Atticus James Hallisay

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Son – Atticus James Hallisay Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Siblings)

Brian Hallisay and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s marriage produced an adorable son on the 24th of June 2015. The boy was named Atticus James Hallisay. Being a Latin name, Atticus means ‘Man of Attica’. 

The name became popular via ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Haper Lee where a character was named Atticus Finch (a lawyer living in Maycomb County Alabama). The other name, James simply means ‘The Supplanter’. 

Find out more about the young boy as we take you through his biography, residence, family, age, sibling, birthday, and other things about him.

About Atticus

Atticus James Hallisay was born in Los Angeles, California making him an American. He is currently 5 years old. His zodiac sign is Cancer and his religion is Christianity. 

According to his mother, Atticus loves to see TV series specifically ‘Bachelor in Paradise’. He also loves rocket pops. Similarly, Atticus loves hotdogs, cake pickles and Italian food and the mother explained that it is probably because she craved those foods while she was pregnant with Atticus. 

Atticus’ Parent’s Net Worth

Brian Hallisay, Atticus’s father has a net worth of $2million owing to his flourishing acting career. He also worked on Wall Street as a banker in the past. 

Brain starred alongside his partner, Jennifer Love Hewitt in movies like ‘The Client’s List’ and ‘Love Bite’. 

On the other hand, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Atticus’s mother is the daughter of Herbert Daniel Hewitt and Patricia Mae Hewitt and a sister to Todd Hewitt. 

She has a net worth of $18 million. She is not only an actress but also a producer, songwriter, and singer. She has been in Hollywood for over three decades now. 

She started acting at the tender age of 10. Her acting debut came in a movie titled ‘Incorporated’. At age 16, Jennifer got the publicity she needed in her in ‘Party of Five’, where she played Sarah Reeves. 

Jennifer has featured in many other television series and movies such as ‘Munchie’. One of her hit songs titled ‘How Do I Deal’ was listed on the Billboard Top 100, clinching number 59. 

Other songs from the award-winning singer include; ‘I’m a woman’, ‘Cool with you’, and ‘Can I go now’.

Jennifer has an endorsement deal with Palmer’s Stretch Mark Products

Brian and Jennifer own a fleet of luxury cars some of which include Mercedes-Benz CLS, Bentley Continental GT, Lexus RX, and Mercedes-Benz GLK. 

Atticus Parents’ Relationship

Jennifer and Brian, Atticus’ parents’ chemistry hit off soon after they met on the set of ‘Love Bite’, an NBC series. The couple began dating in March 2012 and got engaged a year later in May 2013. 

In the same year, they got engaged, Jennifer was already heavy with Autumn, Atticus’ older sister. The couple had a private wedding event to tie the knot in Florence Italy. 

The couple made their marriage public after the birth of Autumn. They also disclosed details of Autumn, the newborn baby. Two years later, the family expanded and Atticus was born. 

Atticus’ Sibling – Autumn James Hallisay

Autumn James Hallisay is Atticus’s elder sister. She was born on the 26th of November 2013, and is only older than Atticus by two years. This is probably why the two siblings are close and they share a strong bond. They are like best friends, they enjoy each other’s company. 

Jennifer Hewitt’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Jennifer’s body has witnessed a lot of drastic changes throughout the years. It may probably be as a result of weight gain associated with pregnancy or because she is growing old. 

Jennifer’s body has changed vividly. This made people accuse her of doing plastic surgery, specifically liposuction. When quizzed about the rumor, Jennifer attributed her body changes to good exercise and a balanced diet. 

There have also been rumors that Jennifer fixed her breasts and nose. 

All Rounder Daddy

Brian Hallisay is a good father to his kids, and a good husband to his wife. Asides from this, Brian has many other talents. He is versatile in the educational field, he is also good at extracurricular activities like sports. His kids will surely see him as a good example and role model. 

Brain studied at Cornell where he graduated with a major in History and Economics. He started his career as an investment banker before jumping into acting. 

Brian used to play basketball in his high school days. But Brain stopped playing when he got to college so that he can fully focus on his education. 

Brian is good at pranks as he once pranked Joanna Garcia, his co-star and the prank went well to everyone’s amusement.


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