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Harrison Ford First Wife – Mary Marquardt Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Family, Net Worth)

It is quite normal for one to get famous after being in a relationship with a famous person. Nonetheless, not everyone in a relationship with a famous person ends up being very prominent. While there could be lots of reasons for this, some people are not just comfortable with the idea of being in the spotlight. One of such people is Mary Marquardt.

Mary was happily married to Harrison Ford until he began showing signs of being unfaithful. There is a lot to know about Mary’s marriage to Harrison Ford. Nonetheless, before paying attention to her marriage, let’s find out a little about her personality.

Education and Early Life

There are no details about Mary Marquardt’s early life. However, she was born in 1945 in the United States. When she was done with high school, she went ahead to study at the liberal arts college, Ripon College. She got a degree in Culinary Arts from this college. 

In addition to successfully going through college, Mary also met her husband while in college. He was in the same college and was chasing a major in philosophy. While in college, Mary was a cheerleader and was regarded as one of the most famous cheerleaders of her time.

Life as a Professional

Mary concentrated on becoming a chef after leaving college. She was very passionate about food, and due to this, she got a job in a restaurant as a professional chef.  Although there are no details about the exact restaurant she got a job in, it was common knowledge that she and Benjamin, her grownup son, were workers at Ford Filling Station situated at The Marriot, L.A. Live, Los Angeles. This Filling Station is partly-owned by Harrison Ford, her ex-husband.

What Was Mary’s Relationship with Her Ex-husband Like?

Although Mary had a life of her own, a huge part of her life was connected to her ex-husband. They met when Ford was just in college. While in the quarter of his senior college years, Ford became interested in drama class. He did this simply because he was shy and wanted to overcome this shyness. After attending acting class consistently, Ford soon picked interest in acting. While going through this transition, Harrison Ford was not alone. Mary was with him all along.

On the 18th of June 1964, Harrison Ford and Mary got married. When Ford’s career was still in its early stage, it was difficult for him to get good gigs. Due to this, he struggled financially.  Although it was his problem, Mary did not let him go through it alone. She was completely supportive of his every move. She went as far as telling him to relocate to Los Angeles and get a job as a voice-over artist on the radio. When he traveled to Los Angeles, Ford was unable to get the job he wanted. Nonetheless, he secured a deal with Columbia Pictures’ new talent program. This deal was worth $150 per week.

Two years after getting married, Mary and Ford welcomed their first child.  He was born on the 22nd of September, 1966, and was named Benjamin Ford. Three years after their first child, they had a second boy. He was called William Ford. It took Harrison a while to get the acting job he desired. While waiting for the right acting gig, he worked as a carpenter, and Mary majorly took care of the family’s needs from the money she got as a chef.

Harrison’s Fame

After many years of searching for a good acting gig, Ford finally got the big break he had always searched for. He got a role in the Star Wars franchise. This was the role of Han Solo. After his big break, it suddenly appeared like Harrison and his family had no other problems. 

Nonetheless, his newly found fame and fortune came with their own challenges. It turned out Mary and Ford were not ready for the challenges associated with being famous. With time, the closeness between Mary and Ford began to wane.

Infidelity and Divorce

Harrison Ford’s newly found fame seemed great for him. However, it was not good for his family as it gradually tore his marriage apart. After some years of falling apart, Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford decided it was time to get a divorce. Their divorce was finalized in 1979. While they did not give any exact reason for their divorce, there were rumors that Harrisons Ford was unfaithful.

According to reports, Mary saw Harrison and another woman in bed, and this act was responsible for their divorce. In the heat of the divorce, there are rumors concerning who Harrison was caught with. Some people speculated Harrison was caught with screenwriter and TV personality Melissa Mathison because he ended up marrying her after his marriage to Mary ended. Ford’s marriage to Melissa produced town children; a daughter called Georgia Ford and a son known as Malcolm Ford.

Although most people believed Ford was found with Melissa Mathison in the heat of his divorce with Mary, about forty years after their divorce, people now think differently. A lot of fans now believe that there could be a likelihood that Ford was not with Melissa but with Carrie Fisher, a co-star that acted as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise. This became public knowledge before Carrie Fisher’s death.

Mary Marquardt’s Personal Life

Not a lot has changed about Mary since her divorce from Harrison Ford. Although they had a very strained relationship after the divorce, things are a lot better now. Unlike her ex-husband that has been married two times after their divorce, Mary Marquardt has stayed single. In addition to being single, she has lived a very private life. Not much is known about her present state. Also, it appears she has no interest in social media.

Mary’s two children are grown now. Her eldest son followed in her footsteps and is a chef. Also, he is married with two children. Her second son, on the other hand, has developed a career as a clothier. He also owns a boxing gym and a Strong Sports Gym.

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