Tips to Get a Kiss on Your First Date

Best Ways to Get a Kiss on Your First Date

If you are about to go out for your first date, the things you are going through at the moment is a common feeling for any person in the same situation. If you feel that you may even get a kiss from your date on your first day out, the feeling can even be more nerve wreaking. It is true that kissing someone can be both fun and an awesome experience. This is especially true if the chemistry between the two of you is great. If you can setup the kiss, establish a proper intimacy, and put your best foot forward, you can easily gift yourself a perfect kissing opportunity.

Ways to Get a Kiss on Your First Ever Date

There are several ways to get a kiss on your first ever date with your partner. Some of these ways have been discussed below for your benefit.

#1 – Set up the Kiss

The first way to get a kiss on your first date is to set up the kiss with your partner. Even if your date has ended, try and linger with your partner before you decide to part. Try and draw out natural pauses instead of words to allow a few moments of anticipation. Do make sure to minimize the physical distance between the two of you. A small touch signifies that you are prepared for a more intimate time.

Even trying to sweep away the hair out of the eyes of your partner will be sufficient. Complimenting your partner can also help you in several ways in setting up a kiss. Try and say something true and sincere so that your date feels close to you. If things seem unsure to you, try and ask your date if it is okay to kiss him or her. This step can even prevent you from easily getting rejected.

#2 – Establishing Intimacy

When on a date, whenever it feels suitable try and touch your date gently. You may either guide your date through a doorway or even place your hand on your date’s hand at the dinner table. It is a good idea to try and find opportunities to get comfortable touching each other. Do not make the mistake of keeping a straight face on your first date. A laugh or even a kind smile is enough to allow your date understand that you are interested. Eye contact is a must when it comes to dating someone.

A proper eye contact helps to build proper trust and also foster affection. It also lets you date know that you are not afraid to be vulnerable. It is also important that you give your full attention to your date when he or she talks. Put away your phone to let them understand that you are indeed listening. You may also ask some follow up questions to the topic of discussion to express your interest on what your date speaks. Once your date understands that you are interested in what they say, this will naturally build a bond between the two of you.

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