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Sylvester Stallone’s Ex Wife – Sasha Czack Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Kids, Net Worth)

The name Sylvester Stallone is unarguably one of the most prominent names in the American Entertainment industry. If you’re a fan of Hollywood movies, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to spot Sylvester Stallone in a crowd. 

He’s a renowned actor, screenwriter, director, and producer. He has played lead roles in several hugely successful Hollywood titles. He has also won several awards and recognitions for his roles in several Hollywood movies. 

He’s better known for depicting John Rambo in the Rambo film series (1982 to 2019) and Rocky Balboa in the Rocky series (1976 to 2018). While Sylvester Stallone is still a celebrated personality, his ex-wife, Sasha Czack, who was a very integral part of his life, has since been forgotten. 

Just as very little is said about her in the Media, she has since kept her life under the radar. In this write-up, we’ll explore the life and whereabouts of Sylvester Stallone’s first wife, Sasha Clark.

Early Life of Sasha Czark

Born on July 17, 1950, in Chester, Pennsylvania, Sasha Czark was originally christened Alexandra Jane Clark. She spent most of her early life in Chester. Sasha Clark attended St. John’s Senior High School before moving on to attend the University of Notre Dame du Lac. It was at Notre Dame that Sasha Czark secured a bachelor’s degree in Media studies. Apart from her education, very little is known about her early life in Chester.  

Sasha Czark’s Career

Even at a very young age, Sasha Czark had always wanted to be an actress. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame du Lac, she immediately began scouting for roles in TV shows and movies. After a few disappointments, she eventually secured a role in “Love for Life,” an American Soap opera aired on the CBS network. 

The show spanned a period of 20 years, airing from September 1951 to February 1980. Her role in the Soap Opera exposed her to the broader entertainment industry. She was subsequently offered a lead role in “Play It as It Lays,” a 1972 American drama. Unfortunately, she couldn’t take up the role because her fiancé at the time, Sylvester Stallone, insisted she stayed back in New York to help him with an ongoing project. Although Sasha sacrificed the role to help Sylvester Stallone with his project, she gained vital experience that would later come very handy during her career.

Thanks to her involvement in the project, she subsequently co-wrote the story for the Rocky (1976) movie with Sylvester Stallone. It was Sylvester Stallone’s debut as a writer and leading actor in a movie. Sasha Czark’s sacrifice and contributions to the movie contributed immensely to making it a huge success. The Rocky film announced Sylvester Stallone to a larger audience. Apart from co-writing the movie’s story, she also worked as the leading photographer for the movie. She had previously enjoyed a fairly successful photography career. 

Although not in a major role, Sasha Czark appeared in the commercially successful Rocky III (1982). She played Rocky Balboa’s fan in the movie, where she kissed the superstar on the cheek. Interestingly, all of Sylvester Stallone’s wives had all appeared in one of his movies before getting married to him. Sasha Clark went on to appear in other movies in the Rocky series. However, she never played any major role in any of them. 

In 1996, Sasha took a step further in her career by writing and directing a short love film, Long Lost Love. The movie starred Gary Frank ( as Mace), Eric Bizot (as Pascal), and Tascia Valenza (as Rein). Rick Ash, who later became her second husband, was part of the movie’s production team as a re-recording mixer. 

In 2006, Sasha secured a role in the movie Vic, a drama produced and directed by her son Sage alongside Miriam Byrd-Nethery, Tom Gulager, and Clu Gulager. She was also heavily involved with the photography of the drama.

She went on to play low-key roles as an actress, writer, director, or photographer in a few other movies. Since retired as a photographer and actress, Sasha has spent much of her time and wealth supporting autism foundations across the United States. 

Sasha Czark’s Marriages

Sasha Clark has been married twice, each time to individuals with careers within the entertainment industry. Her first marriage was to the renowned actor Sylvester Stallone, and her second marriage was to Rick Ash, a renowned media technician. 

Sasha Czark’s Marriage to Sylvester Stallone

Sasha Clark first met Sylvester Stallone in the early 70’s. The pair started dating and worked together on the first projects of Sylvester Stallone’s early career. Sasha Clark moved in to live with Sylvester Stallone, and the pair later got married on December 28, 1974. The pair worked together on several commercially successful projects. Sylvester Stallone himself has credited Sasha Czark for the immense help she provided to him during his early career. 

Before his success in Hollywood, Sylvester Stallone struggled immensely to fire up his career. Owing to an inability to secure roles in movies, Sylvester starring in “The Party at Kitty and Stud’s,” a 1970 softcore porn film. Sylvester Stallone gradually built a sizeable acting portfolio with his roles in movies like “No Place to Hide” (1972), “The Prisoners of Second Avenue” (1975), and “Death Race 2000” (1975). 

While he got some much-needed experience and exposure from his roles in these movies, he brought him little fame when compared to the world-renowned Rocky and Rambo film series. He has since produced and starred in around 70 films, some of which have been a huge commercial success. Sylvester Stallone has bagged three Oscars in his career as an actor in Hollywood. 

Sylvester Stallone’s success in Hollywood is partly credited to Sasha Czark’s emergence as a force in the Entertainment industry. Stallone has won several prestigious awards and bagged several nominations for his roles in several Hollywood movies and documentaries. 

Her union with Sylvester Stallone was blessed with two children, Sage Stallone, and Seargeoh Stallone. 

