Top Easy Guitar Chord Songs For Beginners

Best Beginner Guitar Songs – Easy Chords for Beginners

The journey in learning how to play any musical instrument is bound to be hard at first. The light-hearted will give up easily without a doubt! The guitar, in particular, is one instrument that is both easy and hard to learn. Learning how to play the guitar regardless of which kind, requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Starting off with little steps is also very important. What do I mean by this? Simply put, any beginner should always begin by learning the simple songs first after which you can advance with time and experience. That is how even the most famous guitarists started out. On the other hand, learning how to play the guitar becomes hard when you do the complete opposite and expect instant results.

This article has summed up some of the simplest songs to learn using your guitar and especially if you are starting out. The songs are diverse in genre ranging from country songs to pop and even reggae. Some of the songs are classics whereas others are recent so buckle up for this exciting experience you are about to have!

Top 40 Beginner Guitar Songs

  1.    All of me by John Legend

This recent hit by one of the musical geniuses in the world has a great piano feel to it and an even greater one with the guitar. It requires the E minor, C, G, D, and A minor chords and you are good to go.

  1.    Jambalaya by Hank Williams

This particular song is a country song that requires only two chords! How amazing, right? The song made it to the first position in the Billboard, and this is not at all surprising due to its attractive melody that sounds lovely even on guitar.

  1.    Waiting in vain by Bob Marley

Bob Marley is without a doubt one of reggae’s finest and especially so during his time. His song, waiting in vain that is in the Exodus album is among the simplest to learn with there being only two chords to be mastered for the song’s rhythm to perfectly fall into place.

  1.    Clocks by Coldplay

‘Clocks’ was a hit in the year 2003 and even won a Grammy award that year. This song by Coldplay requires picking skills for it to sound just perfect on guitar.

  1.    Holocene by Bon Iver

This particular song requires that you master only four chords for you to be able to hack it on guitar. It received so many praises after it was released in 2011 by most musical publications and was for that reason one of the best songs of that year.

  1.    Amazing grace

This is among the oldest songs there is that still sounds perfect when played by the guitar. This classical hymn that is over 200 years old involves four chords and finger picking in its simplest versions which you are here to learn!

  1. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

For this song that was named the song of the year by the Rolling Stone after its release all you need to pull it off is some knowledge on arpeggio picking and palm muting and just like that you are good to go!

  1.    Bad moon rising by credence clear water revival

This song falls under the rock genre and believe it or not all you need is basic strumming skills. It is a great tune for learning the basic chords A, D and G and how to switch between these chords.

  1.    The traditional “I shall not be moved.”

This timeless classic has many versions to it all done by different musicians in different genres including country and blues. For the guitar, it features only three chords and isn’t it just great for any guitar first timer!

  1.     Can’t you see by the Marshall Tucker Band

This 1973 hit song has both a rock and country feel to it making it even more suitable for any learner. With this song, you are guaranteed to learn how to down strum, the transition from one chord and another and also learn some basic chords.

  1.    Guess who’s coming to dinner by Black Uhuru

What better way is there to improve your skills in the reggae rhythms than by this simple song that is among the timeless songs in the reggae genre? I can think of no other way personally. Any beginner looking to learn how to strum some reggae tunes, this is the perfect song for you!

  1.    He didn’t have to be by Brad Paisley

Looking to sharpen your strumming technique? If so then this easy to learn modern country jam is the song just perfect for you!

  1.    Blown away by Carrie Underwood

This particular song’s only catch is a one progression chord, and just like that, you will be rocking it in no time! It is a country track that has not only topped the Billboard country airplay but also made it to position twenty on the Hot 100. Should be an exciting one for you to learn!

  1.    Rock me baby by B. B. King

For chords G, C and D this song is the most suitable. The blues feel that comes with it is not only appealing to the ear but also gives you the urge to keep on playing.

  1.    Things I used to do by Guitar Slim

The chords E, B7 and A re all you need for this classic R&B track. Its single chord progression makes it an even easier tune to strum.

  1.    Mannish boy by muddy waters

Recorded in the year 1955, this track made it to number five in Billboards R&B chart and managed to maintain the position for a whole six weeks! It is an easy to learn jam for beginners.

  1.    Smoking gun by Robert Cray

Robert Cray’s smoking gun has a touch of three genres that is pop, blues, and some rock. This 1986 hit song made it to position 22 on Billboard’s hot 100 charts and you will be surprised to learn that the chords A minor and E are all you need to pull it off.

