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Ice Cube’s Wife – Kimberly Woodruff Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Family, Net Worth)

One of the most notable personalities in the entertainment industry is O’Shea Jackson Sr., otherwise known as Ice Cube. Most of Ice Cube’s fans are familiar with his wife, Kimberly Woodruff, but not many people know about her. Today, we are going to look into who she is and her name in the industry.

Celebrities make it into the limelight for their achievements and successes in their careers and endeavors; the same is right about Ice Cube and Kim. Kimberly was born in the United States on September 23, 1970; she is African-American.

Kim and Ice Cube have been in a union for well over 26 years; their marriage led to their five beautiful children’s birth. You may know Ice Cube as a filmmaker, producer, rapper, and perhaps more as an actor. He has made a reputable name in the industry throughout his career brought his wife further into the limelight.

While Kim Woodruff has her achievements to show, her marriage to Ice Cube brought hers and Ice Cube’s fans closer to the family, with questions about who she is arising from all ends. However, she is a private person, with much of her life buried in her family and personal commitments.

Early Life

The fame that followed Ice Cube from establishing his career in entertainment and growth over the years did not necessarily put every detail of his personal life within the public’s radar. Therefore, Kim remains a mystery to most of the couple’s fans.

We do not know much about her life before Ice Cube and the early times of her growth and development; likewise, information about her first family and parents is not public knowledge. Nevertheless, her marriage has shed some light on the kind of person she is, which we can conclude to be family-oriented.

Ice Cube

We know O’Shea Jackson Sr. best as Ice Cube. Since the mid-eighties, he has graced our screens and has not failed to keep his high spirits and entertaining nature at the top of his league. O’Shea was born American on June 15, 1969. While this article does not look into his family and early life, he, too, has managed to keep most information behind closed curtains.

Nevertheless, his talent made him Ice Cube and saw his music progression in hip-hop. He made huge strides with his group, C.I.A; they made good music in the 80s and had their significant break in 1984. However, the group fell apart soon afterward.

Ice Cube continued up the music ladder and joined some of the most prolific names in the industry, like Eazy E and Dr. Dre; together, they established a group called the N.W.A., making some of the greatest hits of all times. As N.W.A’s chief songwriter, Ice Cube’s fame grew exponentially, as did the group.

After years of exceptional music, Ice Cube departed from N.W.A (in December 1989). After that, he pursued his career as a solo artist, which expanded his growth further, thanks to his multi-talents. Ice cube made plenty of hit music and successful albums. He also pursued acting and went a step higher the entertainment ladder.

Most fans who came to know Ice Cube through acting were impressed by his great works with the XXX series, Ride Along, and Boyz n the Hood; these films left some of the most significant imprints in his career and solidified his reputable name.

As Ice Cube’s popularity grew and spread from screen to screen, so did his wife’s appearance leave fans with something to talk about. Kimberly’s introduction into the limelight was subtle. Her nature ensured she remained in the eyes and hearts of O’Shea’s fans, but not much about her would yet surface.

Kimberly Woodruff and O’Shea Jackson Sr.

Like most stable relationships, Kim’s with Ice Cube started from an early time. They were just in college when Kim’s beauty supposedly struck O’Shea, inspiring his first approach to her. However, their relationship would not start that easy; Kim was initially uninterested.

It took several months before O’Shea made another move at Kim, who gave him a chance. They entered into a relationship around 1988 and saw each other for some time. Their bond grew stronger and progressed to their engagement in 1991.

About a year later, the couple decided to enter into an eternal union; Kimberly and O’Shea married on April 26, 1992. They remained in love for well over 26 years, with no word in the public about marital issues or the possibility of a divorce.


O’Shea Jackson Sr. and Kimberly Woodruff are parents to five beautiful children; two daughters and three sons. Kim bore their eldest child and son, O’Shea Jr., in 1991. The couple had Darrel the following year in 1992 and had Deja and Karima in 1994; Shareef became their last-born child in 1995.

O’Shea Jr. shares his father’s name and passions. He is talented and has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as the rapper and actor, OMG. In 2015, he acted as Ice Cube in the 2015 Straight Outta Compton.

Like his brother and father, Darrel has fit into the entertainment shoes as an artist. He is a rapper, and most of his fans know him as Doughboy. However, Shareef took up a different career path in science and technology; the same is right about Karima, a Rutgers University Newark research assistant with an MA degree. Deja keeps a more private life. Not much about her pursuits is public knowledge.

Final Words

Kim sticks close to Ice Cube. It is through her husband that most people got to know her. Therefore, she has made red carpet appearances with Ice Cube’s releases and premieres. She has also come up in charity events and community programs. Kimberly is a close mother to her children and has been supportive of her husband.

Her privacy has closed up most of Kimberly’s personal life and details behind closed curtains. We do not know what else she is up to or any other career pursuits. Nevertheless, reliable sources hold her worth to at least $1 million. We know more about O’Shea Jackson Sr.’s successes and achievements in his career. His music and acting have amassed Kim’s wife roughly $140 million in worth.

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