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Shepard Smith Ex Wife – Virginia Donald Wiki (Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth)

Born in Mississippi USA, in 1966, Virginia Smith is a socialite and a TV celebrity but she is well known as the ex-wife of Shepard Smith. Shephard is a news broadcaster who works at Fox News network.

Early Life and Education

Virginia Donald’s childhood was spent in Mississippi in a close-knit family. Both her parents were teachers in high school. Sha also used to study in the same school where her parents taught and did her matriculation from the same high school. She then got herself enrolled at Meek School of Journalism and Acting which was under University of Mississippi. She got a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 1988.

Career as a Journalist and Other Ventures

Virginia and Shepard got married in 1987 and that is when she decided to become a housewife. She did not start working, until after their divorce. It has been many long years that she has been working as a journalist and writes several columns for various US magazines. She has also worked in the film industry as well. She got small winning roles in many short movies and commercials for TV, but has never got a breakthrough role which would make her famous. She is also a well-known social media personality who has a huge fanbase on various social media websites.

Marriage with Shepard Smith

Virginia and Shepard met at the University of Mississippi as both of them had an interest in Journalism. They were students of the Meek School of Journalism and Acting. They started liking each other in the year 1986. Within a year they got married. They filed for divorce in 1993 and split their ways. No one knew the details of the divorce as they had everything covered under wrap. However, in 2002 it was found that her Husband Shepard had an affair with his office colleague from Fox News known as Giovanni Graziano. Virginia never spoke about the same and never commented about the adultery and sexuality, but it was very evident from his behavior that he was attracted to men. He could not hide his affection for men later on, after the news broke out about his affair.

Who is Shepard Smith?

He was born in Holly Springs, Mississippi USA, on 14 January 1964 and his full name is David Shepard ‘Shep’ Smith Jr. He is a Capricorn and is an American national. A well-known broadcast journalist who worked at Fox News Channel as their managing editor and chief anchor since the beginning of the channel in 1996 and was working there till 11 October 2019.

Shepard’s father, David Shepard Smith Senior, was a cotton trader, his mother Dora Ellen Anderson was an English teacher. His schooling was done at Marshall Academy where they lived. After he finished high school his parents got divorced shortly. He went to live with his mother Dora in Florida.

To study journalism at the University of Mississippi he moved back, but he called to quit just before he was two credits away from completing his graduation. He still remembers his University and is very supportive. He goes there each year during its football season and delivers the speech of commencement at the university. He started his first job in 1986 for the WJHG-TV station. He used to work as a reporter before he got a job at WBBH-TV in Fort Myers in Florida. After that he decided to become a reporter and an anchor for the WSVN network and then joined the WCPX-TV in Orlando, Florida.

He later became a news correspondent for “A Current Affair” which is a TV news magazine program. He left the job and joined the Fox News Channel in 1996. he was assigned many important stories during his working relationship with Fox News which also includes the   death of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997. In November 2000, he even covered the ballot-counting controversy in Florida, later in 2001 also the execution of Timothy McVeigh who was an American domestic terrorist. You might have also seen him cover the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina which occurred in the summer of 2005. Shepard even had a TV show in his kitty – “The Fox Report with Shepard Smith” which was the best cable news program and also the 3rd most famous in the US. He became the second most trusted news anchor on the News TV.

In the year 2013 he became the host of a new show “Shepard Smith Reporting” when his other shows such as “Studio B” and “The Fox Report” ended. There had been many controversies around him around November 2017, when he declared the Uranium One scandal as not true. Many people expressed their view on how clueless he was about the matter. The Uranium One scandal is still not resolved, and there is no proof of any wrongdoing which surrounded the actual matter.

Shepard left Fox News on 11 October 2019; it is still believed that he would work for other networks as before. He also has a small role in the Hollywood movie – the “Volcano” and “Fahrenheit 9/11” which was released in 1997, he also did a documentary film which got released in 2004. Shepard came out in9999 open about his relationship in 2017 stating he was gay and was in a relationship with Giovanni Graziano.

Virginia’s Hobbies

Virginia is known for her sense of style and is also known as a fashionista. She follows all the latest fashion trends; you can say that she is a shopaholic as well. She has mainly used her Instagram account to share her outfits and sense of style.

She likes to watch television particularly when it comes to cartoons and animation, some of her all-time favorites are “Despicable Me” & “Mary and Max”. She even likes Studio Ghibli, mainly when it comes to the “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” & “Howl’s Moving Castle” movies. She is a fan of Russell Crowe and Emma Watson, but she is fond of theatre plays. She has been travelling to several states around the US, but has never visited Europe yet. She is a huge animal lover and has a pet companion, a pet dog.

Appearance and Net Worth

When it comes to her appearance, she has long brown hair and black eyes. She is 5ft 4 inches (1.63m) which can be considered as tall for a woman. Her weight is around 130lb (59kg). She wears a shoe size seven. She has an approx. net worth of $2 million, and Shepard has a net worth which is over $25 million.

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