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Idubbz’s Girlfriend – Anisa Jomha Wiki (Bio, Age, Breakup, Height)

Anisa Jomha is an online streamer and a YouTuber. She is well known as the girlfriend of the popular content creator iDubbbz. She has been banned on Twitch as there was a drama which had her and her YouTuber boyfriend involved. iDubbbz is well known as he has a following of over 7.9 million subscribers. He is popular because of the content cop series. In this series he used to call creators out because of their unsavory behavior.

Idubbbz & Anisa Jomha

However, the YouTuber, iDubbbz received a lot of backlash after many viewers criticized him for ‘pretense’ when his girlfriend Anisa Jomha stated that she was interested in selling their private photos online.

iDubbbz is a famous personality with a following of over 7.9 million subscribers and is well known for his interesting and entertaining content cop series, where he has called creators out for their unsavory behavior.

Some of his fans even created memes of him and called him a “simp” for defending his girlfriend. He in turn fired back at his critics when he uploaded his content on March 28.

Many famous YouTube stars also spoke on the controversy. The post saw likes of PewDiePie and Leafy, who had recently made a comeback on the platform. They specifically came back to criticize iDubbbz for uploading videos about him criticizing people.

Once the controversy subsided and cooled down, Anisa wanted to return to streaming on Twitch, but it did not go well as she thought. Twitch had banned her.

Many said that the ban may have been because of the recent change in Twitch’s policy update. It was said that there were a new set of strict rules that could affect many streamers.

Twitch was also infamous for accidentally banning streamers earlier. One of the streamers, TF Blade was banned as he was thought to have used a slur, which was hurting racial sentiments.

Anisa has not given her comment about her ban on the platform public. However, as this is the first time something like this has happened by her, it is very likely that Twitch will lift her ban and she will be back up in the next couple of weeks.

iDubbbz is one of the well-known of YouTuber who is known for his “hilarious and questionable antics” videos. Some of his famous comedy videos are so hilarious that they border on ridiculousness, he has made some serious viewership and followers. When he is not on the streaming scene, iDubbbz is known as Ian Carter by his friends, He is a next-door guy with a girlfriend. He has been in a relationship with Anisa Jomha for a while now. However, she has also built her own fan base and she has also got some lime light to their relationship with each other. Her streaming career is rising, which gathers some attention.

Anisa Jomha’s Mixed Heritage

Anisa Jomha was born in Alberta in Canada, on June 25, 1993. She is from Edmonton. Her family consists of one sister, Iman, and one brother, Muhammad.

Anisa and her siblings come from a rich ancestry. Her mother, Maureen, comes from a Irish Catholic background and her father is a Lebanese Muslim. She has always been very upfront and proud of her upbringing and never shies away letting everyone know how much she loves her upbringing in a mixed-culture house.

Her mother had converted to Islam after marrying her father. All her siblings follow Islam as their religion.

In one of her videos, Anisa had discussed about an incident when she was 16 and had told her father that she no longer follows Islam. This did not go well with her father. However, their family eventually found a way to work through it. She is very close to her father now.


About Anisa Jomha
AGE 27 Years
BIRTH June 25, 1993
SIBLINGS Muhammad Jomha, Iman Jomha
PARENTS Maureen Jomha
ADDRESS California
COUNTRY United States
JOB YouTuber, Online streamer
ALUMNI University of Alberta, Harry Ainlay High School
HOMETOWN Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
BOYFRIEND Ian Carter (iDubbbz)


Anisa’s father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In June 2019 when he went missing, she had tweeted for help finding him. One of the followers who saw the tweet had found him and brought her father home after he had been missing for several hours.

Jomha’s Mother Moderates Her Streaming Channel

Similar to her boyfriend, iDubbbz, Anisa Jomha also got fame online as a streamer. She is mainly known in the gaming community as she has a Twitch channel and also for her regular vlogging on YouTube.

She began her career of streaming in 2015 with the gameplay known as League of Legends. She has initially used the name “Raihnbowkidz” on Twitch, but now she goes by her real name.

Johma is also known as a “boobie streamer,” this is an adjective which is used to describe female streamers in the Twitch community who dress provocatively. She wore revealing clothes which earned her lot of viewers, both likers and haters. When some of them who followed her crossed a line, she would handle them perfectly. These comments had reached such a point that Jomha’s mom had to step in. Maureen now acts as the chat moderator for her daughters streaming and vlogging videos.

Jomha’s mom is very impressed by how her daughter had handled the trolls. She once said that “I was really quite fascinated by her strength and humor. The way she handled trolling won people over, including myself,” She said that she is not that protective “I don’t need to feel protective of her.”

Jomha still plays the gameplay on Twitch, and the “slice of life” videos on YouTube.

Anisa did her schooling from Harry Ainlay High School and later did a B.Ed. in fine and studio arts which was indeed from the University of Alberta in 2014.She was a skilled athlete playing ice hockey and lacrosse.

She came into highlight because of her comment on the Youtuber Calvin Lee Vail who is also known as Leafy.

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