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Anson Mount’s Wife – Darah Trang Wiki (Bio, Age, Height)

Anson Mount is a famous actor that has played numerous roles in the Hollywood moie and television scene. He is known as one of the primary characters on the show “Hell on Wheels”, and that he is also known as Marvel’s Inhumans very own Black Bolt as well as being Captain Christopher Pike in one of the newest additions to the Star Trek ventures. But this isn’t about him, it’s about his wife.

Darah Trang is the wife of actor Anson Mount, and in this article, we’re going to give her some of the biography that she deserves – as many spouses of actors, actresses, and celebrities should get, especially when they don’t share the same spotlight.

Who is Darah Trang?

Anson Mount married Darah Trang, who hails from Canada. She is more commonly known only because of her association with Anson Mount. She was born in St. Paul of Alberta, and she went to the Alberta College of Art and Design. Once she was done with this degree, she moved to New York City to obtain a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

She met Anson in 2011 and after they met, they immediately hit it off. They stayed together in a steady relationship for a whopping 6 years, and then he popped the question to her in June of 2017 (the eighth to be exact). After this, they ended up getting married in February of 2018 (less than a year later).

What Does She Do?

After she got out of college, she worked as a finance officer for a lot of businesses in Canada. After a while, she ended up working from 2008 to 2013 at the Academy Group of Companies and then she moved later on to work the finance department for the Northland Fleet. But she didn’t want to keep doing this, so she ended up pursuing her dreams of photography. She always wanted to work with fashion agencies, and do her own work for special weddings and more. Over time, she ended up finally attaining that goal.

Does Anyone Know Her Net Worth?

Unfortunately, we do not know Darah Trang’s net worth, but she definitely doesn’t make as much as her husband, who is a very prominent actor. Having worked in some of the biggest hits of the past decade, Anson Mount is a supporting actor that very well may be on the rise and become a big lead role someday. She is considered to be a photographer and graphic designer, so based on statistics alone, she generally makes less annual income than a Hollywood actor by far. But that’s enough to keep her happy. Therefore, most of her net worth is solely because of her marriage to Anson at this time. 

Many people often ask what the net worth of such individuals and celebrity spouses are, but while it’s known that the spouse themselves may be worth millions, sometimes it’s unknown just how much of their shared assets and expenses are. Not only that, but while they often share a net worth, some celebrity spouses have their own net worth – that’s why we’re not including it in this article; solely because her own individual company’s net worth is unknown.

Is Darah Trang Still With Anson Mount?

As far as we know to this day, Trang is still working in the fashion industry as a graphic designer and photographer, and yes, she is still married to Anson Mount. We don’t have anything on whether she has children, but as of now we are uncertain to know whether she does or not. It is known that she did not have any children before she married Anson Mount, and while she’s worked a bunch of different places as a finance officer, she’s doing what she wants by pursuing her passion for photography, and Anson is still by her side supporting her needs.


Darah Trang is the wife of actor Anson Mount, and according to everything that we’ve been able to find out about her (which truly isn’t much), we know that she is pursuing her dreams as a photographer with her art degree in New York. Anson Mount is a popular actor who is aspiring to get even bigger roles, but already has had roles as huge as being a supporting actor for one of the most popular sci-fi franchise on the planet – Star Trek. While she is still considered a newlywed, she and Anson have been together for very near a decade.

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