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Matt Lauer’s Ex Wife – Annette Roque Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Kids, Husband)

Annette Roque, married to Matt Lauer, was born in December 1996. She hails from Amsterdam in Netherland, and she is of Dutch and Indonesian ethnicity. She, together with her husband, is currently blessed with three kids.

However, there are some rumors making rounds on the internet concerning her relationship and personal life. In 2017, her husband, Matt Lauer, being an NBC journalist, was accused of sexual assault by his colleague. This caught the attention of the media and then kept an eye on him and his family.

Let’s examine some history about Annette Roque below.

Her History and Background

Just like many other celebrities, Annette Roque prefers to keep her personal life away from the media. As such, there is no much information about her. The little we know about her is that she spent the majority of her childhood days with her mother, named Johanna Strujik. What was known of her is that she is also of Indonesian origin. 

Concerning her education history, no specific detail was known about that. However, judging by her immense success in her career, she must have attained some level of education. She must have received some academic qualifications for her to succeed so well in the Modeling Industry.

Her Relationship

Anette Roque is currently married to Matt Lauer, who is an NBC journalist. He has hosted a couple of shows, including “The Today Show,” between the years 1997 and 2007 before he was fired. The duo met for the first time in July 1997; by then, they were on a blind date. 

However, Lauer proposed to her five months later. They got married to each other on the 3rd of October 1988 in New York and are blessed with three kids. The first son, Jack, was born on the 26th of June, 2001, followed by a daughter, Romy, who was born on the 2nd of October 2003. The youngest of them is a son named Thijs, who was born on the 28th of November, 2006.

However, the relationship between Matt Lauer and Annette Roque hasn’t been going on well due to several reasons. In 2006, Annette had filed for a divorce with her husband, stating that Lauer hadn’t been treating her well. However, they both got back together and reconciled.

Later on in 2018, following a series of charges of sexual misconduct against her husband, she filed for a divorce the second time.

Her professional Career

Annette Roque, professionally known as “Jade Roque,” was a very popular model, especially in the mid-’80s and ’90s. She had featured so well in adverts for top European organizations. She had enjoyed a successful career so far.

She had once featured in Victoria Secret Catalog in the US and also for some other companies. She has also modeled for the multinational cosmetic organization Revlon. All these have contributed greatly to Annette’s career and earned her more followers, and also, her ex-husband, Matt Lauer, met her during this time. In 2013, she co-owned a horse farm, which was located in Hampton, named the Bright Farm.

She has earned lots of accolades for herself through her hard work. Although, we can only mention that her great works rendered for Revlon earned her the title “Most Unforgettable Woman” in the World Wear Revlon.  She is also accepted by a very large number of Revlon customers.

Her Earnings and Net Worth

Annette Roque’s net worth isn’t known to the public in as much as we don’t know how much she earns. Nevertheless, she must have earned so much, coupled with the fact that her ex-husband earns about $28 million per annum and is estimated to worth US$80 million. We believe that she has no problems relating to finances.

Rumors and Controversies

For a while, rumors about Annette’s relationship have been flying around the media. Even her personal life has also been a topic of debate between fans and internet users. Annette and Matt have filed a divorce a couple of times, and they haven’t been succeeding at that, as they would reconcile.

However, in 2017, Annette came out and spoke to PEOPLE. Annette, through her counsel, said in a statement which reads;

“Responding to your request, our client has sent us to tell you that both she and her husband are now officially separated. She has always been concerned about her children, and there will be no further statement,” says John M. Teitler, who is Annette’s Lawyer.

Meanwhile, Matt Lauer wrote a lengthy response in a letter that the allegations were, although extramarital but mutually agreed upon. Later that year, the divorce between Annette and Matt was finalized.  This was confirmed by various sources. 

Their marriage has been brought to an end after 20 years, confirmed by a source close to Matt Lauer. A book titled “Catch and Kill: Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators” reveals that a lady named Nevils was allegedly raped by Lauer in his hotel room. 

She, who initially pleaded for her identity to be hidden, claimed that she was assigned to work with Meredith Vieira, a journalist, for the 2014 Olympics media coverage in Sochi. Then they met Lauer at the bar of the hotel they were lodged. At the bar, Nevils had taken about six shots of vodka already and was probably drunk.

However, she ended up going to Lauer’s room, initially to get her press permit back, which Lauer had jokingly taken. However, she claimed that Lauer had called her back the second time, and after she had entered, he kissed her and pushed her on top of his bed. He then asked her if she would love to have anal sex, according to Nevils.

Variety reports that Nevils claimed that regardless of her refusal, Lauer just had his way and “didn’t use a lubricant.” It was painful, and I bled for some days, Nevils stated further. As opposed to Lauer’s claim, Nevils claimed it’s not mutually agreed by both parties. She claimed that she was drunk and that she wouldn’t agree to such. According to her, she stated a few times that she didn’t want anal sex. 

Furthermore, Nevils claimed in the book that she continued having sex with Lauer even after they had gotten back to the United States. She claims that these encounters were not based on any relationship but were transactional.

However, towards the close of the year 2017, Meredith Vieira urged Nevils to narrate her ordeal to the executives at NBC. This led to Lauer being fired at work and Nevils being granted a paid medical leave the following year. Variety reports that she was paid “seven figures.”

On the popular “Today Show,” which was aired on Wednesday, NBC said in a statement that the kind of demeanor Lauer displayed is very terrible, shameful, and irresponsible. This is the reason behind him being fired.

He was fired in just a few hours after hearing such an incident. It’s a heartbreaking situation for our colleague. However, after Nevils’ ordeal was published, Matt Lauer refuted her, claiming that the two parties both agreed before having sex with each other.

He said in a long statement released by him on Wednesday morning;

“I have previously clarified that it was mutually agreed upon by both parties. Yeah, it is extramarital but mutually agreed! I may have confessed initially that it was an assault. However, disregard it all; it’s all false, he said”.

“It all started when she showed up in my hotel room in 2014. She came for live coverage of the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. We started all sorts of sexual acts, and then we had oral sex. We also had anal and vaginal sex. Each of these sexual acts was based on mutual agreement; we both wanted it, he partly said.”

When he was fired at NBC, reports had it that he was fired because of his sexual misconduct, which had been throughout the year 2014. There were allegations that he raped the compliant, not just at the Winter Olympics in Russia but also a couple of times throughout 2014. Another report had it that Lauer had taken this action to be mutually agreed upon by both parties involved and was shocked at this accusation.

However, other women have also accused him of sexually harassing them, as previously reported by The New York Times and Variety. These women had requested anonymity.

Her Physical Stats

No precise measurement for Annette Roque can be provided as there is no measurement from any confirmed source. Nonetheless, physically, she is tall and attractive with black hair color and brown eye color. She looks like someone who cares about her overall health condition.

Her Social Media

Currently, Annette Roque has no official account on any social media, including popular Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She probably thinks she should stay off social media as she does not want any social attention from the public.

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