Stelle Ciccone

Everyone knows Madonna; after all, she is a famous actress, musician, and songwriter. Beyond these, she is also known for her kind heart. Stelle and her twin sister Estere were adopted by Madonna when they were just four years old. At the time, they were being kept in an orphanage where their dad had dropped them due to his financial predicament. Moreso, the girls had lost their mom and they needed motherly care in their lives.

Madonna was very gracious as she opened  her door to them to join the four children that were already living with her making them a big family of 7.

Madonna is very Attached to Her kids.

Madonna has formed a powerful bond with her kids, making it hard to see any of them go away from her. For example, she admitted that when Lourdes Leon, her eldest daughter, left home for college, it was a challenging experience for her and drove her into depression. Thankfully, Lourdes kept calling to rehearse her experience with her and how she missed being around Madonna, which was helpful. 

Stelle Ciccone’s Biological Parents

Stelle and her twin sister Estere were born by the families of Adam Mwale and their late mom, Patrica Mwale. They lost their mother while only toddlers and took them to an orphanage since he was not financially capable of catering to their needs. In an inte6 that he granted, he revealed that he wanted a better life for his daughters, which prompted his giving them out for adoption.

Stelle Ciccone Current Mother

Madonna Ciccone is the mother of Stelle Ciccone and her twin sister. Madonna is a name to reckon with in the music industry. This native of Bay City, Michigan, was born by Silvio Anthony Ciccone and Madonna Louise on August 16, 1958.

Madonna has only two biological children who she had from two different relationships. She, however, has four adopted children from Malawi.

Madonna’s Love for the Twin

Madonna enjoys spending time with the twin girls, as evident by her social media posts. The girls couldn’t have asked for a better mother as Madonna lavishes so much love on them. On June 3rd, 2018, Madonna shared a picture she took with the girls from their visit to Portugal. Stelle and Estere can be seen putting on matching outfits, and together with their mom, they looked amazing.

Interesting Fact about Madonna

Although Madonna is best known for her exploits in the music industry, she has to be referred to as a pop star, but rather she preferred being called a performer artist. According to her, what she hated most about being a celebrity is the unwarranted infringement of her privacy that she had to deal with from time to time. However, she noted that being a star makes her get free clothes which she loved. 

Madonna was raised in a middle-class family, but her sheer determination to succeed has distinguished her from her previous life. Although she is no more married to Sean Penn, her ex, she noted that he played a significant part in her life’s story and learned a lot from him. She adds that her children mean everything to her now. Today she prefers to be seen as a good mother to her kids than a celebrity performer. Even though she loves her kids, she is a strict disciplinarian.

Madonna says that all that she has achieved in her career were from her effort. She also hinted at her relationship with other celebrities. In terms of her religious belief, Madonna thinks that there is a supreme being up there and knows different religions such as Taoism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, and Hinduism.

Madonna’s Net Worth

Stelle Ciccone’s mom is a huge salary earner and has gathered an enormous amount of net worth over the years, estimated to be around $ 850 million. Most of this was gotten through her musical career. At the moment, she has sold over 300million copies of her record around the world, which makes her one of the best-selling musicians.

Apart from her musical career, her other income sources include endorsement deals, acting, featuring in commercials, and other side hustles like fashion design, health clubs, children’s books, etc.

Some of her high-performing albums include Madame X, Hard Candy, Confessions on a Dance floor, and many more. As an actress, Madonna has starred in various movies such as The next best thing, Evita, Dangerous Game, and a lot more, where she took up various roles.

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