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Ray Charles Daughter – Sheila Raye Charles Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Net Worth, Husband)

Sheila Raye Charles is an American songwriter and singer. She is the daughter of Ray Charles (The Genius) who is a gospel singer, composer, musician, and songwriter. 

Sheila Raye Charles is deceased but her music still lives in many people’s hearts and will forever be evergreen. 

In this article, we will share insights on Sheila Raye Charles’ life story in loving memory of Sheila Raye Charles and Ray Charles. Our biography covers virtually all of Sheila’s life from the down moments of addiction to believing in Jesus. 

Find out more on Sheila’s age, siblings, childhood, net worth, and cause of death as you read along with this article. 

Sheila Charles’ Wiki-Bio: Addiction, Early Life, Parents, and Jesus

Sheila Raye Charles, the popular American singer, and songwriter was born in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America in September 1963. Her mother’s name was Sandra Jean Betts while her father was Ray Charles. 

Ray Charles is one of the notable musicians of the twentieth century. He did not allow his physical disability to hinder him from showcasing his talent. Despite being blind, his music was by heart and it was pure. Ray Charles usually composes, sings, and plays his music blindly. 

Ray did not marry Sandra Jean Betts but their romance was the talk of the town at the time when Sheila was born. 

Sheila confessed that her childhood was quite confusing. She stated that her father used to come and visit her mother but would not see her. She had to endure what she termed ‘hard time’. 

Although she did not enjoy her father’s company like most girls of her age, she treasured every moment she shared with Ray. To complicate issues, Sheila and her mother relocated frequently before they finally settled in Minnesota. 

Sheila was allegedly abused by her family members during her early childhood. 

Despite all these challenges, Sheila later found the light at the end of the tunnel. She explained this further in ‘Behind The Shades’, an autobiography and musical testimony of Sheila’s life. 

Sheila survived a near-deadly car wreck while she was sixteen years old. Sheila also went to prison at three different times for being heavily drugged with cocaine and crack. 

Sheila is still much alive in her autobiography. She mentioned there that during her stints in the federal prison she was at the bottom point of her life. Fortunately, it was while she was in prison that she witnessed a turnaround in her life. 

While speaking in a chat with BYU radio concerning the book she wrote, Sheila Raye said the lord woke her up. According to her, she said the Lord told her in the night to put her life story to music. 

Sheila confessed that at first, she felt it was going to be a very long story. But she was later convinced that she had to do it as it was ideal to tell the world what God has brought her through despite being through a lot. 

So Sheila proceeded to share her story throughout the world after she survived addiction, imprisonment, car wreck, and sexual abuse.  

Her book covers all her story and includes the story of how her father met her mother. 

How Many Siblings Does Sheila Charles Have?

Like we mentioned earlier in this story, Ray Charles did not marry Sarah Betts despite sharing a child. He married twice. He was first married to Eileen Williams in 1951 but it was only for a short time because Ray always had a busy schedule. 

The couple divorced after a year of getting married. Their union did not produce any child. 

Ray Charles remarried four years later to Della Beatrice Robinson in 1955. The couple got divorced in 1977 after a little over two decades. Ray’s second marriage bore good fruits as he had wonderful children with Della. 

The interesting thing about Ray’s life story is his children from his second marriage and others from his extramarital affairs. Sheila is one of the children from such an extra affair. 

Sheila was born as a result of her mother’s romance with Ray Charles. So Sheila Charles had eleven siblings altogether (all half-sisters and brothers). 

Below is a list of all of Sheila’s Siblings (Ray Charles’ Children)

    • Alexandra Bertrand – son of Mary-Chantal Bertrand
    • David Robinson – son to Della Beatrice (Ray’s second wife)
    • Evelyn Robinson – daughter of Della Robison
    • Robert Robinson – another Della’s son
    • Reatha Butler – Sheila’s half-sister (her mother’s name is currently unknown)
    • Raenee Robinson – daughter of Mae Mosely Lyles
    • Ray Charles Robinson, Jr (a renowned film producer) – son of Della Beatrice Robinson
    • Robyn Moffett – son of Gloria Moffett (one of Ray’s extra affair)
    • Ryan Corey Robinson (the youngest child) – a son from Ray’s extra-marital affair with Anne den Bok Mary
    • Charles Wayne Hendricks – son of Margie Hendrix whom Ray had a relationship with. 

Sheila Raye Charles’ Singing Career

Sheila Raye Charles followed in her father’s footsteps and chose music career while she was an adult. ‘Introducing Sheila Raye Charles’ was the title of Sheila’s debut album which she released in 2005.

The album is a collection of R&B with traditional standards and an emotional tribute to Ray Charles, her late father. Sheila titled the tribute ‘My Daddy’. 

Although Sheila started her early life brightly as the daughter of Ray Charles, an American musical star, she almost ended it as a crack-cocaine addict. Thanks to the joy Sheila later found in God, her life changed dramatically. 

Sheila later started traveling across the US and beyond spreading messages of redemption and love while keeping her father’s memory alive through worships and songs. 

Sheila admitted before her death that it was only the grace of God that made her leave the chair where she used to sit. 

Sheila’s Income, Salary and Net Worth

Sheila’s income is estimated to worth around one million dollars to ten million dollars at the time of her demise while her father had a net worth of a hundred million dollars. 

Sheila’s Kids and Husband

Sheila married Michael Steptoe. There is currently a paucity of information about her kids and marriage. What we know is that Sheila moved to Sarasota, Florida before she passed away. 

At the time of her demise, Sheila was survived by a host of nephews and nieces, grandchildren, siblings, children, and husband.

How Did Sheila Die?

Sheila died on the 15th day of June 2017 at the age of fifty-three. She died of breast cancer.

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