FUSE ODG ft TIFFANY - Azonto (Official Video) is out now.

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Fresh from the massive UK chart success of "Antenna", Afrobeats pioneer

Fuse ODG is back with an even bigger follow-up, "Azonto". Azonto is a

Ghanaian traditional dance. Fuse ODG was born in London but grew up in

Ghana. He let his mother country's dance become a viral phenomenon: just

type "Azonto" on Youtube and see what happens. Everyone dances it, learns

its moves, shakes arms and knees, rolls, jumps, frees all wildest body

movements, organises flash mobs all over the most unimaginable places.

The video is a virus that insinuates everywhere on each world's screen and

creates an unstoppable chain reaction of homemade videos. Neither VIPs

can resist to the Azonto's call. Prince William gave Azonto his royal touch,

followed by UK Prime Minister James Cameron. Chris Brown, the

professional football player Asamoah Gyan and all Arsenal players were

caught dancing Azonto. And what about Jamaican legend Usain Bolt doing

his Azonto victory dance at the 100m Men's Finals?! Everyone answers to it

and dances his personal version of the song.

The rhythm, the African colours and aromas are now ready to reach Italy with

afro percussions and influences, together with a good pop hip-hop dose.

Now watch me do my Azonto!

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