Marcus Glenn Richardson

Abby Phillip’s Husband – Marcus Glenn Richardson Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Kids)

If you have ever watched CNN, you have more than likely heard of Abby Phillip. In fact, Abby Phillip is actually considered to be a household name as they are the CNN White House correspondent and need no intro whatsoever. Her husband, however, is named Marcus Richardson and is a completely different story. Here is everything that you need to know about Marcus Glenn Richardson and his life.

Who is Marcus Glenn Richardson?

Marcus Glenn Richardson turned 37 years old in early March of 2020. He is a Pisces who would actually wake up too many different birthday messages that would come into his phone on March 9th. His full name is actually Marcus Glenn Richardson, being born to his mother and father who were named Toussaint Richardson and Russell Richardson, respectfully.

Growing up, Marcus would not be an only child, his one sibling being an older sister who was named Jasmine Richardson. Since his father was in the military, Marcus would grow up being a typical ‘military child’. This means that his sister and himself would spend their childhood growing up in several different places, the Richardson family having to move depending upon where his father was stationed. While that may sound like no childhood that you would want, they did get the opportunity to travel the globe at a very young age. For example, for a short period of time, the Richardson family would get to live in Okinawa, Japan.

Marcus’ father, whose name was Col. Russell Richardson, would fight for his country and serve in the Gulf War. He would eventually go on to retire as the director of logistics in Europe at Ramstein Air Base as for the Third Air Forces. Growing up, Marcus would view his father as a superhero and do his best to be just like him. He would take this admiration that he had for his father and still posts about it on his social media profiles, letting all of his followers know that his dad is still his hero and he aspirers to be just like him every single day.

What Does Marcus Glenn Richardson Look Like?

When it comes to Marcus Glenn Richardson, you may be wondering what he looks like. In regard to his height, he is actually pretty tall, coming in at over 5’11” tall. While you may feel as though this is an average height, when you compare that to the height of his wife, he pretty much looks like a giant.

As for Marcus’ weight, he comes in at just over 88 kilograms. As for his most memorable and contagious feature, it has been said that he has a smile that can brighten even the darkest of rooms.

Marcus Glenn Richardson Net Worth

After completing his studies at Ramstein Air Base in Europe, he would eventually find his way back to America so that he could attend Florida State University. It is here where he would graduate with a degree in International Affairs. Upon completing his college education, Marcus would take a job in the digital security field. It is in this profession where he would find a job at Howard University, that being followed by a job at LivingSocial soon after.

Moving forwards, Marcus would end up finding a job as the Senior Application Security Consultant for nVisium in 2014. It is here that he would evolve his career and eventually become the company’s main Managing Consultant. During this time, he would find his salary increase into the 6-figure area. It is for this reason that Marcus’ estimated net worth is upwards of more than $1 million.

Marcus Glenn Richardson’s Family

Marcus and his wife Abby would meet in the year 2011 when they met at a mutual friend’s party. Oddly enough, they would both be outsiders at the same party, which would lead to them having a conversation and eventually deciding that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. However, it would not be until another party that they crossed paths where they would decide to share contact information and pursue a relationship.

After being in a relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend for more than 5 years, Marcus would ask Abby to become his wife at a Christmas party that they were attending. She would say yes and the two would end up being married on May 26, 2018. While they have been a couple for several years and married for a couple as well, the two have yet to welcome any children into their life.

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