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Paul Weller Bio: Tour, Setlist, Discography, Top Songs & Net Worth

Paul Weller, originally born John William Weller Jr on My 25, 1958, is one of the great English songwriter – singers of his generation.  Achieving his fame from his band The Jam, he would become one of the great punk rock/mod revival/new wave artist, who would further his success playing blue-eyed soul music that he played with The Style Council from 1983 to 1989.  He would eventually decide to work on his solo career, becoming a solo artist in 1991.

Despite all of the widespread critical acclaim that Weller has received as a singer, guitarist, and lyricist, he has been able to continuously be a national superstar, as opposed to an international one, with most of his music and songwriting being deeply rooted in British culture.  On top of being a national icon, his is also one of the principal figures from the 1970s and ‘80s who are responsible for the mod revival, often times being referred to by his nickname, ‘The Modfather’.

The Daily Telegraph once said about Weller that, “Apart from David Bowie, it’s hard to think of any British solo artists who’s had as varied, long-lasting and determinedly forward-looking a career.”  Back in 2007, BBC even went on to describe Weller as “one of the most revered music writers and performers of the past 30 years.” Several years later in 2012, Weller would become one of the very few people, among all of the other British cultural icons, that would be chosen by Sir Peter Blake to be featured in a newer version of one of his most famous songs.  

That song would end up being the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band disc cover, to help celebrate all of the British cultural icons who had in some way affected his life.  As if that honor wasn’t enough, Weller would also go on to be nominated for several different Brit Awards, winning a total of four of them, two for being the Best British Male, and then in 2006, a Brit Award for the category of Outstanding Contribution to Music.

Paul Weller’s Top Songs

With over 12 studio albums as a solo artist (not including the music from his days of playing with his bands), there are many different songs that can be considered some of his best work.  With that being said, here are some of Paul Weller’s best songs of his entire musical career.

‘You Do Something To Me’

Coming off his Stanly Road album, ‘You Do Something To Me’ would become the third hit single off that album.  What makes this one so good is that you can actually feel the emotional, hones and powerful ballads. This track has a hint of the ‘60s British rock band Traffic, while still having hints of gruff, similar to the singer Steve Winwood.

‘The Changingman’

Taking some cues from the iconic guitar riff by Jeff Lynne and ELO’s hit single 19538 Overture, ‘The Changingman’ was released by the Modfather while he was just starting to be hailed by a completely new generation of musicians in the Britpop genre, which was actually Weller’s intention as his lyrics in this song acknowledge all of the different genres of music being made.

‘Broken Stones’

Weller’s the Stanley Road album has been rumored to be named after the street that he actually grew up on, and this song has a nostalgic feeling about it as it takes a look back at all of the different changes that had taken place within his life, such as pebbles being tossed across the sand on a beach.

‘Wild Wood’

Once Weller’s band The Style Council disbanded in 1989, he would finally make the jump to solo artist, issuing an album that would be called The Paul Weller Movement.  However, it wasn’t until the next album, Wild Wood was released in 1993, that would put Weller back in the limelight. This track is literally a masterpiece, ranging from fiery passion, to quiet contemplation in just under three minutes.

‘You’re The Best Thing’ – The Style Council

When Weller finally decided to stop his at the time band The Jam in December of 1982, he would move on to collaborate with Mick Talbot, a keyboardist from the group The Merton Parkas, as well as a singer by the name of Dee C Lee, to create the group The Style Council.  The band would further continue to explore Weller’s interest in soul, with this song being of the absolute best.

  • ‘From The Floorboards Up’

At under two minutes and thirty seconds in length, this is a very brief tack that has some slices of gritty R&B and is off his 2005 album that is titled As Is Now.

‘English Rose’ – The Jam

Being better known for having more of a punk-influenced sound, it was extremely rare to hear this trio playing acoustic.  While Weller believed that the lyrics didn’t really mean anything without the music as well, this song was added to side 1 of their most popular album, All Mod Cons in 1978.  Oddly enough though, this song would not get any type of mention on the cover at all.

‘A Town Called Malice’ – The Jam

Coming off The Jam’s last album, The Gift, this track is a swirling soul of emotion.  Originally issued to be a double A-side single along with Precious, this song would become another Number 1 hit that the band would release.  Lyrically, there are some feelings of Weller’s home town, Woking, which is located in Surrey.

Paul Weller Net Worth

Having been successful throughout his entire musical career, Paul Weller has been able to amass a net worth of over $10 million dollars.  With all of the success he has experienced with his bands in the 1970s and ‘80s, to his 12 solo studio albums that he has released, it is no wonder why Britain hails him as. national music icon.  Paul Weller has had a musical career that most can only dream of experiencing, and it will be interesting to see what comes next from him.

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