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Jeff Hornacek’s Daughter – Abby Hornacek Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Right Eye, Fox News, Spouse, Net Worth)

Abby Hornacek is a TV host and a lifestyle, travel, and sports journalist. Abby is the kid of the superstar Jeff Hornacek who was a former NBA player but has now become a coach. Abby explores states and makes stories from different traditions of various ethnic groups.

She has gained popularity over the years as a TV host and has had quite a number of fans. However, in this post, we will discuss a lot about her, her career, and many other things. You just have to sit back and read till the end.

Her Biography

Abby Hornacek, who is of American origin and the white ethnicity, was born in Arizona on April  25th 1994. She was born to the family of Jeff and Stacy Hornacek. She also has two siblings named Tyler Hornacek and Ryan Hornacek.

She is well known for hosting travel, sports, and lifestyle content on TV. As a host, she currently holds three different sessions on the TV titled “American Arenas”, “PARK’D” and “Ride to Work”. She, being the youngest and the only daughter of the three children, shares a close intimacy with her older brothers and the family at large.

Abby had her preliminary education at the Xavier College Preparatory, which is located in Phoenix. She had always love sports right from her childhood. She had joined her school’s volleyball team in Phoenix and within three years, she had won the Division I title for class 5A.

After she finished her preliminary education, she furthered her education at the Southern California University to study Broadcast Journalism as a course. Abby graduated from the university in May 2016.

Her Physical Stats

Abby Hornacek is always careful of her looks. Being a TV host, she needs to look good and be in shape. The American journalist is a beautiful figure with a hardworking character.

She is 5 feet and 7 inches tall (which is approximately 170cm) tall. She also weighs about 54kgs (which is about 119lbs.). Overall, she keeps a slim body which measures 34 inches for her chest size, 33 for her hips sizes, and 24 for her waist.

She also has green eyes color and blond hair. All these contribute to her beauty, which attracts more fans.

Her Right Eye Injury Incidence

However, inspiration from her father, Jeff Hornacek, coupled with her passion had always been a major factor for her pursuing a career in sports. Abby got on the school’s volleyball team so early and has dreamt of becoming a professional sportsman. However, she sustained an injury in her right eye and couldn’t pursue her career in sports any longer.

Some sources claimed that the injury affected her so badly that she couldn’t see with the right eye. Surgery was conducted on the eye twice but Abby couldn’t continue with her athlete career any longer. However, she picked up interest in exploring states, compiling reports on their cultures, and airing it on the “PARK’D” show.

Her Early Career History

Abby Hornacek, just like her father, is also a sports enthusiast. She grew up in Utah before eventually moving to Arizona after her father retired from his professional basketball career. The family moved back to Arizona in 2000, and then, she was just ten years of age.

So, she completed her high school education and then furthered her education at the Southern Californian University. When she couldn’t pursue her career in sports, she decided to pursue her career in journalism. She then graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Southern California.

While she was still in the University, Abby had featured as a producer and a presenter at a TV station named Trojan Vision Television. Trojan Vision Television is a television station that is majorly managed by students. The students carry out all the major duties of successfully running a television station.

However, in May 2012, due to her love for sports, Abby stopped working with Trojan Vision Television and joined the volleyball team of the school. She started playing for the school volleyball team and she was performing so well. She also dreamt of becoming a professional volleyball player.

On the contrary, Abby had an injury to her right eye which dented her hope of becoming a professional volleyball player. In August 2013, she had to return to journalism. She then secured a job with Annenberg TV, another TV station that is majorly run by students.

She was featured in the news program of the station and it helped her a lot in her journalism career. She gained more knowledge about news reporting and also helped her to develop her anchoring skills too. Asides from that, she also learned how she could handle the camera, among other skills.

The Breakthrough in Her Career

Building up her career as a journalist, she kick-started her professional career in January 2014. She started as a production intern at Fox Sports San Diego and she participated in various sports broadcasts. She assisted in producing live broadcasts on “Fox Sports 1” and other shows.

Furthermore, Abby also assisted the producers of the show in collecting and clipping sports highlights that would be aired later in the evening. She spent four months assisting professionals as an intern before she was eventually recruited as a professional TV host and also a reporter. Over the years, Abby has hosted/co-hosted various TV shows which include “Diego Prep Insider”, which holds every week, and “Phoenix Suns Mock Draft”.

Besides, Abby has also worked as a part-time reporter for Fox Sports as well as ESPN. Then Abby proceeded to secure a job to work at a sports network. Considering these efforts, she has been scaling her way through the ranks in the industry.

She would work at a stadium in Chicago, Illinois, as a sports host. She then reported sports events for this network for two years before eventually joining Fox news. For the two years which span from February 2016 to 2018, she covered the program “The Drone Racing League”.

Currently, Abby Hornacek hosts three different TV show titled “Ride to Work”, “American Arenas” and “PARK’D”. PARK’D features the report of histories, traditions, and cultural activities of various National Parks. She also partakes in a few spontaneous activities while carrying out her journalism duties.

Also, Abby decided to go on some trips to some historic sport places available in the United State and reports collated stories on the “American Arenas” show. She also features some “up and coming” talents on her “Ride to Work” show, to take part in the Fox network.

Her Accomplishments and Awards

As a hardworking individual, Abby has received so many accolades and awards in recognition of her hard work. In 2014, she participated in the pageant show tagged “Miss Arizona USA”, and she ended in the third position. On the academic side, she has received quite a lot of academic recognitions at the University of South California.

Her Relationship

Unlike many celebrities, Abby Hornacek always likes to keep her personal life matters private. She is so reserved when it comes to her private matters. Therefore, we can’t say whether she is dating anyone or not.

In essence, no pictures of any of her family were found on her Instagram profile when checked. Not even her father or siblings.

However, Abby seems to be so focused on excelling in her career. Asides, she is always traveling from one interesting location to the other. All these, coupled with the fact that she is still young, may indicate that she is not ready for a relationship now.

Her Income and Net Worth

As a TV host and journalist, Abby is earning enough for herself and has been making the screens due to her popularity and the nature of her work. Also, due to being inspired by her father, she succeeded in sports journalism.

Abby Hornacek works for Fox Nations, and according to reports, she earns about $40,950 as a salary. She is also known to do some part-time jobs which add to her income also. Hence, according to reports in 2020, she is estimated to be worth $500,000.

However, she has not disclosed much about her salary. We are sure that the full details about her salary and other earnings will be disclosed with time. Her father, on the other hand, is estimated to be worth about $8 million.

This is amassed from his career as a former basketball player and also as a professional coach which he currently is. He also has some endorsement deals with the New York Knicks, which serve as an extra source of income for him.

Her Social Media

Abby Hornacek is only found to be active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She already has about 42,000 followers on Twitter and about 78,000 followers on Instagram.

Overall, this amazing lady seems to be doing alright with a proper balance in all areas of her life. We hope it continues this way for this inspiring woman.

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