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Eminem’s Brother – Nathan “Nate Kane” Mathers Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Kids, Net Worth)

Many times a person who is supposed to take care and keep you protected turns out to be one who needs the protection. You might have seen the rapper, Eminem, saying vile things about his mother, as he never liked the way she had raised him. The only one who could understand why he was doing this, was his younger brother, Nathan.

However, both the brothers were born of different fathers, they grew up in under similar circumstances in the same household. Hence both the brothers went on to have one of the deepest relationships in both their lives. Currently, they are trying to fix their relationship with their mother but some memories will surely haunt both of them probably, forever. Now you might want to know something more about Eminem’s little brother Nathan Kane Samara.  

Growing Up In the Shadow of Eminem

Born on February 3, 1986. He was named Nathan Kane Samara by his parents Fred Samara Jr. (Father) & Debora R. Nelson Mathers (Mother). From her previous marriage to Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. her mother had his half-brother, Marshall Mathers also known as Eminem 

Eminem who was Nathan’s half-brother was the one who mostly took care of him when he was still a baby. He even had changed his diapers. Their family had started to live in Detroit where the majority of people living were African Americans.

Growing Up in a Difficult Household

You all might have understood by now that Mathers household was difficult for both the brothers, they had been shifting and living between Michigan and Missouri. Rapper Eminem, Nathan’s older brother always had his thoughts out of his mind and had been telling about his difficult and complex relationship with their mother.

He was found to complain a lot and criticized her for the difficult upbringing she had given them but in his 2014 song called ‘Headlights’, he portrayed his apology in form of a song to his mother. In the song, he had remembered a few of the incidents which were very traumatic and had disturbed his relationship with her. One of the things which he mentioned was sending his little brother Nathan to foster care.

When Nathan was a boy he had attended, Roseville Elementary School. He had to face a lot of bullying at school. This is when his mother had sued the school but the school retaliated with similar allegations. Their mother’s health was not mentally stable. Hence, she would not allow Nathan to meet other children and did not even allow him to go to school. Due to this Nathan was removed from his home and was with foster care for about a year. Things never looked good for the brothers but they did stand the test of time and their bond grew even stronger than before.

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Having Eminem as his Legal Guardian

Eminem was already a rapper when Nathan was born. He was a responsible boy and would send his mother, money by doing different jobs. he made sure he spoke to Nathan over the phone hoping he would be fine and not struggling like him.  He did all this while establishing himself in the hip hop career, He always took care of his younger brother.

When he became an established rapper and had gained a lot of fame, Eminem became the legal guardian of his younger brother. Nathan was 16 when he began to live with his brother. He once said that living with Eminem is much better than living with his mother. Living with her was a struggle and it was crazy life. After some time, their mother had stopped being a part of their life.

Nathan’s Relationship with His Brother

Both the brothers had a childhood that was troubled, hence the relation between them was very strong. In an interview, Eminem once said:

“Yo, my brother is mad cool. He’s the most popular kid in the school. He’s got like 10 girlfriends. He even dyed his hair blond and got his ears pierced. He looks just like me. He came to my concert and the girls were all over him. They didn’t even want to get with me. He was sitting on his girl’s lap and I was like ‘You go, you little pimp’ He is cool and we call him little Nate Dogg”.

Eminem would take Nathan to most of his concerts and events. Nathan was with Eminem on his ‘Up in Smoke Tour’. You can also see him in many of Eminem’s music videos like ‘Sing for The Moment’, ‘The Way I Am’, ‘Without Me’.

Nathan was always with Eminem in his tough times, even in his court case. He was present in the same house where Eminem’s wife had attempted to commit suicide. While Eminem was struggling with his family, his brother always supported him.

Nathan Tried Rapping but Couldn’t Succeed

Nathan was inspired by Eminem, surely being the brother of such a popular rapper had its own positive effects. His brother was his idol for a very long time; hence it was not something to be surprised that Nathen was interested in rapping. he started to rap under the name ‘Nathan Kane’. He had released some songs such as ‘Touch Ya Body’, ‘Slide on Over’, ‘I’m not Asking’ and ‘Shadow of Celebrity’. However, he was not very successful.

Nathan had tried his luck in acting and worked in a horror film in ‘Devil’s Night Dawn of The Nain Rouge’. he also worked as a personal trainer & a DJ.

Marriage to his Longtime Girlfriend Ashley Mae Whitney

Nathan had found a very pretty and stable romantic life partner. He started a beautiful family together with her.  Nathan has been in steady with her girlfriend Ashley Mae Whitney since 2001. They are blessed with a beautiful daughter who was born in the late 2000s. Some years later she bore a son and the couple welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Liam. The couple’s named their youngest son, Carter. He was born on February 25, 2017. Just a year earlier their son Carter was born, Nathan got down to his knees to ask Ashley to marry him. he exchanged his wedding vows with Ashley Mae on May 7, 2018.

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