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To most of you, the year 2020 was a miserable one. However, Olivia Ponton may have to say otherwise. It has been a big year for her. Olivia Ponton is basically a young model as well as a social medial influencer. The year 2020 saw her number of followers increase in leaps and bounds. She also became a popular name in the world of TikTok. However, she is not like any other ordinary user on TikTok. She happens to be a member of the popular group Hype House, which is basically a collective of some of the biggest names on social media.

Olivia Ponton has more than 3 million followers and more than 170 million likes. This makes her fit into the mix pretty well. With the year 2020 becoming history, her future has certainly looked brighter than ever before. Here are some interesting facts about Olivia Ponton.

She Has Signed To Wilhelmina Models

When it comes to modeling, Olivia is still in the early stages of this career. However, she is on her way to make some serious progress in this field of profession. Olivia is signed to one of the most popular agencies in the entire world, Wilhelmina Models. This shall surely help her gain respect and popularity in the world of modeling.

She Likes To Travel

The only thing that helped Olivia gain some attention on social media is her wide range of photos from her travels. It is true that there is no experience like going somewhere yourself. However, at times, it feels good to scroll through social media and finds several beautiful photos of new places from other peopleโ€™s profiles. Olivia has visited Italy and France amongst several other places.

She Was In the School Track Team

It is true that Oliviaโ€™s life changed a lot from the fact that she is a social media influencer. However, she was slightly different when she was young. Olivia attended Naples High School and during her school days, she was one of the members of the track team. She has competed in several events that include a 60m dash and 4 x 100m relay.

She Is Single

Olivia and her fellow social media influencer Kio Cyr made an announcement recently that the two were in a relationship. This made all of their followers too excited as they eagerly waited for their love story to unfold. However, their love affair failed to last long and during the summer of the same year the couple broke up. The two, however, refrained from sharing the details that lead to their break up. Nonetheless, the two did reveal that they still have soft corners for each other in their hearts.

Her Role Model Is Alexis Ren

It is true that Olivia Ponton is forging her own path. However, there are many people whose journey Olivia admires a lot. There is an interview of Olivia on The Tee Magazine in which she revealed that Alexis Ren is her role model and influencer. She went on to say that Alexis is a person she has always looked up to. She also added that she has been following Alexis forever and that Alexis inspires her because she introduces awareness to various topics that are seldom spoken about in public.

She Likes To Spread Positivity

Although social media means fun and excitement, there is also a cruel side to it all. This is something that most of the social media influencers have experienced in their lives. Irrespective of how many followers you have, you will still find a countless number of people who hate you, especially in the comment section. In spite of all such negativity that Olivia has had to deal with in her life, she still remains focused on spreading positivity by staying positive herself.


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Wishes to Move to New York

Most of you may not know that Olivia was born and also raised in Florida. She is in love with her home stage. However, in order to achieve much more in the world of fashion and modeling, she wishes to move to New York. The city can give her more opportunities in this career. Soon, Olivia aims to shift her base to New York City to expand her wings as an aspiring model.

Would Love To Study Architecture

Oliviaโ€™s focus is not just limited to social media and modeling. She also wishes to get her education completed in the coming future. She revealed in an interview with The Teen Magazine that she would love to get an Associate in Arts degree with a bachelorโ€™s degree.

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