Rihanna Net Worth

How Much is Rihanna Worth?

If you have a radio, chances are that you’ve heard of a singer known as Rihanna.  But did you know that Rihanna has a net worth of about $260 million? While you may be thinking that there is no way she made that much money with her music alone, you would be 100% correct.  In fact, Rihanna has used her fame and wealth to build an empire that has boosted her to mogul status. But how was a singer able to do such an amazing feat? Here is exactly how Rihanna was able to take her music career and turn it into a diverse empire.

While she started in the music industry, she was able to achieve her claim to fame with music hits such as ‘Pour It Up’, ‘Needed Me’, and ‘Umbrella’.  It is hits like these that have helped to elevate her to superstar status from such an early point in her career. In fact, it is hits like these that have helped to elevate her to one of the fan favorites.

While she was originally introduced to the world through her first, as well as debut album, ‘Music of the Sun’, Rihanna was able to become a household name.  While her real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, she was able to use her popularity and influence to take her career even farther than just music. IN fact, she was able to use her influence to break into the acting field, as well as multiple other businesses as well.

Now if you follow the music scene, there is a good chance that you’ve noticed how Rihanna hasn’t had an album drop since 2016.  But as far as Rihanna is concerned, there is good reason for this. The main reason for the lack of a new album being that she is earning quite a bit from all of the other projects that she is involved in.  

According to the website Celebrity Net Worth, Rihanna is able to bring in about $70 million every year, without having to drop new music albums.  This means that Rihanna’s net worth is up to an estimated $260 million. And the good news for her is that the number just seems to keep going up.  

Here is a breakdown that shows exactly how Rihanna is able to continuously grow her empire and continue to make the big money.

Performances, Performances, Performances

While Rihanna may not have dropped a new album in the last few years, her performances still bring in a decent amount of money.  Rihanna first started touring in 2005. Even though she didn’t really strike it big initially, in 2010, her Last Girl on Earth Tour was when she really started to see a huge profit from all of her hard work.  

This particular tour was focused on promoting the fourth album she released, ‘Rated R.”  This is the tour that was able to boost Rihanna above all of the others. During this tour, she reportedly grossed about $40 million.  Capitalizing on her success that year, Rihanna then decided to do another tour called ‘the Loud Tour,’ to further promote the same album.  During this tour, she over doubled her profits and took home a cool $90 million.

Not skipping a beat, as soon as she dropped her next album, she also went on another tour in 2013, the ‘Diamonds World Tour.’  This tour was even more successful than her previous one, grossing over $140 million and selling out 84 of her 87 tour stops.

On top of all her touring profits, Rihanna has also teamed up with different sponsors along the way.  The big one happened in 2015, when she teamed up with Samsung to the tune of $25 million.

Rihanna Keeps Selling Music

Even though Rihanna hasn’t had a hit or album out in a while, she is able to keep selling her music.  Between her debut album in 2005, she has released 8 different studio albums, which have done exceptionally well.

In fact, she has sold over 60 million albums over the span of her career.  Also during that time, she has sold over 215 million digital tracks, received over 11.8 billion views online, as well as 21 Vevo certificates.  This means that Rihanna has become the most viewed female musician on both YouTube, as well as Vevo.

While millions of online views are good, they are even better for revenue.  It is reported that Rihanna has earned a whopping $7.6 million from streaming videos alone, $2.5 million from online sales, and an astounding $10.1 million in royalties.  And to make things even better for Rihanna, that is only factoring 2016.

And if that weren’t enough, Rihanna is also a part-owner of the streaming service known as Tidal.  This streaming service was able to grow its popularity and stakes have been sold off for multiple millions of dollars, all of which Rihanna gets a hefty piece of.

Can You Say Endorsements? Rihanna Net Worth

So what does a music mogul do with all of their wealth?  Get into the fashion industry of course!

Sources say that Rihanna has designed numerous collections for designers such as River Island and Armani, as well as created special lines for Manolo, Louis Vuitton, Dior, MAC, Dior, Cover Girl, Balain, luxury jewelry lines, and custom socks to name just a few.  

As if that weren’t enough, Rihanna was also named as the creative director for the athletic company named Puma back in 2014.  This platform has allowed her to create numerous shoe and clothing lines that have done exceptionally well, bringing her even more revenue.

While Rihanna originally started out in the music industry, she has been able to take her fame and wealth, to effectively penetrate other markets.  It is this exact reason that Rihanna has been able to build a small empire, boosting her overall worth to north of $260 million. With Rihanna’s popularity and business sense, it seems that this is only the beginning of her empire and there is more than likely going to be much more coming from this amazing superstar.

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