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Tim McGraw’s Daughter – Maggie Elizabeth McGraw Wiki (Bio, Age, Stanford College Education, Height)

Maggie is the beautiful second daughter of the American music legends Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. The supermodel-like beauty is a lot of things, but she is most popularly known as the child of Tim and Faith. 

We know there are so many things that you wish to know about Maggie, so, within this article, we have put together all the nitty-gritty we could lay our hands-on. So now you wouldn’t need to break a sweat as all the information is within your reach. Keep reading to discover more about Maggie Elizabeth McGraw.

When was Maggie born?

Maggie was born twenty-two years ago, on the twelfth day of August. Precisely, she was born in 1998, which would make her twenty-three years by the end of this year.

Maggie’s Childhood

Maggie had a great childhood. She was the second child born to Tim and his wife. Together with her siblings, Maggie experienced the love of both her parents.

Her parents did not allow the pressures of their musical career interference with bringing up Maggie and her siblings. Tim and Faith still created time to give their kids the childhood they deserved. Maggi’s family currently lives in Nashville in the United States.

Maggi’s Relationship with Her Siblings

Maggie has two sisters, Gracie, who is elder, and Audrey, the youngest. There has been no record of discord between the sisters. Together they have always put smiles on the faces of their parents. How proud Tim and Faith must be.

Maggie is very close to her sisters. On Maggie’s 22nd birthday last year, Gracie organized a picnic for her. Gracie is older than Maggie by a year, and Audrey is younger than Maggie by three years, so if you did the math already, you would know that Gracie will be 24, Maggie 23, and Audrey 20 by the end of this year.

Maggie’s College Days

After leaving high school at eighteen, Maggie proceeded to Stanford University to obtain a college degree in Climate Control. She graduated some months ago, specifically in June 2020. She still plans to get a master’s degree soon.

Before Maggie graduated from college, she lived it up. She joined a rock band and performed in some concerts with her group, where she was the lead singer most of the time. In 2018 she also performed at a show organized by her parents, The Soul to Soul Tour. The show was held in Ontario, London, with thousands of fans in attendance. 

At the show, she sang wonderfully and amazed all those in attendance, such that you wouldn’t need to argue if Tim and Faith were her parents.

Maggie’s Passion

Maggie has always loved the ocean and other aquatic bodies. It was this passion of hers that made her participate in diving as a sport. Her father, Tim McGraw, also revealed that she had an interest in marine biology. 

Besides all these, Maggie, like her parents, has also shown much interest in music. She sings beautifully even though she has not taken up a full-blown music career. It is easy to see that she is extremely gifted in music. Maggie bears a stunning resemblance to her mother, not only in her voice but in her looks.

Maggie also participates in activities that border on giving back to society. Four years ago, she helped her dad at the Invictus Games that took place in Orlando. The games celebrate wounded warriors and promote sport as a means of total recovery for those injured warriors who took part in the sport. On this occasion, Maggie was able to meet Prince Harry.

And last year, during the heat of the pandemic, she joined a nonprofit organization at Nashville named ‘Feed the Frontline.’ At this activity, she rendered help to health workers. She has also volunteered for numerous social work.

Besides all her other passions, Maggie is also an animal lover. 

Is Maggie Working now?

Maggie has not begun working yet. She is still spending time with her family and other things like her college lover John Whiting.

How much is Maggie’s net worth?

Maggie’s net worth is unknown.

Maggie’s Relationship

Although Maggie has managed to keep her relationship from the media, we gathered that she is currently dating John Whiting. They met at Stanford, and on Maggie’s Instagram account, there are some pictures of her and John together.

Is Maggie Going to Build A Career In Music?

Maggie has not declared an intention to begin a singing career yet but, she has accompanied her parents on several of their concerts and even sang numerous duets with her father, Tim McGraw. In 2015 Maggie sang ‘ here tonight’ at Bridge stone Arena with her dad.

In 2016 Maggie was her father’s date at the CMT Awards and the AMA (American Musical Awards).

Maggie’s Father

Maggie’s Father, Tim McGraw, is a fifty-three-year-old American singer with many songs titled to his name. Some of the songs sang by him include; ‘it’s your love,’ ‘if you’re reading this,’ and ‘live like you were dying.’

Maggie’s Mother

Maggie’s mother, Faith Hill, is also a music star, and she has sung the following songs; ‘the secret life,’ ‘breathe,’ ‘matters to me,’ ‘the secret life’ e.t.c

Maggie’s Parents Marriage

Tim and Faith got married in 1996, and a year later, they had their first child Gracie. In 1998 they welcomed their second baby, Maggie, and two years later, they had their last child, Audrey.

At a point in the early years of their marriage, Tim battled an addiction that almost cost him his family. But eventually, he got it right and became a better husband and father.

Maggie’s Grand Father

Maggie’s paternal grandfather is Frank Edwin McGraw Junior. He was a pro baseball pitcher in Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Mets.

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