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Billy Joel’s Wife – Alexis Roderick Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Kids, Net Worth, Family)

As you may have already been able to guess, it seems as though Billy Joel is actually quite the ladies man. Once referred to as the ‘Piano Man’, he has actually been married a total of four different times throughout his life. His most recent marriage, however, has actually come as a huge shock to his fans, as he would end up being wed to Alexis Roderick, on July 4, 2015. While many will say that Billy Joel is essentially cursed when it comes to women and relationships, Alexis and Billy have actually been able to keep their marriage together for over 11 years now. What makes this even more shocking is that the two share an age gap of 33 years. Yup, Billy is actually going to be Alexis’ senior by 33 years. It just proves the adage that ‘age is nothing but a number’ and that true love can happen to anybody, no matter what the differences may be.

There is one main difference between Billy’s past three marriages and his current marriage. That main difference being that his past three wives were all very well known. His current wife, however, is essentially an unknown figure. With that being said, here is everything that you would ever need to know about Billy Joel’s wife, Alexis Roderick.

Who Is Alexis Roderick?

Alexis Roderick is married to Billy Joel, who is 33 years older than she is, his age being 71 years old. The two would meet in a restaurant located in Huntington. Their story is very similar to many other people’s, as the two would become friends much sooner than they would become lovers. They would decide that they wanted to take their friendship to the next level and start to date in 2009.

Billy and Alexis would date for about 6 years before they would decide that they should be married. They would end up being married on July 4, 2015. The two also have two children together, those both being daughters. The first is named Della Rose Joel and is 4 years old. Their second daughter is named Remy Anne Joel and is currently 2 years old.

You may be wondering what the wife of a rock legend does for a career? While Alexis was an executive at Morgan Stanley, she has since decided to leave that job to focus more on raising her family and creating the best life for her children that she is able to create. However, Alexis does have a huge soft spot for horses, which has led her to become an equestrian.

Alexis Roderick: The Early Life

Oddly enough, Alexis would actually be born in the same exact year that Billy Joel would decide to part ways with his then first wife, Elizabeth Ann Weber, back in 1982. While Alexis is essentially unknown other than being Billy Joel’s wife, there is actually not a whole lot that is known about Alexis as far as her background and family life goes. With that being said, what is known is that Alexis does come from some sort of Irish descent.

This is known because Alexis did an interview where she revealed that she does indeed have Irish in her. It is her grandmother’s father who actually came from Ireland, her mother having the maiden name of Bridges. She also revealed that she attended the very prestigious Stony Brook University for her education. It is here that she would be able to achieve a degree in Economics, Politics, and Latin American studies.

How Alexis and Billy Met

Back in 2009, the two would end up meeting at a restaurant that was located in Huntington. Alexis would be there as she had an office that she worked at just down the street. Alexis claims that Billy was going to dinner and she was just kind of passing through. However, that would be enough for them to become friends and get to know each other better. They would then end up dating and eventually become husband and wife number 4.

It was at this time that Alexis would be working as a hedge fund manager for Morgan Stanley. Again, with an age difference of 33 years, this really is a story about love not having a number. If you love somebody, you love somebody, no matter how much older they may be.

The Surprise Wedding

Billy has been noted as saying that it doesn’t matter what you have. No matter how much money you have, no matter how many houses you own, no matter how many mansions and limousines you have, none of it means anything if you are not able to find love. Without love, nothing matters at all.

This is actually the very same philosophy that Billy has learned while he was growing up. In fact, Billy has actually always wanted to find the love of his life and have that person by his side and help him build a family with.

After the Billy and Alexis dated for over 6 years, Billy decided that he was ready to try his hand at marriage once again. In a surprise ceremony, the two would exchange vows on July 4, 2015. The ceremony would take place at Billy’s private estate that resides on Long Island. Oddly enough, this would really be a surprise wedding, as even the guests that attended would have no idea that vows were going to be exchanged.

The wedding would be presided by the New York Governor at the time, Andrew Cuomo. Andrew is actually a longtime friend of Billy and was more than happy to be a part of the sacred day. Alexis would look amazing as she walked down the aisle wearing a strapless ivory wedding dress. Alexa Ray, Billy’s daughter, would be one of maids of honor for Billy’s third marriage, would have the privilege of giving a wedding speech.

The thing that was really responsible for making Billy and Alexis’ wedding day that much more special is going to be their unborn daughter. Alexis was actually already 8 months pregnant when the two would get married. Inside sources say that Billy was super excited for the opportunity to become a father once again.

Before getting married to Alexis, Billy had been married and divorced three times. During his early 20s, Billy was married to Elizabeth Weber, who was actually the wife to one of the other members of his band. The two would allegedly have an affair that would result in Weber and Small’s divorce. Billy and Weber would then be married a short while later in 1973. After being together for more than 9 years, the two would mutually decide that it would be best if they went in their own directions.

Fast forward to 1985 and Billy would find himself getting married again, this time to supermodel Christie Brinkley. The two would end up having a daughter named Alexa Joel, but even that wouldn’t prevent them from separating in 1994.

More than a decade later, Billy would find himself at the alter once again. This time with Katie Lee. However, similar to his first two marriages, this one would only last a short while, the two deciding to part ways in 2009.

No matter what you say about Billy Joel and his past failed marriages, you cannot argue the fact that Alexis seems to be his forever, as they have been together for over 11 years now. It will be interesting to see how their relationship plays out in the long run.

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