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Chet Hanks Daughter – Michaiah Hanks Wiki (Bio, Age, Pictures)

Michaiah Hanks is the firstborn daughter of Chet Hanks and Tiffany Miles. She was born in April 2016. Further details on her birthdate are not exclusively known to the public. Michaiah is a precious gift whose birth inspired major but necessary changes in her father’s life.

Parents, siblings, and immediate family

Michaiah is an only child; hence she currently does not have any siblings. Her father, Chet Hanks, pursues a career in both acting and music. Chet is the third child to Tom Hanks and firstborn son to legendary Hollywood couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Hence, Michaiah is a grandchild to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Her uncles and aunts are the well-known Colin Hanks and Elizabeth Hanks, who are step-siblings to Chet and Truman Hanks, the youngest of the Hanks siblings. All of whom are pursuing careers based in Hollywood. Who knows, maybe when Michaiah is of age, she might consider a career in the same as a result of this influence.

Michaiah’s mother, Tiffany Miles, was pursuing a job opportunity as a television host on the Black Entertainment Television network, also known as BET. Her mother, just like her father, was born in 1990. She is well-schooled as her alma mater is California State University-Northridge. 

Tiffany majored in broadcast journalism and graduated with credentials of the same. Michaiah’s mother later pursued a career in journalism. Tiffany has secured jobs in local news stations such as Viacom and Moguldom Media.

Tiffany is a woman of color of African-American origins, making Michaiah biracial. She currently lives in Palm Springs, California, where Michaiah spends most of her time as Chet and Tiffany are no longer in a romantic relationship. 

However, this does not hinder efforts in providing Michaiah with the quality upbringing she deserves. Chet and Tiffany are reportedly on good and friendly terms as they go about co-parenting Michaiah, who has seemingly grown fast.

The Michaiah Effect

Michaiah has greatly impacted Chet’s lifestyle choices progressively over the years (see the Chet Hanks Net Worth page). In December 2016, Chet took to Instagram to announce and confirm Michaiah’s arrival earlier on in the year. In this post, he addressed some of his struggles and revealed the realization that he was going to be a father, which inspired him to change his ways.

Chet had been on a hiatus from his career as he struggled with alcohol and substance abuse, which particularly hit hard in 2015. In the same year, the 30-year-old lad checked into a rehabilitation center for abuse of hard drugs. 

In the same post, he acknowledged being sober for a year and a half, all thanks to Michaiah, and gave his parents credit for their support. Michaiah is said to enjoy her grandparents’ company, which warms Chet’s heart, who also enjoyed the same with his parents’ folks.

Chet has since embarked on his passion for making music forming a duo with Drew Arthur. The duo is known as Something Out West and produces pop-rock music. He also landed a role in the just commenced crime and legal based television miniseries, Your Honor, which debuted in December 2020.

Chet quite recently posted an adorable picture of him and four-year-old Michaiah expressing his joy over the gift of life, her life, and the newly found happiness and contentment fatherhood has brought into his life. 

Final Words

Michaiah is a gift that keeps on giving. She brought great happiness and change alike. During his career, Chet has faced criticism and continues to face it due to his alterations. His celebrity status has undoubtedly dealt him highs and major lows. However, this newly found path in fatherhood continues to hit him with constant highs. 

He is now a happy man and actively present father, and we all love to see it. Don’t we all love a happy ending? The future is promising, and many cannot wait to see through as this father- daughter relationship continues to blossom.

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