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Bob Ross’s Son – Steve Ross Wiki (Painter Bio, Age, Net Worth) 

Any adult, teenager, or even a child in the 1980’s would be familiar with Steve Ross’s father, Bob Ross. He was the famous celebrity of the painting show on television known as The Joy of Painting. Bob was a former Airforce Drill Sergeant; He was very famous and had many viewers all around the world as his paintings looked very peaceful and had a unique way of his own to paint. When he would paint, he would train his viewers with his smooth silky voice, which would make them feel relaxed and they could enjoy the painting. He did this for a long time until his death in the year 1995.

After the death of his father, he broadcasted his shows of painting on Tumblr, which took him to another level of stardom and also bringing alive Ross’s painting tradition. In his live stream videos, he showed people his unique style which was a bit different than that of his dad’s. Everyone thought that his dad was cool and composed while Steve was an amazing talker as his way of talking had some sexual innuendos. It was very easy for him to make comments which had double meanings such as:  Look at that, it’s a monster”, “Pound it into the brush really good,” and “It can be dirty, it doesn’t have to be clean. Oh yeah, sure, tell me more, “It’s getting bigger all the time. Oh no, it’s huge.”

How Did Bob Ross Die?

Bob Ross, passed in 1995 due to lymphoma. Both father and son have lived amazing and wonderful lives as painters, and have made sure the Ross tradition of art is existing in this world.

Where Is Steve Ross From?

Steve Ross is American citizen.

How Much Does Steve Ross Weigh And How Tall Is He?

Steve is very tall like his dad and stands around 6 feet tall. His weight is quite similar to his dad at around 190 pounds.

Is Steve Ross Married?

Yes, Steve Ross is married. Although he is very private and does not share details about his personal life, he has been known as the sex god on Tumblr, Well, you can be sure that he must be happy in his marriage.

How Much Is Steve Ross’s Net Worth?

No one knows about his net worth. Steve is very private about the things he does and does not want anything to be public. However, his father Bob Ross, had a net worth of $10 million at the time of his death.

How Many Kids Does Steve Ross Have?

There is no information about kids Steve Ross has. His father, Bob Ross, only had one son, Steve after he married Vivian Ridge.

What Happened To Steve Ross, The Son Of Bob Ross?

By now you must already know who Steve. His father Bob Ross mentioned Steve many times while he was painting the ‘The Joy of Painting’, he loved to talk about his son.

Where Is He Now? What Has Happened To Steve Ross After His Father Died?

Steve does not go out during public events and has been out of public eye ever since his father died. He went underground completely. No one finds any results when you search for him on YouTube videos. Like his father he also used post painting videos on social media. Similar to his father’s TV show however there are traces of him on the internet.

When his father died in 1995, a very famous newspaper article stated in the obituary that he was a Bob Ross instructor at the time. However, it is not the same now as he does not show on the list of Bob Ross certified instructors. 

Recently he became very famous as his Twitch livestream became a hit (as Raghav had spoken about him).

One of Bob’s oldest friends on his Facebook page said that he was still painting. However, the person had spoken to him 10 years ago.

Steve Ross has been approached by producers who are very much interested to launch him in his own television series. He likes the idea but is still a little reluctant. He understands how much pressure his father had endured producing 13 shows in a week.

The Painting Documentaries Names

Lake at the Ridge (1994) … Self

Mountains of Grace (1994) … Self

Mountain Lake Falls (1993) … Self

Lake View (1989) … Self

That Time of Year (1988) … Self

Surprising Falls (1988) … Self – Bob Ross’ son

Mountain Oval (1986) … Self

Mountain Range (1986) … Self

Lake by Mountain (1985) … Self

Peaceful Waters (1984) … Self

Final Reflections (1983) … Self

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