Milo Hamish Ferguson

Craig Ferguson’s Son – Milo Hamish Ferguson Wiki (Bio, Age, Parents, Mother, Height, Education, Net Worth)

Craig Ferguson has an oldest son with his ex-wife Sascha Ferguson, who proudly takes his mother’s name. Not much was disclosed about Ferguson’s son in previous articles, but it is known that the couple ended up being together since they met and got together early in the 1990s, and were together until they separated in 2004 – shortly after Milo Hamish Ferguson was born. We’re going to talk about the life of the famous tv-show host’s son a bit so you can get some information on him.

He’s Still a Pup

Milo Hamish Ferguson was born in 2001, and he was only a toddler when his parents separated. He also has a brother who is just a half brother named Liam James Ferguson from Craig’s third marriage with Megain Wallace Cunningham. 

As he is now 19, Milo has been doing more at the School of Visual Arts in New York and is pursuing a career and degree in Visual and Design Arts. It’s not surprising to say that both his mother and father are artists and entertainers themselves, so he enjoys sharing his artwork with the public to entertain as well.

Milo is Active on Social Media

While the pandemic has made things harder on those who are pursuing entertainment and creative careers in the public eye, social media and streaming platforms have made it even easier for people like Milo to get their name out there. He is active on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and probably Facebook (this is unconfirmed at this time). His mother claims that her son is her favorite artist, and he shares many of his creations on social media with his followers.

Milo’s always loved the fine arts and creative design since he was a child, and his parents fully support his pursuance of this career.

About His Parents’ Support

Craig Ferguson has been taking care of his son with his ex-wife even though after six years of being married – the couple split up. The former late show star has somewhat dropped off of the screen radar just like Sascha Ferguson. His mother has been raising him with full support, and even though she has primary custody, both parents co-raise their oldest child. It appears in the public eye that while his father is extremely proud of  their son and gives him anything he needs, his mother in fact is who he is inseparable from.

His name means soldier of the merciful, and his middle name Hamish is a Scottish name meaning Supplanter.


Craig Ferguson and Sascha Ferguson’s son – Milo Hamish Ferguson, is a young and aspiring artist thanks to his parents’ success. With the father of him being the primary host for years of The Late Show, his mother who was also an actress, as well as the owner of a professional spy school and a teacher of many health and wellness clubs – such as dancing, Pilates, ballet, and fitness. Milo it seems will end up wowing the world as he is already starting to with his artwork, and who knows? Maybe he can become the next Bob Ross!

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