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Tati Westbrook’s Husband – James Westbrook Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Kids, Family, Net Worth)

Over the past few years, there has been an extreme increase to the YouTube beauty community. While this particular niche of videos has been growing at a very quick rate, this is also going to mean that there have been a large number of controversies and feuds as well. With that being said, there is one particular beauty guru who has done a great job of keeping herself out of those types of controversies. This beauty guru’s name is none other than Tati Westbrook. This was until she decided to load up a video that was over 40 minutes long and titled ‘Bye Sister’. This video was about another YouTuber who went by the name of James Charles, and the video was originally uploaded on May 10, 2019. The video has since been removed and is no longer on YouTube.

Apparently, James was Tati’s mentor, and later that year she would try to get in touch with him, this happening in December. Her intention was to try and clarify what the feud was all about and smooth things over between the two of them. As the days would go by, it seems as though even more scandals would begin to surround her. Tati’s new scandal would be the releasing a brand-new video of everything going on behind the scenes of her previous scandal video, ‘Bye Sister’. In this video, she reveals that there was a very good chance that she was actually manipulated by two other YouTubers the entire time, those YouTubers being Shane Dawson and Jeffrey Star.

There is no mistaking the amount of hits that Tati Westbrook’s professional life is constantly being attacked, on the upside, the relationship that she shares with her husband is what she considers to be her ‘constant’ or her ‘rock’ throughout all of the different ups and downs that seem to be coming her way as of late. With that being said, you may be wondering exactly who James Westbrook is? Aside from being Tati’s biggest supporter and one of the constant pop ins in all of her videos, her is everything that you need to know about Tati Westbrook’s husband, James Westbrook.

Who is James Westbrook?

Born on September 10, 1970, James Alexander Westbrook was born in Valdese, North Carolina, which is located in the United States. He grew up with both of his parents, his father Dr. Sidney Westbrook Jr., and his mother Linda Westbrook. Growing up, James had two sisters who were named Beth Robinson and Cheryl Fennel. The five of them would all grow up together as a happy family in North Carolina.

James would end up attending North State Academy, which is a school located in Hickory, North Carolina. He would go on to graduate in the year 1988, soon after moving to Atlanta, Georgia with his parents so that he could further his education and enroll in the Georgia State of Technology. While James’ mother and father would decide to make the trip out to Atlanta with him, his two sisters would both decide that it would be best for them to remain in North Carolina where they had already been able to start building their own families.

In one of his wife’s unboxing videos, James would go on to reveal the fact that ever since he was growing up as a young boy, for whatever reason, he simply did not like peaches in any way, shape, or form. This is because his grandmother would force peaches on him as a child, essentially causing him to start having diversion towards them.

James Westbrook Worked in the Media Business

When it comes to James Westbrook’s life and his career choices, he has been extremely secretive about it. On the other hand, his wife Tati does enjoy sharing some tidbits about the life of her husband every now and then. In fact, she has even come out and has said that James really knows all about the media business and how it works. The deals that need to be made, the business development part of it, contracts, everything. She goes on to say that he is essentially a master of the media business. She finished with the fact that she simply loves how amazing his brilliant mind really is.

According to Tati, James was helping to run an agency. Supposedly, he was actually the president of the company Magnalix, LLC. This company was based out of Delaware and would eventually end up relocating to California. While the company did end a little later in the year 2008, it was a manufacturing business that focused on magnetic therapy bracelets.

Before his time with Magnalix, LLC, James would also be the president of another company in the early 2000s. This company being called Hollywood Entertainment Partners, Inc. Tati would also reveal that her husband was at one time, the VP of Motion Pictures, which would be a talent agency that he once worked at.

How Tati and James Met

Oddly enough, Tati and James would originally meet because of an online dating site that is still around today, that site being ‘Match.com’. While it may seem as though their love story is the stuff that most people only dream about, you may be surprised that there was a chance that two would not be together right now. You see, their very first date was apparently an enormous disaster, and the two almost decided to not give it another chance. In a video that Tati released in 2012, she would reveal all of the instances that happened while they were on their first date. On the night of their date, Tati would go to the right restaurant chain that they were supposed to meet at but would go to one of the other chains that was in a different location. Essentially, she would be sitting around waiting, wondering why this guy was late for their date. However, in all reality, she was actually at the wrong restaurant location.

After the two figured out the situation that they were in, Tati would try to cancel the date completely, but instead the two would decide to go on with it as it was planned. James and Tati were both tired of the online dating game and hoping to finally meet the person that they were meant to spend the rest of their lives with.

Just a couple of quick years later and the very same place where they would originally meet in person and date, would be the very same place that James would end up proposing to Tati.

Tati’s YouTube Career and James

After seeing each other for about 7 months, Tati would decide that she wanted to start making YouTube videos. James would be very supportive of this decision, as he believed in her with all his heart and knew that she would be able to use her talents in order to gain the popularity that she was seeking. While it did take a couple of years before her channel would start to take off, once it did start, it would really take off. It would take off so much, that she would start pulling in a consistent monthly revenue from it. With all of the ups and downs that came along with Tati’s career, James has been right there to support her the entire time.

James is also constantly in Tati’s videos, often times helping her to do her makeup, unboxing new items, and many other different things as well.

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