Libby Offut

It appears normal for the average person to assume regular people get married to stars to be famous. While this seems like the norm, sometimes, everyday people get connected to their partners that eventually become stars and not before they are in the limelight. Unlike lots of other women, Libby met her ex-boyfriend when he was not a star. However, he went on to become a famous football player.

Libby Offutt is from Virginia and was born on the 1st of November, 1975. Although she finally left Virginia, she spent her time growing up in Albans, West Virginia. While Libby Offutt is the name everyone knows her with, she was born Elizabeth Offutt.

Libby is not an only child. She has two siblings, and both are female. Her sisters are Angela and Jennifer, and they were all raised together by their parents Frank and Margaret Offutt. Libby Offutt’s father was the chairman of the board of Christian education. That’s not all. When he was free, he worked as the coach of the girls’ basketball team. He played this role alongside his wife.

Libby lost her dad on the 28th of November, 2012, after being diagnosed with a degenerative disorder known as pure autonomic failure. She is white by ethnicity and is a citizen of the United States.

Libby attended Saint Albans school. However, she did not complete her education in this school. After spending some time in Saint Albans high school, she transferred to DuPont high school. While in high school, Libby took part in sports actively. She played badminton, basketball, etc. Additionally, she excelled at swimming.

Libby’s relationship with Randy Moss

Not many people know how long Libby and Randy Moss had been together. Some people merely assume they met each other as adults. Well, the fact is they met while they both were at DuPont high school. After being friends for a while, they began dating. Libby was frequently criticized because of how she related to her classmates. Additionally, she made several racial comments, all in an attempt to bully them.

Unlike many high school sweethearts that soon fell out of love when they left high school, Libby and Randy did not stop seeing each other after high school. They were together after high school and even had their first child before prom.

Reason for Their Split

Libby and Moss seemed perfectly in love, and it appeared nothing could go wrong between them. While their relationship was great, Randy, a former NFL player, faced some level of controversy. While his career was on, he had to deal with some accusations and brawl.

Moss and Libby seemed great until they got involved in a fight in 1996. The couple got arrested after they were both involved in domestic violence. Their fight started from an intense argument and degenerated into a fight. While the fight was on, Randy poured some hot water on Libby, and this was the end of the beautiful relationship they had.

After their relationship came to an end, Randy moved on and got married to a lady called Lydia, and he appears to be doing very well in his new relationship.

Libby’s Children

The relationship between Libby and Randy might be over. Nonetheless, it produced five children that are a constant reminder of how beautiful their relationship was. Their children are Montigo, Sylee, Thaddeus, Senali, and Sydney. Their first child, Sydney, was conceived when they were still in high school. Sydney was born on the 6th of March 1994 and is a basketball player.

Since Sydney came early, Randy could not play the role of a father. He was still building a career as a professional football player. So, Libby, alongside her parents, raised Sydney. On the 14th of May 1998. In 2020, Thaddeus got drafted for the 2020 NFL.

Job as a Waitress

Libby and Moss seemed very much in love. Nonetheless, they sometimes got into violent arguments. In 1990, they got into a shouting match, and this broke down into a fight. After the fight, the couple had to deal with battery charges. While having a conversation with the police, Libby made it known that they were arguing.

Libby Offutt is white. Due to this, not many people knew she was Moss’s wife and his children’s mother. Lots of people often mistook her for a nanny.

There is no record of Libby getting a university education. Furthermore, she worked in Hooters as a waitress. Additionally, she worked in 7-eleven as a cashier and went ahead to Home goods as a sales associate.

How Much Is Libby Offutt Worth?

Libby was very interested in training her children properly. Due to this, she stopped working and became a full-time housewife. Although she ended up as a stay-at-home mom, Offutt was still able to gather some money while still working. While there are no reports of how much she is worth, it is common knowledge that she got some money from Randy for child support.

Libby Offutt is currently an entrepreneur. When you take a look at her Instagram page, you will come across the toys, phone cases, bags, and apparels she sells.

Unlike Offutt that is not worth so much, her ex-boyfriend is retired now. However, from his days as an active footballer, he was able to acquire a net worth of $25 million.

Libby Offutt’s Struggles

Libby might be a great mom but in the past, she struggled with drug addiction. However, in the last couple of years, she has not had to deal with any addiction and has stayed sober. Her issues with drugs were so pronounced that Randy accused her of spending up to $4 million on drugs and had to go to rehab. He went on to say Libby did not want to get treatment to enable her to see her children.

Early in 2017, Libby came out to claim Randy’s allegations were false, and he simply did not want her to see her children. She did not stop at that. She made it known that she visited rehab in2007 and was in perfect mental shape.

Libby Loves Dogs

Libby has never exactly been in the limelight. Due to this, there are lots of things about her that are not known. One of these things is the fact that she loves dogs. Due to her love for dogs, Libby has three canines. Two of them are zoro and polo. The name of the third dog is not known by members of the public. Beyond just being the owner of three dogs, Libby further proves her love for dogs by sharing her dogs’ pictures on social media very frequently. That’s not all. She also takes her dogs for a walk every day.

How Active Is Libby on Social Media?

It is common knowledge that Libby is only known because of the relationship she had with Randy Moss. Also, she is a part of the social media train. Although Libby might not be as active as lots of young people on social media, she occasionally puts up posts. Some of these posts are centered on her children. Others are all about her dogs. Furthermore, she showcases her business through her social media pages. The mother of five is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

From her Instagram bio, it is evident that Offutt is a lover of dogs and enjoys being a mother. That’s not all. She is also interested in maintaining the right level of fitness and relating seamlessly with her fans.

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