  1.    It hurts me too by Elmore James

This particular blues hit songs that was first recorded in the year 1940 makes use of three chords when played by a guitar. Each of the three chords has two types of it and that is just all there is to hack this blues hit.

  1.    Matchbox by Carl Perkins

This is yet another classical hit that is simple to master. You only need the A, D and E chords for this one and in turn you get to improve your alternate strumming skills as well as your mastery of rhythm as you are playing.

  1.    Ain’t no sunshine by Bill Withers

The song, despite the somber mood it relays is a classical blues hit of 1971. It is perfect for any first-timer looking to learn how to strum the A minor, E minor, G and D minor chords.

  1.    Boogie Chillen by John Lee Hooker

This is a timeless hit of the blues genre that has a one-note riff throughout the entire song. It is therefore definitely an easy to learn song and thus suitable for anyone that happens to just be starting out.

  1.    I can’t quit you baby by Willie Dixon

The basic chords that this hit blues song will help you learn are C, D and G.

  1.    Skinny Love by Bon Iver

This is yet another classical hit by Bon Iver whose learning is a walk in the park. It is therefore a perfect song for your strumming practice not forgetting the fact that it is also enjoyable once you’ve gotten to properly learn it.

  1.    Candy by Paolo Nutini

This particular song made a boom in the year 2009 with its unique neo-soul feel that was new to the music industry at that time. It is like most of the songs listed here easy to learn and perfect in the mastery of strumming skills.

  1.    Shut up, kiss me by Angel Olsen

This jam gives a good platform for you to learn how to down strum with its main chords being C, D, E and G. that right there is your full package if you are to play this 2016 hit song to the best of your ability!

  1.    My best friend’s girl by the cars

For this hit song by the cars you should buckle up for a three-chord progression of the chords C, D and G. it is without a doubt easy to learn thus the perfect choice for any ‘freshman’ guitarist if there is such a thing!

  1.    What I got by sublime

A hit song that as a matter of fact made it to rolling stone’s 100 greatest guitar songs of all time is just the perfect choice for you as you commence your learning. What is even more amazing about this song is that two chords are what you need and these are chord D and G.

  1.    Renegades by x ambassadors

This is a folk song that takes on a modernized shape and offers a lot in terms of bass note and alternate strumming.

  1.    I need my girl by the national

I need my girl is a single released by the National in 2013. Mastery of four chords is what it offers and despite being simple by itself it is even simpler when you use a capo in playing it.

  1.    The middle by Jimmy Eat World

This song is perfect for beginners who seek to learn how to play the pop rhythm and acquire sharpened chord movement.

  1.    Not fade away by Buddy Holly

You should be good to go with this particular song upon the learning and perfection of the chords A, D major and E. Quite simple you’ll agree with me!

  1.    Blood & Roses by the smithereens

This classic hit has five chords to be learnt so that you can be in a position to play it well.

  1.    Cherub rock by the smashing pumpkins

If you are a first-time guitar player looking to learn some rock rhythm then this Grammy award-winning song is just the song for you! With a little touch of pop that comes with it the hit song sounds heavenly in guitar tunes.

  1.    Pumped up kicks by foster the people

This jam is termed as one of 2011’s most popular songs with a Grammy nomination to it. It has got only one chord progression and opens you up to an opportunity to learn how to down strum.

  1.    California by delta spirit

This is a song with a pop feel and some touches of rock. An alternate strum of the chords A minor, C, G and D is all it takes for you to play it.

  1.    I fought the law by the Bobby Fuller Four

This is yet another classic that has been said to help out a lot especially with steady strumming.

  1.    Low by cracker

Getting through with playing this song is as simple as getting acquainted with just four chords. How lovely! Your four chords for low are C, D, E and G and with those you are good to go.

  1.    Tush by ZZ Top

This is a classic rock hit that has over the years been played in different versions. The simplest is the campfire strumming version that gives the song a three-chord progression of the chords C, D and G.

  1.    Honky tonk women by the rolling stones

One chord and that is the G chord is your one and only hack for this rock-country classic.

  1.    It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine) by R. E. M.

This alternative rock hit offers you a good chance of improving your chord technique not forgetting the chance to master how to make quick transitions.

There you have it! Those are just some of the easiest songs to learn on guitar. There are more but always be sure to take a step at a time.

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