Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Is Your Home Filthy After the Long Winter?  Try These Five Tips & Tricks During Spring Cleaning Time

Spring cleaning is probably one of the most tedious of all tasks you can ever do. Nonetheless, it is rather important if any member at home suffers extensively from dust allergy or, in that case, any other type of allergy. There are several tips and tricks that can help you with your spring cleaning. In fact, following these tips will actually help you enjoy your spring-cleaning mission. Some of these tips have been discussed below.

#1 – Plan out a Schedule

Make a thorough inspection of your home. Mark out the areas that you normally skip during any routine cleaning. These places are the best places to start your mission of spring cleaning your home. It will be a good idea to plan out different rooms carefully. The time you will need for each room and the areas that need your special attention will actually help you remain focused.

#2 – De-Clutter

It is true that de-cluttering stuffs will help you remain organized and also boost your efficiency levels. However, clutter can easily have psychological influences on you. It usually sends out a signal to your brain that more work is needed. There have also been studies that claim that a disorganized home can easily increase your stress levels. Inhaling dust and the psychological stress of finding a cluttered home can have a serious impact on your overall health conditions. Thus, it is always better to de-clutter. Get some time out and organize your closet, organize and clean your office room, and gather enough courage to look through your junk filled drawer.

#3 – Always Start from the Top and Work Yourself Down

There are several ways to start your spring-cleaning mission. However, the most effective way is to start from the ceiling. This will force the debris to settle down and you can clean it altogether without having to clean and dust again and again. Use your vacuum to get rid of the dust and cobwebs from the ceilings.

#4 – Think Green While Cleaning

It is always a good idea to start your spring clean on a clean note. Thus, try and stay away from harmful toxins and chemicals. It will be a good idea to use a steam cleaner if you wish to think green while you spring clean. This cleaner can easily be used to clean various items such as hard floors, microwave, kitchen appliances, tile, and your bathrooms. As the name suggests, a steam cleaner uses hot water vapor. This makes it an absolute chemical-free and natural cleaning solution. However, you cannot steam clean everything at home.

#5 – Clean Your Windows and Walls With Love

Cleaning the floors is a common sight at homes and offices. However, the walls and windows also need regular cleaning. All types of dust do not just settle on the ground or the floor. There are some that settle on the windows and the walls. Use a damp piece of towel to clean the blinds and walls starting from the very top. You should also wipe the windows from the outside.

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