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Danielle Colby Husband – Alexandre de Meyer Wiki (Bio, Age, Daughter, Kids, Married)

Born in Virion, France, Alexandre de Meyer is a graphic designer. However, the exact date and year of his birth is not known. Alexandre de Meyer came into the limelight after he got married to television personality Danielle Colby. Although the two are divorced now, Colby is best known for her work in the popular television series, American Pickers. In the series she was seen working in the office of Mike Wolfe’s antique shop, which was called Antique Archeology.

Riches of Alexandre de Meyer

Alexandre de Meyer has an estimated net worth of more than $2 million. He has earned this through his success in arts and designs. Alexandre de Meyer has his own design company and has also collaborated with several different institutions. During the days when he spent with Colby, he may have benefited from her net worth, which is estimated to be more than $1.5 million.

Career and Lifestyle

As discussed above, Alexandre de Meyer grew up in France and gradually shifted to the US. He settled in the US whereas most of his family members stayed back in his home country. He started his career with a job in a design and print shop Going Blind. He learned almost everything about intricacies within the design business. However, with time, he left the company to start his own business that he named Neuf Vies.

He started designing logos, t-shirts, posters, and stickers. One of the biggest achievements of Alexandre de Meyer was his helping with the blueprint design of the L’Aventure Michelin that was situated in Clermont-Ferrand, France. He has also helped make the design of the logo for the business 4 Miles 2 Memphis. This was one of Colby’s businesses at the time when she was working on Antique Archaeology. Although details about their relationship has not been revealed, it is usually believed that the couple grew close while working on the design of her business. They gradually started dating and used to keep mostly to themselves.

Danielle Colby – Former Wife

Danielle grew up in Davenport, Iowa. She was pretty passionate at a young age about performing arts. Soon, she became a part of a team that was called the Big Mouth Mickies. It is all about a female roller derby team. Roller derby happens to be a contact sport. It is played between two teams of roller skaters. Danielle played the sport for almost three years until she retired from the sport due to physical injuries.

Later, she moved to Chicago with her own family where she developed a serious interest in burlesque dancing. This is all thanks to her watching various performances by Margaret Cho. Once she returned to Iowa, Danielle created her own troupe of nine whom she called Burlesque Le Moustache.

She did perform with them under a pseudonym of Dannie Diesel. The troupe toured the surrounding area. With time, she started a burlesque academy called Dannie Diesel’s Bump ‘n’ Grind Academy in Chicago. Apart from her burlesque work, she also started her own clothing company that she named as 4 Miles to Memphis. Soon she emphasized it into retro clothing. From online beginnings, the business eventually established a store in Chicago’s Wicker Park area. However, the business was not popular and soon closed within a year.

Personal Life

Alexandre got married to Danielle in 2015. It was a private ceremony where just a few close relatives and friends attended the wedding. However, Alexandre was not her first husband. She was previously married to Robert Strong with whom she had two kids. When Alexandre married Danielle, he came closer to the two kids.

Unfortunately, the two stayed together for just two years before the couple decided to call it quits. They ended their relationship pretty quietly just like they had started their life together. The two did not like much attention from others. Ever since the couple got divorced, she has been reported to date Jeremy Scheuch, who is an artist. On the other hand, Alexandre preferred to stay single and not date anybody else after his divorce.

Alexandre likes to keep mostly to himself and not mix much with others. Since he is an artist, he has plenty of tattoos on his body. You will find this quite evident from some of his photos that he has posted on his social media profiles. He is also not active much on social media. This makes it pretty difficult for his fans to get in touch with him. Nonetheless, his ex-wife is pretty active on Twitter.

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