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Bethany Joy Lenz Ex Husband – Michael Galeotti Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Death, Kids)

Michael Galeotti is a musician. He was part of a band called Enation that played indie music. His rise to fame came after he got married to Bethany Joy Lenz, a singer, songwriter, and actress. She was featured in One Tree Hill.

Lately, Galeotti has been away from the public eye so much that some tabloids speculate his demise. Let us look at Michael’s life and discover what he has been up to. In this article, we look at his past, career, marriage, and life.

Galeotti joined Enation in two thousand and four as a keyboardist. The group had two other members, Jonathan Jackson, and Richard Lee Jackson. The two were brothers, and Richard was the older.

The brothers had formed the band a year before Michael joined in Battle Ground, Washington. The band later moved to Nashville. When Bethany and Michael were still together, Bethany was involved in some of the band’s activities.

She recorded a single for them called Feel This, which played in One Tree Hill. Bethany acted in the show, and the band made an appearance after the show played their song. Galeotti was born in nineteen eighty-three and will be turning thirty-nine years old this year.


Michael and Bethany had been dating for about two months before Galeotti proposed. They did not perform a lavish wedding but instead chose to have an intimate ceremony. They invited close to seventy-five friends and family to Hillsboro, Oregon.

Bethany had gone to Wilmington to shoot her role in One Tree Hill, and while they were there, Michael popped the question. The wedding venue was in a barn, and the most memorable servings were hot chocolate and apple cider. 

They had made arrangements to get married on the eve of the new year in two thousand and five so that they would begin a new chapter in their lives as the year also begins. Bethany changed her middle name to Galeotti, and after the divorce, she changed it back.

Together, they both have a daughter, Maria Rose Galeotti. She was born on February twenty eleven. News outlets had received news of her pregnancy late that previous year. After she was born, Bethany released the news herself on her blog.

She also announced their separation on the blog in twenty twelve. The divorce was civil, and they agreed to share custody of their daughter. Soon after the divorce, Bethany dropped Galeotti’s name and went back to Lenz.

Death Rumors

Michael was rumored to be dead by some blogs and tabloids. The rumors began with the death announcement of Michael James Galeota on January twenty-sixteen. Galeota died of heart disease.

The similarity in their names brought confusion, and so some news outlets began reporting the speculated demise of Galeotti. Michael is alive and prefers a private and quiet life. He is not currently active on social media, and so many details about his life remain private.

Some people have tried to ascertain whether Michael has begun seeing anyone. It is still unclear because Michael loved to keep his relationships away from the public.

Bethany Joy Lenz

Bethany was the wife of Michael. They had been married for about seven years before they separated. Together they have one child, a daughter called Maria. She is a professional actress and starred in the series One Tree Hill.

She is thirty-nine years old and has a passion for performing arts. Aside from being a successful actress, she is also a musician. She has worked in the music industry and the film industry for years.

She is well-known for her role as Michelle Bauer Santos on One Tree Hill. The show ran for nine years and had a total of nine seasons. Her performance won her two Teen Choice Awards. Before she started acting in the role, she had released an album.

A year before, in two thousand and two, she released Preincarnate, her debut album. She has released other songs since then and sometimes posts videos of her singing on the internet.

She has been involved in charity and has worked hard in the advocacy for international human rights. She uses her channel to reach out and support causes that are dear to her. She also makes donations to several charities.

Galeotti’s Net Worth

Michael is a secretive person and has not released this information to the public. There are no sources that can confirm how much money Galeotti has. On the other hand, Bethany’s estate is estimated to be about six million dollars.

Most of her money is from acting and music, the two things she is passionate about. When they were married, they owned property in Washington, but it remains unclear whether it is still in their possession. 

More Information

The band that Michael and the Jacksons were is was an indie-rock band. They released music together, and sometimes Bethany pitched in during the recording process. Michael and Bethany’s marriage seemed sudden.

They had been going out for less than three months, and then Michael proposed. They did not like the grand weddings, which were the favorite for many celebrities. They got married in a barn instead.

They only had to invite a couple of their friends and family to witness the union. They made sure they got married on New Year’s Eve so that every year in their marriage would coincide with a new year’s dawning and a fresh start.

They were blessed to have a daughter whom they both love dearly. Their divorce was not messy, and they both agreed to split custody of Maria. They understood that their daughter meant the whole world to each of them and they were prepared to give her the best life.


This is Michael Galeotti’s life, from his music career in a band to his marriage and family. There’s not a lot said about him on the media because of his private nature. He has dropped out of the limelight so much some people believe he is dead, but he cleared that already.

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