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Have you been waiting for the NFL season to begin? If yes, you do not have to wait any longer as it is already time for preseason. While six months without the NFL is really huge for fans, the wait is definitely worth it.

Although the season has not exactly kicked off, every match played in the NFL counts as a great means of entertainment for fans of the NFL. Before the season kicks off officially, each team in the NFL will get the opportunity to take part in four games before the commencement of the season. Although this is what the norm is, Atlanta and Denver are an exception. While some of your favorite stars in the NFL might not play much in pre-season or might not get into the field of play at all, the preseason offers fans of the NFL a wonderful opportunity to spot up and coming NFL stars before they eventually make it to the top.

Ways to Stream the NFL Pre-season Games

No sports in the world is complete without people streaming live games. While there is a lot of fun associated with people coming into the stadium to watch live matches, there are even more people that are not present in the stadium that want to be a part of the many matches played in the NFL. The only way for this ever-increasing number of people to be a part of the NFL is by streaming matches. At the moment, the NFL generates more ratings, as well as viewership than every other sports league all over the world. The NFL brand is so profitable that broadcast firms and networks are willing to pay for viewing rights which run into billions of dollars. The prices which are paid for the rights to show the NFL are really high. Due to this, there are some restrictions on alternate means of watching NFL games.

Although fans of the NFL do not have a choice of many channels to view NFL matches when the season commences, they can enjoy the preseason before the official kickoff of the NFL season.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass makes it possible for you to have access to every preseason game in the NFL as it is being played. This pass can be gotten for $99.99. In addition to being able to have access to all the games that are being played before the official commencement of the season, NFL Game Pass also makes replays of every match available. These replays will last 45 minutes and will contain the best highlights of the matches already played. As soon as the season officially begins, NFL Game Pass will cease to make life coverage of games available to its subscribers. It, however, will show a complete replay of every game in the season as soon as the game comes to an end.

That’s not all for NFL game pass. With NFL Game Pass, fans of the NFL can access NFL Films archives, as well as a live broadcast of every game via radio. If you have your subscription for NFL Game Pass already paid for, you can stream NFL games on any device of your choice. It is up to you what device you want to stream a game with. If you have a PC, a Smart TV, or a mobile device, you will be able to stream NFL games with the NFL Game Pass.


As a fresh subscriber on fuboTV, you can enjoy free broadcasts for seven days. This is your trial period. Apart from games that are streamed on NFL Network and games streamed on ESPN, other preseason games which get broadcasted on national TV will also be enjoyed live by people that subscribe to fuboTV.

Furthermore, subscribers to fuboTV can have access to programs such as NFL GameDay, Total Access, and Good Morning Football.

National Broadcasts

For individuals that are looking to enjoy the preseason matches of the NFL, there will be pre-season games aired on national TV each week. These preseason games will be aired on ESPN, NBC, Fox, or CBS. To enjoy these games, you will need to have an active cable subscription. In addition to watching NFL matches on national TV, you can also enjoy these matches on the sports apps of some of the stations that will be airing these matches live on television. If you decide to work with Fox, you can make use of the Fox Sports Go app or website. If ESPN is your choice, you can go on and use the ESPN app, as well as its website. Furthermore, you can make use of the NBC Sports app. If you intend to make use of CBS, You will have to pay a monthly subscription.

Every fan of the NFL will be privileged to stream 13 preseason games. The other games which do not get streamed will be rebroadcasted when the season is already on. Apart from the games that will be aired on national TV, the local market of each team will be able to watch all their matches which will take place before the official commencement of the season.

There are station listings for each preseason game that will be played in the NFL. These listings are;

Reddit NFL Live Streams

Although a lot of people consider streaming NFL games on Reddit as illegal, it is one of the ways to enjoy NFL games without being present at the stadium. With this method of streaming games, you do not need to subscribe to any cable network before you are able to have access to NFL games.

In addition to the existence of Reddit streams, there also exist subreddit streams with which NFL fans that are not ready to part with any money can enjoy NFL games.

Although subreddit, as well as /r/NFLStreams have been in existence for a fairly long time, we might not be seeing much of them this season. The reason for this is Reddit has placed a ban on /r/mmastreams/, as well as /r/soccerstreams/. This implies that there will be some level of uncertainty associated with Reddit NFL Streams games this season.

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