluck came knocking at Dabo’s door when Tommy Bowden, his college buddy, requested him to fill the wide receivers’ coach vacancy at Clemson University.

Dabo Swinney didn’t disappoint – he rose ranks and became head coach for the Clemson Tigers over the years. Because of his diligence and dedication, he’s won numerous ACC championships and garnered two personal accolades for himself as the best ACC coach in the United States.

During an interview, Dabo admitted that he attributes most of his success to his wife, Kathleen, who stood and still stands by him every step of the way.

Kathleen has made coaching the Clemson Tigers a priority as her husband – she teaches them core values and how to live an overall healthy life in mind and body. For this, the students adore her and even nicknamed her the First Lady of Clemson.

Dabo and Kathleen exchanged their nuptials in 1994. According to the 26-year old couple, their marriage life came with its ups and downs.

Kathleen confesses that in the early days of their marriage and before Dabo’s career picked up, they were often faced with financial challenges, but they never gave up.

The couple is now a bigger and happy family – Basset and Swinney have three sons, Drew, Will, and Clay.

Will is the oldest son. Will and Drew play for the Clemson football team as wide receivers. Clay is the youngest of the boys and is still in high school.

Kathleen and Dabo make one of the most influential and accomplished celebrity couples in America. They have big hearts and are more satisfied in giving than receiving.

Besides, the two strive to build their society and, besides winning, ensure the Clemson Tigers’ players grow into responsible, healthy and caring adults.

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