Top 10 Charli XCX Songs and Albums

Best Charli XCX Songs, Albums to Date & Net Worth

Back in 2010, very little was known about the English singer/songwriter known as Charli XCX. She had just gotten signed to Asylum Records two years after she started releasing music on the famous website Myspace, the same record label that was famous for signing unforgettable artists such as Linda Ronstadt, Bob Dylan, John Fogerty, and many more, yet she was still in high school. However, in 2013, she began to meet her fame when she collaborated on the pop song titled “I Love It”, which went international by Icona Pop. She released her debut album later that year titled “True Romance”, and she just didn’t meet any commercial needs for the album so it didn’t make it far. However, by 2014, she collaborated with rapper Iggy Azalea and helped make a hit out of the song “Fancy”, along with the hit single “Boom Clap” which she wrote herself in 2014. In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 10 Charli XCX songs and albums for you.

What is Your Basis?

While most websites literally use a “top 20” songs by opinionated answers, our main source is straight from the ratings charts themselves, as they are the most prominent way to find out just how successful and popular songs are. Using Billboard, the world’s most dominant music rating chart system, we can see just which songs were truly in the top 10, as well as the albums that they were released under. In the “Albums” section, we’ll use the same to make sure that you have the most accurate information as possible, rather than sugarcoat it with the mumbo jumbo that some star-crazed fan would think to write because they want to promote something. This article isn’t simply to sell anything. We want you to have the truth. We’ll base this on a 1-10 scale with the number 1 being the most prominently acclaimed chart topper.

Top 10 Charil XCX Songs

Here’s the list of the top 10 Charli XCX songs that have hit the world to this date:

  1. Fancy
    This song written by Iggy Azalea featured XCX and had the most sales worldwide. The song is a girl power song written about how fame is handled by the younger generation who are new to it, and sometimes can’t actually handle it. This was the first chart topper that Chari XCX had anything to do with, ranking at number one on the Billboard top 100.
  2. I Love It
    This song is a love song from Icona Pop and it was the first hit in the United States that Charli actually wrote and helped do vocals on. It’s a love song that was based on a true story (undisclosed of course) from one of the original members of the band. It’s about how you can fall in love, no matter what age you are. But sometimes when someone’s older than you by a few years, it is enough to complicate things because of the power struggle between partners and the “age game” bring brought out a lot. It’s one of the most iconic breakup songs of this time because of this. This song ranked number 7 on the charts.
  3. Boom Clap
    At number 8 on the Billboard charts, this is the most popular song that the star released, as it was also her first solo hit and launched her career even further. The song talks about that unforgettable feeling of love that blows you away. It was once offered after being written to Hilary Duff, and was declined by her management team as a song (nothing has been mentioned as to why it was declined) they wanted her to perform.
  4. Break the Rules
    This song is number four on our charts, and it made Billboard’s top 100, but only at #91. It was a very angsty song about young teenage life (the video is actually set in a prom that gives a likeness to movies like Jawbreaker and Carrie), and is actually very intense.
  5. Sucker
    Sucker ended up ranking number 28 on Billboard’s top 200, and it was also the second studio album by the artist. The song is literally about saying no to guys who just want to hook up and use women, and is a very feminist girl power song. Because of this song’s lyrics, it’s very easy to understand just what this song is about as lines like “You say you wanna bang, well F@#! You sucker!” stand out as the preliminary lines of the track, and is constantly pointed out throughout the song.
  6. Emotional
    While not a part of a full-fledged album, this song is actually a part of a mixtape which was one of what people call her best albums “Number 1 Angel”. This song is about being in love with someone who was out of reach because the two parties in the song had their own lives, and their own relationships. It reached a lot of people simply because it was something that a lot of people could relate to so the lyrics pretty much just hit home. The song did not hit any charts, but was a big hit by her fans worldwide, and made waves in the UK.
  7. 1999
    This song was released on October 5th of 2018, and is still one of her most popular songs to date according to the fact that it reached number 13 on the UK Singles Chart and ended up being her 10th top 40 song, as well as her first top 15 song since years ago. The song was written about the 1990’s pop era and how the culture changed the world.
  8. No Angel
    No angle is one of Charli XCX’s breakout songs about being yourself, and even though people think that you’re a perfect little angel, you don’t have to be as long as you’re being yourself. This common form of lyrics have been in numerous songs and written in different forms by numerous artist who fell into the same category of the bubble gum pop era.
  9. Focus
    This song is like the first part of no angel, because it repeats the primary lines “I just want you to focus on my love”. It’s basically written like it’s telling someone to focus on them and make them the center of attention, as well as make magic under the sheets happen with them. It’s a very bubble gum Pop song which is approximately rapped almost half of the lyrical entirety.
  10. I Got It
    This song is definitely repetitive, but still catchy and is featuring a slew of artist she collaborated with. It uses pop and hip-hop rapping, as well as the line “I got it” probably more than anyone has ever used the word in daily conversation in their life. But nevertheless, you think that the song is predictable and then it ends up going off key when Pabllo Vittar starts breaking in his lyrical genius. According to most of the fans, this is yet another excellent song to remind you that the artist is taking control and nobody’s going to stop her.

Top Charli XCX Albums

While Charli XCX helped to collaborate on and release a slew of songs, there was literally only one album, even though there were about 5 other creatively released LP’s and “mix tapes”. Because of the limited number of albums that the star had, only one ever was officially released and made it to the top Billboard charts, and that was the infamously titled album called “Sucker”. Other mixtapes that are released by the pop star are currently not even available in some places (you can buy them online), and in late 2018, there was rumors that the artist had been hacked and a leak of her newest album had been thrown online.

Where is Charli XCX Now?

While not really known whether the artist is headlining at this moment, the artist has been touring as an opening act for the popular star Taylor Swift, as well as collaborating on numerous songs to this day. When asked if the star was going to release any new albums, she told the media that she was working on one as mentioned above that got leaked. However, this is actually unknown if it was simply a media stunt, or if it was the legitimate hacking of some of her material.

Hopefully though, this was a real issue and the star can bounce back and continue to record and produce songs behind the scenes as she always has, making a comeback in the face of the world, as well as being able to thrive on it rather than be a “starving artist” as many people tag artists of this stature with numerous ridicule and constant criticism. If you ever get the chance, you can actually buy many of her LP’s, mixtapes, and her full album on websites like iTunes, Amazon, eBay and even find the star’s music listed on numerous Spotify playlists. It just goes to show how sometimes the unheard-of artist actually has contributed to the music scene a lot more than we think.

Charil XCX Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is around $2.5 million.

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