ZackTTG Wiki (Bio, Age, Real Name, TheTravelingGamer Net Worth)

ZackTTG or The Traveling Gamer is a social media personality and American Gamer who is well known on social media networking websites such as Twitch and YouTube.

Birthday: January 19, 1989
Nationality: American
Age: 31 Years
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Also Known As:  Zack Mowley
Born In:  Ohio, USA
Famous As: YouTuber & Twitch Personality


Birth, Age, Siblings, Parents, Ethnicity of ZackTTG

He was born on Jan 18, 1989 with his real name, Zack Mowley. His birth place is Columbus, Ohio, USA. His mother’s, father’s, and siblings’ identities were never known. He comes from a Caucasian ethnicity.


The information of his education was not disclosed. However, Zack did attend a playoff game at Chino Hills High School.

Professional Life, Career

ZackTTG started his professional life on a social media site known as Twitch in the year 2015 and now has more than 100k followers. In addition to this ZackTTG owns a YouTube channel, which has more than 633k subscribers. He started this channel on 11 July 2015 and there are many viewers who love his sports-related content. There was a challenge video which was titled as the Best True Shooter Challenge!! This video garnered 3.7 million views and was one of the most famous uploads in the month of Nov, in the year 2017.

In the same year, 2017, this very famous live stream gamer combined with a group who has   more than nine million subscribers.

Net Worth & Salary

ZackTTG has an approx. net worth of $1 million US. According to reliable sources his estimated yearly income from his YouTube channel is around $7.2K – $115K US dollars.

Body Features- Height, Weight

If you look at his body features, he has dark brown eyes and half hair is dyed black and blonde in color. He has an average height and weight.

Social Media: Accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

This YouTuber has an Instagram follower of around 216k and has posted around 41 posts. He also has a Twitter account since March 2015 in which he has gathered around 142k followers and over 9.2k tweets. He is not active on Facebook.

Life & Profession

Zack Mowley who is also best known as The Traveling Gamer (TTG), is a famous YouTube streamer who live streams his gaming skills when he is playing various video games. He started to first stream on Twitch, where his videos became very famous. He has managed to gather more than 400,000 followers in a very short amount of time. Later, TTG then went on to make a channel on YouTube, where he gathered around 100,000 subscribers within the first couple of months after he launched the channel.

His videos are amazing on his channel and he has also combined his work with other YouTube stars like Presents, JesserTheLazer and Kristopher London. ZackTTG is known for his specific style of cringe-worthy and hilarious reactions and also has various challenge videos which are liked by many viewers. Some of his challenge videos like ‘Grin Challenge’ or ‘Try Not to Laugh’ have managed to gather more than 220,000 views. Zack is an enthusiast of basketball and he has made many videos which have tricks related to play basketball. As he likes basketball he has also represented the Dallas Cowboys and the American football team as a quarterback.

Gaming & YouTube

As you are already aware by now that ZackTTG started his career with Twitch which is a live streaming video platform. His number of followers went over the 40,000 mark within a couple of days after they were streamed; videos were mostly related to games. These live stream videos which became more popular were related to games.

ZackTTG reached the popularity extent in a very short time. It was said that everything he touched turned to gold, which included his reaction videos. The main point for his fame was the reaction videos which were of hilarious nature. TTG was naturally very funny and became an expert in making his viewers laugh. He even gained the name ‘The Traveling Gamer’, because he travels a lot for his job.

He made a channel on YouTube very shortly after he gained a lot of fame on Twitch. He started to post challenges, reactions and prank videos on the channel. His very first video told everyone what they can expect from his videos and what kind of explanation he will provide his viewers when he streams his videos. In his second video, which was known as the ‘Light Skin against the World’, he talked about a very sensitive issue. However, just his presence in the video made it very enjoyable and funny.

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