Sasha Czark’s Children 

Sage Stallone was born on May 5, 1976, in Los Angeles, California. He attended Montclair College Preparatory School in California. He bagged a degree in filmmaking from the University of North Carolina. Known by friends and family as “Stoney,” Sage had married Starlin Wright in 2007. Unfortunately, their marriage barely lasted a year. Sage and Starlin Wright were divorced in 2008.

Just like his parents, Sage Stallone found a career in the Entertainment industry. At a very young age, Sage Stallone was featured in Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a movie promoted by his grandmother Jackie Stallone. Sage Stallone and Bob Murawski, a film editor, co-founded Grindhouse Releasing, a company dedicated to restoring and preserving B-movies and exploitation films. 

In his short-lived acting career, Sage Stallone featured in Rocky V (1990), Vic (2006), Oliviero Rising (2007), Daylight (1996), The Manson Family (1997), American Hero (1997), Reflection Of Evil (2002) and a handful of other movies. Although Sage never achieved the same level of success in Hollywood as his father did, he was able to carve out a niche for himself. He was nominated for several prestigious awards and won some of them during his short career in Hollywood. In 1991 he was nominated for the “Best Young Actor Starring” award for his role in Rocky V (1990), a movie which had his father as a leading actor. In 2006, Sage won the ‘Best New Filmmaker’ award at the Boston Film Festival. He won the award for his role directing Vic (2006). 

One of his last projects was Vincent Galo’s last two movies, Promises Written in Water and the Agent. 

Sage died at his home in July 2012 from a heart attack. Although initial media reports suggested that the movie director had died from an overdose of painkillers, toxicology reports and an autopsy proved otherwise. Sage died at the young age of 38. Sasha Clark immediately took over her son’s estate after his death. 

Seargeoh Stallone, Sasha’s second son with Sylvester Stallone, was born in 1979. He featured in the Rocky II (1979) as the newborn son of Rocky Balboa, christened Rocky Balboa Jr. Unfortunately, Seargeoh was diagnosed with Autism at the young age of three. This condition greatly limited his communication and social skills and affected his schooling and any potential career. 

Sasha Clark and Sylvester Stallone started a desperate search for the best possible therapy for their disabled son. The couple sought help from the National Society for Children and Adults With Autism. The couple even helped to set up a research fund at the institution with the hope that something positive might spring up. However, despite providing Seargeoh with one of the best treatment money could afford, no medical institution was able to help the young boy recover. 

Seargeoh is around 42 years today and is still plagued with Autism. Sasha dedicated an enormous amount of time to take care of Seargeoh. Her son’s condition is one of the reasons she actively supports Autism related charity organizations. 

Some years after the first Rocky, Sylvester Stallone’s hugely successful movie, Stallone was already among Hollywood’s crème de la crème. Unfortunately, this came with such intense responsibilities that it affected his relationship with his wife. Over time, the pair grew very distant, and their marriage suffered a short-term split in 1978.

Fortunately, Sasha Czark and Sylvester Stallone were able to sort out their differences, subsequently getting back together. 

However, their relationship got rocky a few years later. The pair got a divorce on February 14, 1985, in what was one of Hollywood’s most talked-about divorces. The media dissected Their entire relationship, and a $12 million compensation Sylvester Stallone paid to Sasha Czark was a hot topic. 

Despite their marriage ending on a sad note, Sasha Czark has always maintained a healthy relationship with Sylvester Stallone. 

Sasha Czark’s Marriage to Rick Ash

Several years after getting a divorce, Sasha Czark started dating Rick Ash, a sound technician she had previously worked with on several projects. Rich Ash was quite renowned for his work and was quite successful in his field. 

He had worked on over 220 film and TV shows as a re-recording mixer and sound engineer. Sasha Clark didn’t have any child during her marriage to Rick Ash. The pair have since gone separate ways. There is no information about how long her marriage to Ash lasted. However, because she kept the name “Sasha Ash” till as least 2006, there are speculations that their divorce may have happened around that year. 

Life After Two Failed Marriages

Just like Sylvester Stallone, Sasha’s first two attempts at marriage did not go as planned. For Sylvester Stallone, the third time was the charm (at least for now). However, after two failed marriages, Sasha did not try to remarry. 

With her son Sage Stallone dead (without having a child) and the other, Seargeoh, stuck with Autism, Sasha, despite being 70 years, does not and may not have a grandchild of her own. Sasha Clark has been generally out of the spotlight, choosing to keep her dealings private. She doesn’t frequently participate in any prominent media event.

Sylvester Stallone, on the other hand, has had one other failed marriage since divorcing Sasha Clark. He has three children with his new wife and has a handful of successful projects since his separation from Sasha. 

Sasha Czark’s Net Worth

Owing to her hugely private lifestyle, Sasha Czark Net Worth is merely informed speculation. According to multiple sources, the 70-year-old former Mrs. Stallone is worth between $10 to $20 million. Although not as blossoming as that of Sylvester Stallone, her acting career had fetched her some considerable amount of money. Her divorce settlement, which was worth $12 million, also represents an immense asset. 

Sasha Czark on Social Media

Sasha Clark has generally kept her life under the radar. There’s no information about her presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media. However, there are a handful of Sylvester Stallone fan accounts that post information about her time with Sylvester Stallone.

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