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Chris Perez Ex-Wife – Venessa Villanueva Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids)

There isn’t much out there on the web when it comes to certain celebrities, especially when it concerns their ex-wives. One such person is Venessa Villaneuva, the ex-wife of the famous Chris Perez, guitarist of the member of the band called Selena y Los Dinos. Who was he? Well, he was the popular band that led the background tracks for the frontwoman who was known as Selena. He divorced his wife Venessa and ended up getting with Selena, although that was cut short when the famous singer was brutally murdered by her previous managing partner.

How Much is Venessa Vilanueva Worth?

Thanks to her gains from her solo acting career, Venessa doesn’t have a very high net worth. She is deemed to be worth just over a hundred grand (that’s 100,000 US dollars), and most of it was acquired during the time with her husband. Her ex-husband Chris has a current net worth just over approximately 1.2 million dollars from his time working with Selena.

The Life and Work of Venessa Villanueva

Naturally, like her ex-husband, Venessa is originally from Mexican origins, even though her parents immigrated to the United States early on in her life. Nobody really knows exactly where she was born, other than that it was in Mexico, however, she herself grew up in Texas most of her life. She didn’t end up getting into the limelight until later on when one of her friends named John Garza introduced her to Chris Perez (he was friends with both of them). At the time, Chris was going through a very bad bout of depression as well as other psychological problems, and Venessa ended up helping him to push through. Over time, they developed a romance because of the support she gave him.

After being together for 8 years, the couple ended up moving in together and got married in 2006. This however, was short lived – the couple ended up getting divorced just two years later. After she and her husband got divorced, she decided that she wanted to start acting. She ended up getting a role in the movie called “Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns” which came out in 2011. The movie tells the story of Elvis coming back from another galaxy altogether (as is one of his sci-fi speculated stories), but he didn’t want to be the King of Rock anymore – instead he just wanted to be a normal person.

She landed another role later on and it was titled “Forgotten Memories”. The movie came out in 2015. Other than that, she hasn’t really been around in the general pulic eye.

What of Her Ex-Husband?

As we mentioned earlier, Chris Perez is also originally Mexican. Chris’s dad was a software programmer, and even though he grew up during the early years with both parents, they divorced when he was just a child (he was only five when his parents separated).

Did Venessa Villanueva and Chris Perez Have Children?

As a matter of fact, before their divorce in 2008, both Venessa and Chris Perez ended up having two children. Unfortunately, the couple ended up having troubles shortly after their marriage ensued and they ended up having problems due to Chris being on the road so much (let alone his romantic antics with the famous singer known as Selena). She also noticed that her husband started showing symptoms and alcohol and drug abuse. She tried to fix things in their marriage, but eventually decided that they couldn’t work things out, and since 2008, Chris has been still dealing with the loss of his fellow singer and bandmate. He even wrote a book about her. Of course,  Selena was the woman that he was in a relationship with first, and he was even (and still is) extremely close to her family.

Where is Villanueva Now?

There isn’t really much information on the internet regarding the ex-wife of guitarist Chris Perez as of date. According to some sources, it’s believed that she’s still raising their two children, and it’s unclear as to what her relationship is with the former Selena guitar player. She hasn’t acted in anything since 2015, and it’s unknown at this point (at least for us) to be able to pinpoint where she’s living at now. For all we know, she may be back in Mexico, or she’s still living in her childhood home state of Texas.

Following a Hard Road for Her Marriage

Part of the reason why it was so hard for Venessa Villanueva to stay with her husband aside from the drugs and alcohol, was due to the downward spiral he took after losing his first wife, Selena. He was with her for a long time, and had even written a book called “To Selena, With Love” in which he wrote about her. Rumors have it that he was also one of the key contributing sources to the biographical movie that was dedicated to the star after she was murdered. The couple had a lot of fights simply because she could not compete against the husband’s claim to his dedication to the band, and to his first wife even though she was no longer alive. Therefore, it appears that she merely was there and her support was not only taken advantage of, but it was also something that ended up being both the thing that built their marriage when she was the only one putting in any effort.


As we said earlier, nobody really knows what’s going on with the ex-wife of guitarist Chris Perez from Selena’s group of backup musicians. However, it is known that she’s happy with their two children, and she prides herself in the two movies that she’s been in, while at the same time spending time with loved ones and family. As for Chris, he has had a large deal of support from others aside from the actress, and has been continuing work on the entire project of Selena y Los Dinos. Therefore, we can assume that since she keeps her life pretty much private, that she’s done being in the spotlight – at least for now.

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