Storm Brieanne Sixx

While there is a very good chance that you have never heard the name Storm Brianne Sixx, there is a very good chance that you have heard of her father, Nikki Sixx, who was a very well-known musician in America, or her mother, Brandi Brandt, who was a very well-known model. The two would end up having a child together, that child being none other than Storm Brieanne Sixx.

As for her name and what it means, her first name, Storm, is in regard to a storm with heavy winds, rain and thunder. As for her middle name, Brieanne, it means to be of Nobel or High stature and is one of the deviations for the Modern English name that is Briana.

Storm is Blessed with Two More Siblings

Storm is not an only child and does in fact have two siblings. They are named Gunner Nicholas Sixx and Decker Nilsson Sixx. Gunner is the older of her two brothers and was born on January 25, 1991. Following in his father’s footsteps, Gunner has decided to try and become a Rockstar just like his father was back in his prime. To do this, he has put together a band that goes by the name ‘Figs Vision’.

Only one year after the birth of Storm, her mother and father would have the joy of welcoming their third child into the world together, this one being Decker Nilsson Sixx, who was born on May 23, 1995. Since they are very close in age to each other, both Decker and Storm have been able to build a very close relationship with each other, almost being more like best friends as opposed to brother and sister.

Storm’s Half Siblings

Storm also has some half siblings that are a result of her father’s (Nikki Sixx) previous marriage to Donna D’Errico. The two half-siblings are named Ruby Sixx and Frankie-Jean Sixx and were born to their father Nikki and now ex-wife Donna D’Errico. The two would welcome their daughter, Frankie, into the world when she was born on January 2, 2001. Storm’s youngest half-sibling would not be born for over 18 years on July 27, 2019. This is when her youngest half-sibling would be brought into the world due to Nikki’s most recent marriage that he currently has with Courtney Sixx.

Storm and Her Acting Career

While there are some who may argue that this cannot be referred to as an acting career, Storm has played a role in a comedy video that is titled ‘Butter Face’. In November 24 of 2014, Storm would have the opportunity to play the character of one of the Bar Patrons in the short video, where she essentially rocked the role better than anyone would have ever imagined.

There are no other known videos or acting roles that can be added to her current resume.

Storm and Going to College

Currently I her life, Storm has decided to focus on her education and go to college. You will be glad to know that she is doing extremely well with her college career, having all of her hard work pay off in the sense that she is earning straight A’s. This is a great accomplishment that her father, Nikki, is constantly telling everyone about and how proud he is of her. He does this through his social media accounts, mainly by posting pictures on his Instagram with pictures of Storm’s childhood, followed by the text that she is doing so great in school as all of his educational talents were not transferred to his daughter (as Nikki apparently did not do very well in during his time in school).

Storm and Her Matching Tattoos

Storm has decided that she wanted to have a matching tattoo with her father, Nikki Sixx. This would come in the form of a cupcake that is right above her elbow, matching one of the many tattoos that her father has in the same place on his own body. She would decide to do this while vacationing with her family in Japan.

The reason behind the cupcake tattoo was revealed by Storm, letting everybody know that she decided on a cupcake, as that is what her father calls her. She would get this tattoo on her 25th birthday and has absolutely no regrets.

Storm and Her Social Media

Storm is quite active on her social media accounts, the main one being Instagram. This is where she has more than 7,270 people who follow her. While this may not sound like a lot of followers, you must keep in mind that her account is private.

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